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Create Opportunities: Build Your Business with Skip Grants

Create Opportunities: Build Your Business with Skip Grants

Skip Grants make it easy to find and apply for business grants! Using their database and online tools, it’s never been easier to connect with grants that can help you start, build or grow your own entrepreneurial opportunities.

Since Low Income Relief is the business that lifted my own family out of poverty, I will always believe in the potential for entrepreneurial ideas to change your life. That’s why I’m thrilled to partner with Skip Grants as an affiliate. I truly believe that they can help you change your life.

About My Experience

I am a Skip Grants customer and I love how easy it is to apply for grants in their system. They use AI tools to help you write and optimize your responses, so their system really takes the stress out of grant-writing. Your answers can even be saved and reused over multiple applications!

Some grants are recurring, like the $1,000/month grants from Skip itself. Those take less than 30 seconds to apply for, and you can even bypass the application entirely using their auto apply tool.

I haven’t won a grant from Skip yet. I’m not even sure I’m eligible for Skip-based grants, based on my status as an affiliate. However, I know that grants are competitive and it can take time, so I’m willing to keep trying. After all, they had more than $76,000 in grants I was eligible for the first time I checked their database!

How Skip Grants Can Help

Building a business can change your life. Like I said, this website launched a business that pulled my family out of poverty so I’ve seen firsthand the difference that a successful business can make.

Grants can accelerate that process by offering crucial support in various ways:

  • Initial Capital Without Debt: Grants provide the seed money to start your business without the burden of repayment, allowing you to focus on growth rather than debt.
  • Research and Development: They can fund the research and development of new products or services, helping you innovate and stay competitive.
  • Equipment and Inventory: Grants can be used to purchase essential equipment and inventory, reducing startup costs and operational expenses.
  • Marketing and Promotion: They allow you to invest in marketing and promotional activities, helping to attract customers and build your brand.
  • Hiring and Training: Grants can support the hiring and training of employees, ensuring you have the skilled workforce needed to grow your business.
  • Legal and Financial Consulting: Grants can cover the cost of essential consulting services, helping you navigate the complexities of business ownership.

I’ve also noticed that many of the startup grants in the Skip dashboard also include mentoring services, marketing services, and the chance to connect with experts who can guide you and help you build something truly remarkable.

One Thing You Need to Know

You can use Skip Grants for free without paying for a membership. They do push the paid accounts pretty aggressively but there is a free tier that allows you to view and apply for most of their grants. You just have to close all the popups and prompts that push you to upgrade.

It’s a little annoying but totally possible. I just created a second account to test it and I was able to apply for the March Skip Grant without paying anything. You just have to be persistent about ignoring those prompts.

Of course, there are advantages to upgrading to the paid tiers. They give you access to more grant opportunities and additional features that can make it even easier to connect with meaningful grant opportunities. But if you’re using Low Income Relief, you probably don’t have a lot of resources to start with so I’d recommend starting with that free tier instead of paying.

Get Started

You can sign up for a Skip account using our affiliate link. As you create your account, you’ll be asked to supply some information about you and your business (or business idea). Answering those prompts in detail can help the system match you with more relevant opportunities. Enjoy!