How to Save Money on Your ComEd Bill

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)

Got ComEd? Get savings with these great discount programs! Many thanks to reader Tinesha for requesting this write-up. 🙂

You can get a FREE in-home energy assessment
and FREE energy efficient products!

Homeowners and renters can receive a free in-home assessment to determine how you can save more money on your energy bill. As a part of the assessment, you’ll receive free energy-efficient products. The assessor will even install these items for you!

As part of the assessment, you may receive these items for free:

  • ENERGY STAR® certified CFLs
  • ENERGY STAR® certified specialty LEDs
  • Advanced power strips
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Faucet aerators and WaterSense® certified showerheads
  • Hot water pipe insulation

If you’re interested and can afford it, you can also purchase discounted ecobee3 smart thermostats and special LEDs that can also be installed for free during the assessment. For more information about these discounted products, please contact ComEd directly.

As a result of the assessment, you’ll receive a free personalized report identifying ways that you can save money in your residence.

To be eligible, you must own or rent your single-family home, two-flats, condo or townhome. In some cases, owners of buildings with three or four units may qualify.

Are you ready for your assessment and free products? Just call (855) 433-2700  to schedule your assessment!

Need help paying your bill?
Check out these ComEd assistance programs.

ComEd Residential Special Hardship funds are available to those who are past-due on their bill and experiencing a financial hardship due to job loss, illness, deployment, disability or senior status. Qualifying low-income customers can apply once every two years for a grant of up to $500. For more information about this program (including income limits), please click here.

ComEd’s CHAMP military assistance program serves activated and deployed members of the military and honorably discharged veterans who have fallen behind on their bills. This program includes several benefits, including bill payment assistance of up to $1,000 (every two years), deferred payment plans, extended due dates, removal of late charges, deposit reduction/refunds and budget payment plans. For more information about this program (including application instructions), please click here.

ComEd’s HEAL program helps people who are struggling with unexpected medical expenses. This program seems to be administered through local hospitals, who are encouraged to identify participants who need assistance.

State programs also exist to help low income customers.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is available to ComEd customers who need assistance with their bills. Click here for a list of agencies that administer LIHEAP for ComEd customers.

The Illinois Home Weatherization Assistance Program (IHWAP) helps low income families with weatherization expenses, such as insulation and weather stripping. Proper weatherization can reduce energy expenses. Click here for more information about IHWAP.

For more state and community resources that can assist with your ComEd bill, please click here.

You could save money with the Hourly Pricing Program

If your power bill is more than $50 for an apartment or $70 for a house, you may be able to save money on the ComEd Hourly Pricing Program. Instead of using the fixed rate for electricity, the Hourly Pricing Program charges more for electricity used during peak hours (and less for electricity used during non-peak times).

If you mostly consume electricity on nights and weekends, you could save 15% or more on your electricity bill. Get all the details here.

Get $50 for recycling your old fridge or freezer!

If you’ve got an old but still-working fridge or freezer, ComEd will pay you $50 to recycle it in an environmentally responsible way. Just call 855-433-2700 during business hours to arrange for the free pick up of your items. There’s a limit of two working fridges or freezers per household. That’s $100! If you have a working room air conditioner, they’ll add another $10. For more information, including business hours and program restrictions, click here.

ComEd offers discounts and rebates for additional energy-saving products.

You can receive in-store discounts on energy-efficient lighting, air purifiers, advanced power strips and more. You can find some of the discounts online in the ComEd Marketplace. You can also receive rebates on specific weatherization, appliances and heating/cooling products.

If you have a smart meter or smart thermostat, there are many ways you can save. Since these items can be pretty pricy, I’m not including all those details here… but you can click here to see more about those programs.

ComEd offers payment options, also.

They just don’t tell us about them online! Unlike most power companies, which proudly detail their budget billing and other payment programs on their websites, ComEd is fairly secretive. They direct customers to call  1-800-Edison-1 for more information about their payment programs.

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