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FREE Christmas Gifts & Food in Michigan

FREE Christmas Gifts & Food in Michigan

Need a little Christmas help? We know firsthand how frustrating it is when you can’t provide your kiddos with a huge holiday celebration. Sometimes, financial stress can make the holidays downright stressful and depressing. Fortunately, there are agencies that can help!


Get Christmas help across the US! Click here!

Although we’ve written about the five primary agencies that assist with Christmas across the United States, there are countless smaller, local agencies that also assist with this desperate need.


If you don’t see your city/county listed below, leave us a comment and let us know!

In order to help your family have the best possible holiday season, we’ve enlisted a help of some additional researchers to find what Christmas resources exist in your local communities! Once you’ve made your request, we’ll forward it to our researchers. Once they’re done, we’ll leave a comment here and let you know what they’ve found!


Each list includes a mix of free gifts and free food that will help your family make the most of your holiday season.

Happy holidays!

Here’s what we’ve researched in Michigan so far:

Genessee County

Flint, Grand Blanc, Burton and a few other communities can be found in Genesee County. If you live in this area, you can visit this list to see what we’ve found for you this holiday season.

Muskegon County 

Residents of Muskegon, Norton Shores, Fruitport and other nearby areas can receive assistance from these Muskegon County resources! These agencies can assist you with free Christmas gifts, food and more!

Ottawa County

There are many agencies in Ottawa County that can help you! If you live in Holland, Hudsonville, Dorr, or another area in Ottawa County, click here to find out where you can get help this holiday season!

Saginaw County

If you live in Saginaw County, then there are at least a dozen agencies that can help you with holiday needs. Here’s the list!

Wayne County

We’ve found help in Wayne County, too! Be sure to check out this list to find out what’s available in your area.


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Greg Torres

Monday 20th of December 2021

How can I get gift cards for gifts

Brittaney J Prasser

Sunday 19th of December 2021

Hello I am emailing you to beg for your help with our first Christmas in our own apartment. It has been such a struggle since we came here from Tn. We originally moved to Michigan on a promise from someone that we would have a place to live and a job upon arrival. When we got here we soon realized that neither job or home were as promised. We were soon on the street, my fiance got work anywhere he could until we got a hotel, and from hotel, we worked our way into our first apartment. We are very thankful but we have nothing but our clothes and tye roof over our heads. We desperately need food, and supplies for our place. We need sheets and comforter set, warm clothes (men's 32×32 and women 5 jeans) (men's large hoodies, shirts, and heavy coat)( women's medium hoodies, shirts and heavy winter coat)( men size 10 winter boots and women size 7 winter boots). We also need household items such as broom dustpan, mop, dishes, curtain and curtain rods, pillows and pillowcase. If you can help us or know someone that can, please contact us asap 517-944-2140 ask for Brittaney or Cory. God bless you and merry Christmas

Rose a Yax

Tuesday 14th of December 2021

Is there any help for Christmas in Macomb county. We're just getting over covid and we just got my significant others 2 boy threw cps. Our bills are on the verge of shut off some already there I've tried resources in my area for help with bills and such and no help yet. We got a 11 month old and a 4,11 and 12 year old boy. We don't even have a tree yet. Please help

Thara Herkel

Monday 13th of December 2021

Hi I am a single mom of 2 girls 10 and 8 and I am on disability and I was wondering if you guys had any help in Oakland County for Christmas because I have no extra money at the moment and need as much help as I can get if possible I live in Holly mi and I would be so greatful I'f I could get help thank you

Tami Hester

Friday 26th of November 2021

Looking for Christmas help for my 2 teens. I'm a single mom. I can't work, due to multiple medical issues. I have been denied Social Security, so things are always tight for us.


Thursday 9th of December 2021

The organizations in our list should be able to help you with this, but unfortunately Low Income Relief does not provide gifts, food or funds directly. You will need to contact the organizations in this list for assistance or chat with Lira! She should be able to help,