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Where to Go If You Are Homeless

Where to Go If You Are Homeless

Where to go if you are homeless? If you are looking for where to go next, we have found 7 different organizations committed to assisting those currently or previously experiencing homelessness. We understand that it can be difficult to know exactly where to go, who to talk to or where to visit when you are desperate for help. 


Listed here are resources designed to direct homeless families and individuals in finding the best available local services. If you need help, reach out to an organization in your area for what you should do next.

The Salvation Army’s Homeless Assistance


The Salvation Army works to serve men, women and children experiencing homeless 365 days a year. There are many services this organization provides including: 

  • Access to homeless shelters for men, women and children. In areas where shelters are not available, financial assistance will be offered to pay for overnight housing. Resources and partner programs for food and financial insecurities will also be provided. 
  • Transitional housing programs offer temporary housing, food and other resources designed to support individuals seeking stability. Those experiencing eviction, domestic problems, addiction abuse, or other housing crisis should seek more information. 
  • Permanent supportive housing services are long term supportive facilities that provide affordable housing programs for low income senior citizens, housing assistance for vulnerable young adults, and rehousing for homeless families and adults. Those who live on a fixed income or at the poverty line and struggle to find a safe home for their families should seek more information.
  • Re-entry services provide access to food, housing, educational support, counseling and vocational services to homeless individuals, families and vulnerable youth. The goal is to find permanent and secure housing with stability and assistance.

United Way’s 211 Homeless Services


The United Way provides access to 211 services for free and confidential health and human services. Some of the assistive housing resources include: emergency shelters, homeless shelters, family crisis centers, runaway shelters, youth shelters and more. You can also contact your local 211 directory for assistance in locating the nearest shelter in your area, or use the interactive map on the website. 

National Alliance to End Homelessness

The NCEH is a non partisan organization with a dedication to preventing and ending homelessness in the United States. The organization believes that there is a solution that focuses on providing access to necessary resources and services. The solutions being offered by the organization include:

  • Delivering services, housing and other programs.
  • Providing access to rapid rehousing services.
  • Providing assistance for those seeking long term help to achieve stability.
  • Creating effective crisis response systems. 
  • Offering programs encouraging employment and increasing income.

National Coalition for the Homeless

The NCH is a national network of people that work together to help those who are currently or have experienced homelessess. The organization offers assistance through many different measures as described below, as well as recommendations including:

  • If you are not homeless yet, preventative measures can be taken by contacting your local emergency assistance programs that often help with paying overdue bills, like utilities and rent for example.
  • If you are homeless now, local emergency assistance programs will often help with health care, food and temporary, transitional or permanent housing.
  • There are places to look for help by using the NCH online directory as guidance in locating helpful agencies. This list is not yet complete but provides helpful contact information for many different areas around the country.
  • You can also contact your local HUD office.
  • Other suggestions for if you become homeless in a few days or weeks would be to locate assistive programs, apply for public housing or transitional housing, make sure your ID is up to date, and prepare an emergency pack. 

National Coalition for Homeless Veterans

The NCHV is a 501 (c) (3) non profit organization that works to provide emergency and supportive food, housing, healthcare, employment, legal aid and more for homeless American veterans. The organization has provided a helpful resource page to direct homeless or at risk veterans with finding assistive information. 


The resource page provides information for those currently impacted by locating things like:

  • A number of community based organizations (CBOs) can be found using the interactive map or by calling the vet help hotline.
  • Immediate help can be found here with access to direct information for CBO telephone numbers, call centers, health clinicians, crisis assistance and more.

Covenant House for Homeless Youth

The Covenant House works to save and transform the lives of homeless and runaway adolescents by providing engagement, short term housing for immediate care, and long term transitional housing for those more independent. The organization makes its impact providing:

  • Continuum of care for the support they need.
  • A 31 city network across 6 countries with access to local housing for long term refuge and support.
  • Emergency resources listing the national runaway hotline, a safe house of worship locator, and the emergency assistance telephone numbers.

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