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Save Money on Your Laurens Electric Bill

Save Money on Your Laurens Electric Bill

Are you a Laurens Electric Cooperative member? If you’re having trouble affording your energy bills from month to month, we can help. I have invested my time in locating these useful resources to help members pay their bills.


You can waive the connect fee!

Before you begin using LEC’s electric service, they offer you a way to waive the connect fee. When you apply for service, you can choose the e-billing and auto draft options which will drop your service connection fee – immediately saving you $25 on your very first bill! To find out about the connect fee waiver, click here.

Check out these helpful payment options!

Laurens Electric cooperative offers LEC members the option to choose Average Pay for their billing preferences. This option protects members from large fluctuations in their energy bill by giving them affordable and predictable payments each month.
LEC uses the rolling average of your current monthly bill, your usage across the past eleven months, and your current balance to decide your monthly payments.

Unlike other programs, you’ll never have to worry about catching up the rest of your bill at the end of the year because your monthly payments will continue into the next year. Average Pay is free to sign-up for if you’ve been a member for at least one year. Members who meet the qualifications can apply for Average Pay by clicking here.

The Flex Pay payment option’s designed for members who rely on Social Security or disability income to pay their bills. If your income does not arrive before your electric bill is due, LEC can adjust your due date to one that’s convenient for you. They’ll continue to check your meter at its regularly scheduled time each month, but your bill will arrive before the end of the month. Giving you more time to pay your bills at a schedule that’s suitable for you. To apply for Flex Pay, click here.


LEC offers SimplePay, which gives all customers the option to have their bill taken directly from their bank account on its due date. By choosing this option, LEC provides members with a discount on their bill. To sign-up for Simply Pay, you can apply here.

Get help with your Laurens Electric Bill!

There are several programs that can help you save money on your Laurens Electric Bill!

Energy Audit

Energy Audit offers members a do-it-yourself way of lowering your bill by showing you the variety of ways you can cut down on your energy consumption. The energy audit will ask you questions about your home and show you energy-saving tips based on your answers. These tips include identifying energy hogs and hidden users, consumption reduction while on vacation, and several useful tips and articles. To learn how you can save money through Energy Audit, click here.

Power Saver Rewards

The Power Saver Rewards program’s designed to keep energy costs low while saving you money on your electric bill during the summer months. This program, also known as Smart Switch, lets LEC manage the use of your swimming pool pump and central air during the periods of peak electrical demand. This prevents your A/C compressor or pool pump from cycling at points when electricity costs the most. To sign-up for the Power Saver Rewards program, click here.



The LIHEAP program’s designed to help low-income families with their utility bills when they’re having trouble making payments. They offer several services to help families including bill payment assistant and referrals to crisis agencies that help families avoid disconnection. LIHEAP and LEC partner with several agencies including Helping Hands and Salvation Army, to help members who are having trouble paying their energy bill. They offer financial backing that keeps your power on without the need to pay the funds back. If you’re in need of help you can contact one of the multiple agencies in your area. To view the agencies in your county, please click here.

They also offer a weatherization program that helps keep energy costs down for low-income families by making their home energy-efficient. The weatherization program helps families make energy related home repairs and upgrades that cut down on energy consumption and lower their monthly bills.Qualification for this program’s based on your family size and income. To find out more information on the LIHEAP program and see if you qualify, click here.

The Home Rewards Program

Laurens Electric Cooperative offers a Home Rewards Program, regardless of how long you’ve been a member. This program offers homeowners cash back on purchases that help make your home more energy-efficient. These upgrades will help your home use less energy and cut down on your energy bills in the future. For example, by simply increasing attic insulation, you can receive $200 in cash back. Additionally, by sealing or adding insulation to duct work, you can gain $300 in cash back. This program applies to single family homes only, all other dwellings do not qualify. To see if you qualify for the Home Rewards Program, please follow this link.

Don’t forget about your Capital Credits!

When you become a LEC member, you become a co-owner of the cooperative and get to share in the company’s success. While you don’t earn profits in the same way an investor would earn profits, you will receive Capital Credit. This credit goes to members when there’s revenue left over after paying all the companies regular expenses. The credit amount distributed to each member’s based off their electric usage. Depending on the credit amount a member earns, members will receive their credit as a bill credit or by check. To learn more about Capital Credits, click here.

Get more money-saving tips!

There are several ways that Lauren Electric Cooperative members can save money on their electric bill and avoid having their power cut off. To save on your energy bill, click here for more general energy-saving tips.