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Looking for Free Things to Do in Phoenix Today? Check Out These Museums

Looking for Free Things to Do in Phoenix Today? Check Out These Museums

If you’re looking for free things to do in Phoenix today, there are plenty of museums. Many museums are free all the time, but Phoenix also has a lot of other museums that are free each day of the week!

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These Phoenix museums are always free!

The Capitol Museum gives you a glimpse into Arizona’s Capitol and all the history that comes with it. You can learn more about Phoenix as well as the state as a whole at this museum.

ASU’s Art Museum offers free admission and you can get in to see many different exhibits by students and alumni alike. The museum accepts donations, but they are never expected.

The Arizona Railway Museum shows you information about the railway across the west. You can learn even more on a guided tour, but that will cost you.

The Fiesta Bowl Museum is in the same spot where the Fiesta Bowl was held for years. While you’re visiting this museum you can learn more about it and about football in general.

Need to find free things to do in Phoenix today? The Mesa Contemporary Arts Center offers free information on contemporary art and lets you look through the galleries completely free. The museum also offers free classes and events for you to enjoy!

The Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Museum is located in the airport, but you won’t have to go through security to get to it. You can visit the museum by taking the light rail into Sky Harbor. It’s one of our favorite free things to do in Phoenix today because you get the airport feel and experience without security or delays. Bonus: the museum has great views of planes taking off and landing!

Phoenix Police Museum recently got its own space. You can visit for free any day of the week, but some special events cost money.

Need other free things to do today? Here are more free museums!

The Sahuaro Ranch Park Historic Area is always free for you to tour and explore. If you want to take a guided tour or you visit during a special event, you might have to pay.

While the Shemer Art Center and Museum does suggest a donation, you can visit it for free. The busiest times are weekends so it might be best to go then.

The Wells Fargo History Museum is not a Phoenix-specific museum, but each of the Wells Fargo museums are different. They are located in areas that are heavily influenced by the banking empire and feature historical information all the way back to when the bank was actually a stagecoach company.

The African American Multicultural Museum is one of our favorite things to do in Phoenix today because of the rich cultural history surrounding it. The museum has exhibits that change regularly.

The Arizona Military Museum features exhibits on the military as far back as when Arizona was first founded. Most of the exhibits are the same from month to month, but there may be some changing exhibits.

The Chandler Museum gives people a look into different information about Arizona. They take donations, but they don’t expect you to give.

Try these free museums any day of the week!

City Hall’s Gallery isn’t necessarily a museum. It is a gallery of artwork by Phoenix artists and about Phoenix in general.

If you’re looking for free things to do in Phoenix today, the Phoenix Trolley Museum shows a different side of the trolley system. The museum is free to walk through on your own or you can pay for a guided tour.

The Scottsdale Historical Museum is just outside of Phoenix in its nearby city of Scottsdale. The museum shows information about Scottsdale as well as Phoenix so you can learn about the history of both cities!

The Tempe History Museum is close to Phoenix in Tempe and features art by local artists and others around the world. The museum suggests a donation but is still technically free.

The West Valley Art Museum features art that is related to The West. The museum also has some history of Arizona in it.

Need free things to do in Phoenix today? The Gallery of Western American and American Indian Art is always free and allows you to learn more about the history of the area long before it was settled.

It’s Thursday…find free things to do in Phoenix today at a museum.

The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art offers free admission on Thursdays. You can also visit the museum for free on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Some Phoenix museums are free on Fridays.

The Children’s Museum of Phoenix participates in the Phoenix Free First Friday program! You can get into the museum for free every first Friday! It features exhibits that are made just for kids.

The Heard Museum features exhibits by local artists and others from around Arizona. It is free on the first Friday of every month.

The Phoenix Art Museum has artwork that features landscapes and other sights you might see in Arizona. You can visit the museum for free on the first Friday of each month.

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