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Save Money Visiting the Arkansas State Parks

Save Money Visiting the Arkansas State Parks

Arkansas state parks are a great and cheap way for you to have fun with your family. We found a bunch of ways for you to save money on your visit!

Everyone gets into Arkansas state parks for free!

You don’t have to pay a thing to get into Arkansas state parks. There is no entrance fee to get in. However, some parks may charge a usage fee. Always check with the specific state park you’re visiting before you head out!

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Get cheap camping at Arkansas state parks.

Seniors and disabled individuals can get discounts on camping at Arkansas state parks. These discounts can be anywhere from 25% to 50% and allow you to camp at any of the sites for a reduced rate. You’ll have to show proof of age or proof of disability when making reservations or visiting the campgrounds.

Camp hosts can volunteer and get free camping. You’ll have to do some work around the campground. Hosts greet guests, answer questions about the campground and perform small duties like stocking up restrooms. You must commit to at least a week of camping to become a campground host.

Kids can learn at Arkansas state parks.

Each of the Arkansas state parks offers visitors centers. The centers provide a unique place to learn about nature, conservation and other activities in the state parks. You can enjoy different things while you’re at the visitors’ centers, but they all offer programs for kids. There, kids can learn what they can do to make the parks better. They can also learn about conservation in general and how to keep Arkansas a beautiful state.

The Park Explorers program allows kids to visit the parks and learn more while they’re there. The program teaches kids about nature and shows them how to identify different things. Once your child completes the Park Explorer program, they can keep the field guide. The program is free and your kids will be added to a state registry of those who completed the program. In addition to the free field guide, they’ll also get a free patch and badge for completing the program.

We found more fun things to do at the parks!

Arkansas state parks offer free events for you and your family to attend. The events are mostly all free when you get into the park. Many events are on holidays and even special occasions. They offer things like educational opportunities, classes and even contests. Visiting an event is often worth it for the contests because Arkansas state parks sometimes give out prizes like free camping passes, gear and other fun things you can use later on. Events go on throughout the year and are usually tailored to the season.

Nearly all the programs at Arkansas state parks are free. If you want to attend a program that costs money, but you know you can’t afford it, you may be able to contact the state park directly. The state parks sometimes offer waivers and have spots available for low-income individuals. These spots often get filled up fast so make sure you call early. Other programs that are free sometimes require registration so you may want to keep that in mind before you head out to one of the state parks for an event.

Arkansas state parks are filled with hiking trails. Many trails are difficult and for experts only, but the parks identify family-friendly trails. In fact, they have a special designation for the ones that are perfect for groups, especially with small children. Many of the trails are one mile or less and are simple loops so you can go and come back quickly! All hiking trails in Arkansas state parks are free. Many hiking trails also have guides during certain times of the year.

We found more free stuff in Arkansas!


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