How to Save Money on Your Visit to Mississippi State Parks

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2019)

If you love visiting Mississippi state parks, but just don’t love the fees, we’re here to help! We found easy ways to help you save money while having a fun time at the parks.

Save money getting into the parks

If you’re regularly visiting the Mississippi state parks, the fees can really add up. The daily entrance fee for days that don’t have special events is $3.74. If you’re attending a special event at any park, the fee could go up to almost $10 per car. You save a little money walking into the park, but it still costs 50 cents per person!

You can save money by purchasing an annual pass for Mississippi state parks. The passes are $50 per year, but they are for the whole family. The passes are based on one vehicle, but if your family has two cars, you may be able to transfer the passes back and forth.

Seniors and disabled people do not save any money on annual passes or entrance fees. They can save money on camping and fishing rates, though. A normal campsite that costs $28 will only be $15 for seniors and people with disabilities. Seniors must show proof of age. People with disabilities must show proof of 100% disability using official forms from the railroad, military or a doctor.

Included free with entrance

Almost all events are free with your admission to Mississippi state parks. You can enjoy free events like family movie nights, guided hikes and fun days in the park. Kids can enjoy ranger programs and day camp-style educational opportunities. Each park has different events, but some may ask for a donation, but it is usually not required.

You can check out all the trails at Mississippi state parks. The trails are included with your admission into the parks. Horses, ATVs and bikes are allowed on many trails throughout the state. There are some for first time trail horses only and some for people who are hiking only.

Fun things for kids to do in Mississippi state parks

The youth programs at Mississippi state parks focus on hunting, fishing, boating and conservation in the parks. The state parks have many hunting and other recreational opportunities so kids can learn about hunting. The state parks are also responsible for hunter’s safety education courses.

Lefleur’s Bluff is a unique park in the middle of a city. It is a large state park and offers a convenient way for people to walk in and enjoy everything they would at a traditional state park. Lefleur’s Bluff is known for having the most kid-friendly hiking trails in all of Mississippi!

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