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Sell Your Hair for Shocking Amounts of Cash

Sell Your Hair for Shocking Amounts of Cash

Can you sell your hair for money? Yes, it is possible! In fact, many people around the world have earned extra money by selling their hair to online buyers. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process.


Why do people buy hair?

Human hair is often used to make high-end wigs and hair extensions. There are some significant differences between human hair and synthetic hair. Many people prefer their products to be made from human hair because it has a more natural feel and texture than artificial hair products do.

Who can sell their hair?

Although theoretically anyone can try to sell their hair, some people will be more successful than others. There is simply a greater demand for certain types of hair, as we will explain in greater detail in the next section.


As we will review below, many sites prohibit hair sales from people who smoke or have dyed their hair. It is always important to be truthful and abide by the rules of the platform you use.

How much can you sell your hair for?

Some users have reported selling their hair for $4,000 or more! It really just depends on what your hair looks like and how much you’re willing to cut.


The length, texture, and color of your hair will significantly impact the value of your hair. Buyers tend to have strong preferences toward rarer colors, longer/thicker hair, and so-called “virgin hair” that has been untouched by salon chemicals, excessive heat or styling products.

Rarer colors, such as reds and blondes, typically sell for more money than more common colors, such as brown or black. This refers specifically to the natural color of the hair, as dyed or artificially colored hair typically is not valued the same way.

Similarly, longer and thicker hair is typically more valuable than shorter or thinner hair. That’s simply because it is easier to turn long, thick hair into usable wigs and products.

Other factors can also impact the selling price of your hair. For example, if your hair is extraordinarily shiny or has another exceptional quality that buyers are looking for.

How do I sell my hair?

Selling your hair is definitely more complicated than donating blood plasma, but it can still be very profitable. Typically, people sell their hair online through several different websites. You will have the best chance of success if you list your hair on all of them.

Typically, you will not cut your hair until someone agrees to purchase it. In fact, online hair marketplace HairSellon states that you should not cut your hair until payment has been received. Some sellers will want the hair handled a certain way and you cannot accommodate that if you cut the hair before the sale.

When selling your hair for money, it is important to make sure that you take many clear, crisp photos in well-lit spaces. The photo should clearly and accurately show the color of your hair. Do not use filters or other things that can deceive buyers. They need to clearly see the true color of your hair. Take a few close-ups to show natural highlights and texture, as well as some wide-angle shots to show the length and overall look.


In the ad for your hair, you should specifically mention the following:

  • Length of hair that you will sell
  • Texture of your hair
  • Natural style of your hair
  • Washing habits (how often, which products and methods)
  • Styling history (have you ever used styling products?)
  • Chemical history (have you ever dyed your hair?)
  • Substance history (do you smoke, drink, do drugs?)

If you maintain a healthy diet and take vitamins, you may want to mention that as well as this can have a positive impact on your hair quality.

Where can I sell my hair?

Although you may be able to find a local buyer, many people choose to sell their hair online to find the best possible price.

Here are some websites that you can use to sell your hair:

If you prefer to sell your hair directly to a wig manufacturer, that may be an option as well. Many wigmakers have criteria for hair purchases on their websites. For example, World of Wigs and Bloomsbury Wigs have criteria on their websites.

If you prefer to sell your hair locally, check local salons and wig shops for leads. You can also try the Facebook Marketplace and local buy/sell groups. Apps like OfferUp and Letgo can also provide solid leads.


How long does it take to sell your hair?

There is no way to answer this. If you sell to a wigmaker, it may be a fairly quick transaction. However, if you are selling on a marketplace, your hair may sell quickly or it may take a lot of time. It may not sell at all. It just depends.

How long will it take for your hair to grow back?

Human hair grows at about 1/2 an inch per month or 6 inches per year. The length of time it will take you to recover your locks will depend on the length of hair you choose to sell.

What else can I sell for money?

Did you know that you can sell your blood plasma for cash too? Check out this list of 8 body parts you can legally and safely sell for money. It may shock you!


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