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14 Free Minnesota Rent Assistance Programs

14 Free Minnesota Rent Assistance Programs

Looking for Minnesota rent assistance? You’ve come to the right place! Minnesota has many statewide and local programs offering rent assistance to residents. Keep reading for an easy to navigate list of the rent assistance resources in Minnesota.

Statewide Minnesota Rent Assistance Programs

Minnesota has closed the application for the nationwide Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP is a nationwide response to the financial impact of COVID-19), however Minnesota still offers rent assistance through the state government and other statewide resources.

Minnesota Department of Human Services

Minnesota offers statewide financial assistance to its residents. Through the Department of Human Services, residents can apply for emergency assistance that can be applied to rent. Please note, each county has different guidelines about eligibility and amount of assistance. You can apply online or apply in person at your county or tribal social service office.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a nationwide social service agency located throughout the state of Minnesota. Most Salvation Army locations offer emergency financial assistance that can be used for rent. Please note, eligibility and amount of assistance differ by location so it is wise to confirm with your local agency. Listed below are all the physical locations of The Salvation Army in Minnesota. If you do not live in one of the following cities/counties, please look online for a “service unit” (services without a physical space) near you.

Community Action Partnership

Community Action Partnership is a network of service agencies that offer many resources to the residents of the counties they serve. Most agencies apart of the Community Action Partnership offer rent assistance but not all do. Please confirm what services are offered at the agency that serves your county. Please note, the agencies that do not offer rent assistance may be able to direct you to agencies that do. For more information and to make an appointment, please see your local agency’s website. Many of the agencies serve multiple counties and some only serve a city. The list below is divided into counties and cities for your convenience.



Lutheran Social Services

Lutheran Social Services (LSS) serves residents throughout Minnesota. LSS may provide direct rent assistance when the funding is available and connect individuals to other resources when they do not have the funding. You can connect with them by emailing, calling (612-879-5266) or completing this online form.

St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP)

SVdP is a catholic service agency that serves residents of parishes and the parish area. Every conference of SVdP is different, but most offer emergency financial assistance that can be used for rent. For more information, please see this list of parishes and contact the parish(es) closest to you. 

Local Minnesota Rent Assistance Programs

Besides the statewide programs, Minnesota has many local rent assistance programs that serve the residents of that county or city. The following resources are organized by county for your connivence.

Dakota County

Hastings Family Service

Hastings Family Service serves residents of Hastings MN by providing financial assistance as well as other services. For more information and to schedule an appointment, please call 651-437-7134.

Hennepin County

PROP (Eden Prairie and Chanhassen)

PROP is a social service agency that serves residents of Eden Prairie and Chanhassen. PROP may offer short term emergency financial assistance. For more information and to schedule an appointment, please call 852-937-9120. You can also apply online by completing this form.

CROSS (Maple Grove and surrounding cities)

CROSS serves residents of Maple Grove, Champlin, Corcoran, Dayton, Osseo, and Rogers with outreach programs in St. Michael and Albertville. CROSS offers financial assistance that can be used for rent payment. You can apply in person or via email. For more information and to schedule an appointment, visit their website

The Link (North Minneapolis)

The Link’s Northside Prevention Program serves young adults (18-24) and families with youth (13-24) living in the North Minneapolis area facing eviction. To qualify for emergency financial assistance, you must be a young adult or a family with youth/young adults living in your home with past due rent or an eviction notice. Please note, The Link requires anyone who receives services to participate in a Prevention Supportive Services program. Please visit their website or call them at 612-232-2450 for more information. 

St. Louis Park Emergency Program (Saint Louis Park)

STEP offers many resources to residents of St. Louis Park including emergency rental assistance. Assistance is limited to 1 month of rent and priority is given to those who are at or below 50% area median income. For more information, please call 952-234-4323.

Millie Lacs County

Millie Lacs County Financial Assistance Unit

The financial assistance unit of Millie Lacs County may be able to provide emergency assistance for rent to residents of Millie Lacs County. Please note, their website is unclear but this may be the same funding as the Minnesota Department of Human Services (listed above). For more information please visit their website or call 320-983-8208.

Sherburne County

Community Aid of Elk River (Elk River, Otsego, and Zimmerman)

CAER is a social service agency mostly focused on food security, but also provides limited financial assistance for rent. CAER serves residents of Elk River, Otsego, and Zimmerman. Please note, you must first apply for state emergency assistance through your county (see above) and only if you are denied can you apply to CAER. Please see this link for more information. To schedule an appointment, please call 763-441-1020.

Stearns County

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities serves residents of the St. Cloud area (including residents of Benton and Sherburne counties) by providing emergency financial assistance when available. To receive assistance, please make an appointment online or by calling 320-220-4567.

Wright County

Otsego Lions Club (Otsego)

The Ostego Lions Club has a limited budget for charitable giving but prioritizes basic needs such as rent assistance. Applications are reviewed quarterly but emergency applications may be reviewed sooner if you email to inform them of the need. To apply, please complete an application online.  

Additional Resources

Residents of Minnesota have many options when it comes to free rent assistance. There are many statewide and local programs to explore! When you are done exploring local programs, do not forget that we have also listed many nationwide rent assistance programs for you!

Marie McCollum has a Masters of Social Work from the University of Georgia. She is currently the Director of Programs for a non-profit in Decatur, Georgia.