Iowa Legal Aid Resources: We Found Options for Low Income Residents!

(Last Updated On: October 9, 2019)

Do you need Iowa legal aid? We found options that can help you get free representation for your civil legal case!

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You could get Iowa legal aid.

legal aid

Are you facing a civil legal case in Iowa? We found resources that might be able to help you. Even when you don’t think you’ll be able to pay for an attorney, you might be able to get help through the Iowa legal aid options we found. While most of these attorneys and organizations work specifically with people who are facing civil cases, help for criminal cases might be available through the public defender’s office.

We found more resources for Iowa legal aid.

If you’re in need of an attorney but unable to afford one, you might be able to get help through Iowa Legal Aid. The program could help you find an attorney who will represent you for free. Not everyone qualifies for help, though. You’ll need to meet program requirements and have an income below a certain amount to get help through the legal aid program.

The Volunteer Lawyers Program is made up of attorneys who are volunteering their time to help those who are unable to pay for representation. If you meet the program qualifications, you might be able to get an attorney who can represent you for free during your civil case.

Iowa offers a find a lawyer directory. This directory is made up of attorneys throughout Iowa, but they also include information on attorneys who can offer their services for free. Using this program, you might be able to find attorneys who can represent you.

As a last resort, you might be able to use Iowa’s free legal answers to get help with your legal case. This is a free resources for all residents and might help you find answers to your legal questions as well as any forms you need for self representation. Using this tool might make it easier to represent yourself.

You could get help through a law school legal clinic.

The Drake University Legal Clinic might be able to help you find the legal answers you’re looking for. Using this legal clinic, you could get advice from student attorneys for your case. The clinic is free for low-income and other residents to attend. At the clinic, you might also be able to find an attorney who can represent you for your civil case.

The University of Iowa Legal Clinic might be able to help you find answers to your legal questions and get legal representation. Depending on your legal case, student attorneys might be able to offer advice or information relating to your case. They could also help you find Iowa legal aid resources and attorney representation in some cases.

We found Iowa legal aid in counties throughout the state!

Your county might be the best place to check for Iowa legal aid! There are many resources available from counties in the state. They could help you find an attorney who can provide the best representation for your case!

Dallas County

The Dallas County legal aid program might be able to provide you with Iowa legal aid for your civil legal case. This program can make it easier for you to find the representation you need. Volunteer attorneys offer advice and assistance to people who qualify. In some cases, they offer full legal representation to people who qualify.

Polk County

The Bar Association of Polk County might be able to help if you’re struggling with a civil legal case. The association has information related to legal help and has resources to connect you with pro bono attorneys. If you qualify for help through one of the legal aid avenues, you could get help.

Story County

If you’re a resident of Story County, you could qualify for legal aid. This Iowa legal aid program connects volunteer attorneys with people who are unable to afford a traditional attorney to represent them. Using this program, you could get help with basic options like attorney advice all the way up to representation for your full civil case from an attorney.

Use the bar association to find even more Iowa legal aid.

You might be able to find Iowa legal aid through the bar association! While the state bar does not provide direct help to any residents, they do offer information on attorneys who might be able to provide assistance depending on your legal situation. They have listings for both legal aid organizations and attorneys who work independently to provide pro bono services.

We found helpful resources with the ACLU!

Do you think your case qualifies for help from the ACLU? Sadly, the ACLU is unable to help most people who have civil cases. If your case does not seriously violate your civil rights, you likely won’t qualify for help from the ACLU. Instead, you can still find resources through the ACLU. They offer information on your civil rights and might make it easier for you to find the help you need.

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