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Get Free Help Paying Your Emera Maine Bill

Get Free Help Paying Your Emera Maine Bill

Emera Maine customers can save a ton of money on their monthly bills! With a shutoff notice, it’s not unusual to feel scared about what you’re going to do. You have options, though. There are things you can do to get help paying your Emera Maine bill.

Emera Maine Payment Options are Easy

Emera Maine’s budget billing program is set up to help you avoid surprise bills. With their budget program, you’ll know what to expect on your next bill. They use your annual electric usage and average out your monthly payment over the period of a year. Your payment is the average amount. Your account needs to be in good standing to enroll in the budget billing program.

If you have a large past due amount, Emera Maine may be able to help you by providing you with payment arrangements. These arrangements work by splitting your past due amount into more affordable payments. You will see the payments added onto your regular bill. If you continue to pay on the payment arrangement you started, you’ll be able to keep your service on. Emera Maine looks at each payment arrangement on a case by case basis. You should be prepared to add additional amounts to your monthly bill if you want to start an arrangement.

The arrearage management program is for customers who have a past due amount above $500. If your bill is severely past due, Emera Maine may be able to help. You must be a customer, you must be eligible for LIHEAP and you must have an amount that is over 90 days past due. Emera Maine looks at each case individually. They will take factors like family size and income into consideration. You must apply for the program through Emera Maine.

Can’t Pay Your Emera Maine Bill? We Found Help!

The low-income assistance program through Emera Maine may be able to provide you with a one-time payment reduction. The reduction can be a portion of your bill or your entire bill. There are income limits. There are also other requirements. Since you can only use this option once per year, Emera Maine does not suggest it as the first choice for getting a large bill paid.

The emergency assistance benefit is available for families with children under 18. While it is available through the county office and is similar to LIHEAP, there are some differences. Applying for emergency assistance is a faster process than applying for LIHEAP. You will have your results within a few days and you’ll be able to have it applied directly to your bill. If you have applied for emergency assistance, you can let Emera Maine know. Many times, they will not shut your power off until you have your results from an emergency assistance meeting.

LIHEAP can help you pay your electric bill on a monthly basis. The program is designed for people who are low income and it can pay some or all of your electric bill. If you are already receiving benefits from Maine, you may be eligible for LIHEAP. You will need to complete a separate application. You can complete the application in person through your local community action program. If you are going to apply for LIHEAP, be prepared to show income statements. You may also be required to show your Emera Maine bill or your shut off notice.

Get Free Home Improvements to Lower Your Emera Maine Bill

Emera Maine uses Efficiency Maine to help their customers upgrade their homes. The program is designed to get more energy efficient appliances into the homes of people who may not be able to afford them. The program works by providing both vouchers and rebates so you can upgrade your home and make sure it is as energy efficient as possible. You can use the program to get an upgraded hot water heater, an upgraded heating system, and even upgraded appliances. The program also works to make sure you can get light bulbs that will be both energy efficient and safe for your family.

The Central Heating Improvement Program allows Maine residents to make their home more energy efficient at no cost to them. It may pay for valuable heating system repairs, chimney repairs and insulation in the home. It may also pay for things like windows that are better insulated and doors that are not drafty. The program will not only allow you to have valuable upgrades to your home but will also give you the chance to lower your Emera Maine bill on a monthly basis because your home is more energy efficient.

Avoid Shut Off with These Resources

If you have a shut-off notice, you may be able to get help through the Maine Seacoast Mission. The program was put in place to help people who live on the coast of Maine and who may struggle with their bills. The program can provide you with a one-time utility payment option. They work primarily with residents who are in Washington County and who have Emera Maine as their electric provider but may be able to provide help to people who are in other areas. They operate as a charitable organization and have other programs to help assist you.

The Washington Hancock Community agency operates not only as a community action program but also as a charitable organization. In addition to helping you apply for LIHEAP and other benefits, they may be able to help you with charitable donations. They can provide you with important help and may even be able to help pay a bill that has caused you to receive a shut-off notice. The organization works hard to reach out to people who are in the community by giving them the assistance they need. If they are unable to provide you with the money you need, they can give you a referral to a charity that is able to give you that help.

Save Even More on Your Emera Maine Bill

By lowering your energy costs, you can avoid huge bills that could be causing you to receive shut off notices. By following these tips, you can help yourself use less energy and have a lower Emera Maine bill.

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