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14 Easy Recipes Using Canned Tomatoes

14 Easy Recipes Using Canned Tomatoes

There are many different types of canned tomatoes, including whole, stewed, sauce, crushed, paste and more. How many different ways can you think of to use the ones you have in your pantry? We made it easy for you by combining all of the simplest, cheapest and most delicious canned tomato recipes on the internet in one place. 

Whether you are looking for a tasty salad to eat for lunch, a yummy pasta recipe to make for dinner, or even a simple tomato based dipping sauce for later tonight, there is a recipe for every tomato lover. Go try your hand at making one of these delicious dishes and see how you can make it your own!

Canned Tomato Salads 

Whether green or mixed with pasta, these are some super simple and super tasty salad recipes using canned tomatoes and other pantry staples to make a delicious snack or meal!

White Bean and Tomato Salad from the Ready Set Eat team

This is a tasty canned bean and canned tomato salad recipe from Ready Set Eat that can be made in 10 minutes! Simply toss your choice of beans, canned diced tomatoes, celery, parsley, balsamic vinegar, and a seasoned mix of black pepper, basil, garlic and oregano. 

Not only is this a super easy dish, but it can also be dressed up with other types of proteins, cheese and vegetables each time you make it.

Italian Tomato and Pasta Salad from Food., created by Whisper

A great alternative to the standard green and leafy salad, try mixing your canned tomatoes with some Italian dressing and macaroni noodles to create something new! The best part about this salad recipe is that it can be really versatile when it comes to ingredients that home chefs can use to change the desired flavor. 

First, try using some vegetable oil mixed with vinegar, garlic powder, basil and oregano. Finally, top your salad with some parmesan cheese and enjoy!

Canned Tomato Soups and Chili

Tomato soup is definitely a popular family favorite that you can serve up with some soup crackers or even a gooey grilled cheese sandwich for lunch! Then, try making a super easy 5 ingredient chili for dinner as well.

Easy Three Ingredient Tomato Soup from Inspired Taste, created by Adam

This is a great simple recipe from Inspired Taste that teaches home cooks an easy way to prepare some homemade soup. All that you need to make this savory tomato soup is unsalted butter, onion cut into wedges, a can of tomatoes either whole peeled or crushed, your choice between water, vegetable or chicken stock and salt to taste! 

Serve with some oyster crackers, saltines or your favorite type of dipping bread. 

Creamy Tomato Soup from Bon Appetit, created by Alison Roman

Another tasty tomato soup recipe from Bon Appetit specifically designed for the soup lovers who prefer a creamier texture and taste overall! By adding just a few more ingredients to an already super basic dish, the flavor simply comes alive. This one calls for unsalted butter, thyme, sliced onion, garlic, canned tomato paste and canned whole tomatoes, sugar, pepper, and heavy cream to blend the flavors together into a creamy perfection. 

Try preparing this soup up to 2 days ahead and then simply reheat and add more heavy creamy as necessary. 

5 Ingredient Chili from Gimme Some Oven, created by Ali

This is a canned diced tomato heavy chili recipe that requires only 5 ingredients and 25 minutes total to make! Try a delicious chili from Gimme Some Oven that uses ground beef, turkey or your choice of meat with some diced white onion, diced canned tomatoes, green chiles, canned beans of your choice, and chili powder! It is suggested to use shredded cheese, green onion, sour cream or cilantro as toppings. 

If you are using ground turkey, it is recommended to use a little more oil to brown the turkey and again to cook the onion. You can also make this dish in the slow cooker! Simply cook on low for 6 to 8 hours or on high for 3 to 4 hours.

Canned Tomato Pastas, Pasta Sauces and Curries 

If you love a flavorful tomato dish and have a few extra cans of sauce or paste in the pantry, then you should try making some of these yummy canned tomato based sauces and pasta dishes. Serve with some toasted garlic bread or breadsticks!

How to Make Marinara Pasta Sauce from Kitchn, created by Emma Christensen

This is a great pasta sauce recipe from Kitchn that can be made in 20 minutes or less! If possible, it is recommended to puree your canned tomatoes if possible, but it is not necessary. The ingredients needed to make this yummy sauce for your spaghetti includes: olive oil, finely chopped yellow onion, minced garlic, canned whole peeled tomatoes, pasta as well as a blend of herbs and spices. 

Garnish with parmesan for a little cheese flavor as well! 

Tomato and Garlic Pasta from Allrecipes, created by Alma Lou

Not only is this another great tomato based pasta sauce recipe, but it also utilizes another type of canned tomato, tomato paste! Combine this paste with some garlic, olive oil, basil, and some fresh or canned tomatoes. 

Season with some salt and pepper over angel hair pasta and top with parmesan cheese. 

Baked Mac and Cheese with Tomatoes from the Feast and Farm team

If you are looking for an easy recipe that you can simply toss together and place in the oven to bake all in less than an hour, then this is the recipe for your and your family! Try changing your standard box of mac and cheese with some of these yummy ingredients. Mix some butter, flour, milk, salt and pepper, and lots of stewed tomatoes. 

Top the dish with some shredded cheddar cheese and panko bread crumbs for crispiness!

3 Ingredient Quick Tomato Curry Sauce from Souffle Bombay, created by Colleen

This is a super simple tomato curry recipe from Souffle Bombay that any home cook can make in just 15 minutes time using only 3 ingredients! Use your favorite tomato sauce as the base ingredient for the curry, then add in some milk, curry paste, salt and pepper. 

Try serving this over scallops, shrimp, chicken, vegetables and rice! Add in a bit of cayenne pepper for some extra spice as well.

Pizza Sauce

Everyone loves a good homemade pizza. The most important part is definitely the sauce and getting the spices and canned tomatoes to taste just right can be difficult. Worry no longer as we have found some of the simplest to follow recipes right here for you!

Tomato Basil Pizza Sauce from Food., created by user Tish T

In about 13 minutes, you too could make this delicious basil flavored pizza sauce to put on your store bought or homemade pizza crust! All that you will need for this Food. recipe is olive oil, minced garlic, canned diced tomatoes, salt and pepper, and basil of course. Cooks will slowly blend the ingredients together over medium heat. 

It’s recommended to let the sauce cool to room temperature before serving and can be made at least 3 days ahead of time! If you have leftovers, you can freeze them for up to 2 months as well. 

No Fail Homemade Pizza Sauce from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe, created by Mel

This is a no cook recipe from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe that is not only flavorful but can be made in just 5 minutes tops! The ingredients needed for this sweet and savory sauce are canned diced tomatoes and canned tomato paste, sugar, oregano, salt, basil, and some crushed red pepper for spice! 

Blend together by hand or make things move quicker by using a food processor per recommendation, or even a regular blender. See how you can personalize this recipe for you and your family!

Salsa and Other Dips

This is yet another quick and easy way to use up some of those canned tomatoes you have in the cupboard. Simply try recreating one of the salsa or queso inspired dips below and pair with some homemade tortilla chips as well!

Canned Diced Tomato Salsa from Brooklyn Farm Girl, created by Pamela

This is a fast and easy recipe from Brooklyn Farm Girl used to make a chunky salsa. Combine some green peppers and onions with garlic, lime juice, cilantro, red pepper flakes, and some salt and pepper to taste! It is suggested to mix all ingredients together in a food processor, but you could also try using a blender as well. 

It is best to blend less in order to obtain a thicker salsa consistency!

Cheesy White Bean Tomato Bake from NYT Cooking, created by Ali Slagle

Try stepping up your dip recipes by giving this tomato based bean bake a shot! In just 15 minutes you could make a delicious batch of this lasagna style dish by including some northern white beans, garlic, lots of tomato paste, water, salt and pepper, and a lot of mozzarella cheese! 

Create something that not only you are going to love but a simple dish that your family will keep asking for again and again. 


This last section is short and sweet! Ketchup is also another super popular tomato based item, but did you know that you could make it yourself right at home? Try giving this 5 minute recipe a try and see if you can impress yourself with your cooking skills.

5 Minute Homemade Ketchup from the Served From Scratch team

Make this super easy tomato condiment in just 5 minutes by using this recipe from Served From Scratch! Use some tomato paste, either apple cider vinegar or white vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper, mustard or mustard powder, oregano, cayenne pepper, onion powder, celery salt and lastly all spice. Mix these spices together until you have reached the desired taste you are looking for. 

Apple cider vinegar will give the ketchup a bit more of a tangier flavor and sugar will make the ketchup sweeter. Add more cayenne pepper for spice and feel free to cut the mixture with some water if necessary.

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