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Our Content Promise

We believe everyone deserves access to the resources they need to thrive. Getting the help you need shouldn’t be a battle. We’re in your corner, providing reliable information and practical solutions that make a real difference in your daily life.

Of course, we understand that navigating complex programs and benefits can be overwhelming. Our promise is simple: we’re here to provide clear, accurate information that empowers you, never adds to your stress.

For more than 10 years, the Low Income Relief team has been researching low income topics full-time to help you find support and improve your life. This content pledge is our promise to you.

Accuracy & Fact-Checking

We are constantly researching low income programs across America and adding new content to the website. Our goal is to provide accurate, up-to-date information to help low income people connect with the benefits, resources and programs they need to make ends meet.

Our fact-checking team is dedicated to updating old content and making sure it’s as accurate as possible. You can check the “published” and “last modified” dates on our posts to see when they were last reviewed by human fact-checkers.

If you catch a mistake on our website, please let us know so we can correct it immediately. You can report it to our fact-checking team at [email protected].

Integrity Pledge

We strive to deliver fully accurate information to ensure you get the help you deserve. We leverage reliable sources and conduct thorough fact-checking to ensure the information we share is trustworthy.

  • Always Helpful, Never Harmful: Our first priority is always to provide accurate, helpful content. We do not work with advertisers, brands, or produce content that would harm our audience in any way.
  • Accuracy & Accountability: We relentlessly verify information, use reliable sources, and transparently correct any errors.
  • Transparency: We clearly identify authors, disclose affiliations, and indicate when information cannot be fully verified.
  • No Plagiarism: Our content is original and we always credit the work of others. We do not accept guest posts or unvetted sources.

We strive to deliver the facts precisely and within the proper context by ensuring that we use multiple and diverse sources, double-check our facts, and deliver value in every post.

Responsible AI Use

We understand the importance of maintaining both quality and integrity in our content. Here’s how we responsibly integrate AI into our process:

  • AI Simplifies Tasks: We believe AI is a tool, not a replacement, for our team. AI helps us brainstorm ideas, refine language, and streamline tasks like alphabetizing information. This saves time and allows us to focus on in-depth research.
  • Human Involvement at Every Step Our research team carefully finds the facts on the programs we cover. Our writing team uses AI carefully, and a human editor always reviews and verifies our content prior to publication. Our goal is to use AI to enhance our human-created content, not replace careful human judgment or real human experiences.
  • Transparency Matters: We’re open about our use of AI tools and will disclose when they play a significant role in specific content.

We use AI this way because it improves our efficiency and helps us present complex facts in a clear, digestible way. We will continue exploring how AI can ethically improve our content, always prioritizing accurate information that serves your needs. However, our content is always researched, edited and reviewed by the real people on our team.

Sponsors & Affiliates

Affiliate links and display ads help keep our content free. We may earn a commission if you click and purchase, but this doesn’t sway our opinions.

  • Your Well-being First: We never partner with harmful or predatory brands. Every potential sponsor is carefully vetted to ensure their products or services genuinely help our audience.
  • No Guest Posts: We do not allow sponsors or brands to dictate what we write about. We also do not accept guest posts. We take full responsibility for our own content creation process.
  • Limited Influence: Sponsors can request changes only for compliance with regulations governing their industry. They have no say in the overall content we produce.

We’re committed to building a sustainable resource that serves your needs for years to come. You can learn more about our stance on advertisers in our Advertising Policy.

Community Feedback

At Low Income Relief, we believe in fostering a supportive environment for open communication and information sharing. To ensure this, our moderation team works diligently to maintain a community free from negativity and harmful content.

Our Moderation Principles:

  • Safety First: We remove spam comments, personal contact information, and anything that could be used to target or harass individuals.
  • Respectful Dialogue: We don’t tolerate hateful, judgmental, or discriminatory language towards our audience.
  • Accuracy Matters: We strive to maintain a reliable information source. Comments containing demonstrably false information will be removed.

Your voice matters! We encourage you to participate in discussions and share your experiences while adhering to these guidelines. This helps keep our comments section helpful and informative for everyone.

Additional Notes

While our contributors have diverse experience, our content should not be considered a substitute for professional financial, legal, or medical advice. Always consult qualified experts for your specific situation.

Our goal is to provide information about benefits and resources, not to replace the guidance of a caseworker or benefits specialist. Please contact your local agencies for personalized assistance in navigating eligibility and applications. If you need help, there are agencies that can help with paperwork.