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Need Colorado Legal Services? We Found Help!

Need Colorado Legal Services? We Found Help!

Do you have a legal case but no way to afford an attorney? Colorado legal services are available and could help you get the legal representation you need.

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Got a civil case? You could get help.

If you’re facing a civil legal case in Colorado and you don’t have an attorney or a way to afford an attorney, you might be able to get Colorado legal services! Volunteer attorneys and legal aid organizations could help you get the legal representation you need. These attorneys usually only work with people who are dealing with civil cases. If you have a criminal case, you might be able to find help from a public defender.

legal services

Colorado legal services could help you.

You could find help through Colorado Legal Services. The organization works with people who are low-income, have a civil case and are unable to afford representation. The program has volunteer attorneys who are able to provide their services. They offer things like a free consultation, answers to questions about your legal situation and full representation for your legal case.

The Legal Services organization also has a self-help section if they are unable to provide you with an attorney.

If you are looking for representation, you might be able to get help through Metro Volunteer Lawyers. The program works with people who are low-income to provide them with attorneys working on a volunteer basis. You will need to meet income requirements as well as other program requirements to get help.

The Lawline 9 program allows people in Colorado to call in and also talk to an attorney while asking questions about your legal situation. This is an option for people who have basic legal questions or who might not need an attorney to represent them for a full case. The program also has times where they meet in person.

Do you have a specialized case? You could get help!

Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center is a program dedicated specifically to children’s0 legal issues. You can use this program if your child has been the victim of abuse or a civil case dealing with a child. They offer free legal representation and resources that can help children.

If you are elderly or you have a disability, Disability Law Colorado might be able to help you with free legal representation. You will need to meet their age or disability requirements, but they can help with things like Social Security, housing and some family matters.

The Colorado Migrant Farm Workers agency provides legal assistance to migrant farm workers. They can help you with employment law, housing law and more. The organization might be able to help with fair wages and the ability to find fair housing. You can also learn more about your civil rights and what benefits are available to you as a migrant worker. The program is free for farm workers.

Try a law school for legal assistance.

The University of Colorado has legal clinics that the student lawyers provide advice with. You can get answers to your legal questions through these clinics. They might also be able to connect you with an attorney who can represent you.

The University of Denver legal clinics provide advice on civil legal cases. Student lawyers can answer questions you have about your case and might be able to provide information on what you can do to make your case better. You will need to meet their requirements to get help through the program.

You could get Colorado legal services through your county.

If you’re looking for more legal assistance, checking with your county might help! We found resources that counties offer to help you get access to an attorney who might be able to help you with legal representation.

Don’t see your county in our list? Don’t give up hope! Many counties do not have websites for legal help and legal clinics, but they do offer them. The Colorado Legal Services website has a directory of these counties. They are listed by county in alphabetical order. Click here to find your county.

Boulder County

Boulder County offers a divorce clinic for people who are going through a divorce and cannot afford an attorney. The orientation to divorce includes information about what to expect, the costs and how to do it without an attorney. You can learn more about the legal process at this clinic and ask questions to bar-certified attorneys.

Denver County

You can get help through a variety of resources that the Denver Bar Association offers. They have clinics that can help with civil cases including bankruptcy, collections, housing and family law. At these clinics, attorneys can answer questions and might even be able to provide you with the information you need for Colorado legal services.

The Denver Family Law Matters Clinic might be able to help you with information about your family law case. You can pre-register for the clinic to reserve a spot, but you don’t have to pay anything for it. The family law clinic could also help you find free legal representation.

Colorado’s Poverty Project offers a legal clinic in Denver. At the clinic, you can learn about your civil rights, the ability to get help through legal services and what cases you can handle on your own. This clinic also offers opportunities for you to connect with bar-certified attorneys.

Douglas County

The Douglas County Divorce Clinic might be able to help if you’re struggling with doing your divorce yourself. You will be able to learn more about pro se divorce and what you can do to make the most out of the process. You will also be able to learn more about what you can do to help yourself and whether you need an attorney for your divorce.

Garfield County

Alpine Legal Services offers legal aid and assistance programs to people who are in Garfield County. You might be able to get legal representation from a bar-certified attorney through this program. The program has income requirements you’ll need to meet and they might require you to provide proof of living in Garfield County.

Mesa County

If you’re in Mesa County, you might be able to get help through their pro bono services program. They offer a family law clinic and a bankruptcy clinic. Additionally, they offer divorce help and can answer questions about your civil case. The program has requirements you’ll need to meet including income requirements.

The bar association could help with Colorado legal services.

You might be able to find a pro bono attorney through the Colorado Bar Association. Their website has listings of attorneys who offer their services for free and who might be able to help you with information about your case. You could also get help with finding legal aid organizations. They do not offer direct help.

The ACLU can help with civil rights!

Do you know your civil rights? The ACLU can help you with civil rights in Colorado! They have information to help you learn more about your rights. They also have a variety of resources available that can help you find an attorney who can represent you.

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