Here’s the Secret to Free Parking (WA)

(Last Updated On: May 29, 2018)

Who wants to pay for parking?! There are many ways to score free parking in Washington State… and if you have a handicap plate or placard, you can almost always park for free.


Everyone Gets Free Parking Sometimes

Obviously, you can’t coordinate all your trips around a city’s free parking days… but it always helps to know when the free days are! Although I’m not aware of any state law regarding free parking days, cities usually publish their own.

For example, Seattle’s website reveals that you can park free every Sunday and on these special holidays. Parking is also free after 6pm or 8pm, depending on what neighborhood you’re in. Remember, Pioneer Square’s parking garages offer free parking between 5pm and 10pm on the first Thursdays of each month so you can check out the local free museums!

Olympia grants everyone 15 minutes of free parking in every metered space. Find out how to get your 15 minutes of free parking by clicking here.

Please check out your local city’s regulations to find out when you can park your car for free!

Get Free Parking if you have a handicap tag

Handicap Tag = Free Parking Privileges

Washington State law allows anyone who has been issued a disabled parking permit to park in any government-owned parking zone or area, including metered spaces, for any length of time and for free. Of course, there are exceptions, such as:

  • You can’t park for free in private parking lots or any parking garages.
  • You can’t park in areas where parking is prohibited, such as loading zones.
  • If you park in a spot that says no parking is allowed during certain hours, you have to leave before those no-parking hours take effect.

WA State Legislature

Please don’t cheat or abuse this system! Many cities/states are changing their laws due to excessive fraud. The loss of these programs can take a tremendous toll on the disabled people who struggle with accessibility and often live on small/fixed incomes.

This information was verified on 6/10/2016

Not from WA? Leave a request in the comments and I’ll work on your state’s parking laws next!

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