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11 Dollar Store Hacks for Bedroom Organization

11 Dollar Store Hacks for Bedroom Organization

Keeping your bedroom organized can be so difficult, but the dollar store has many products available that make it easier for you. We found bedroom organization hacks that can help make your space neater.


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Try baskets for bedroom organization.

The dollar store has so many baskets available. You can find baskets that will match your decor and can help with bedroom organization. Store things like your keys, socks and even remotes if you have a TV in your bedroom. Getting baskets for your nightstand is a great way to ensure you have space for trinkets while also making sure your room stays organized.


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Get all that laundry off the floor.

Use the dollar store laundry baskets to get and keep laundry off the floor. Even though the baskets are smaller than the average laundry basket, they make it nice to do one load of laundry at a time. They’re also nice to store in a closet or in a small space that a traditional basket wouldn’t fit.

Use some dollar store candles to create ambiance.

Even though they don’t really add any type of bedroom organization, dollar store candles are a great way to make your room look nicer and give it a pick-me-up. Candles can be dangerous with kids and pets so you can also choose from the battery operated options the dollar store has.


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Dollar store acrylic containers are perfect for small items.

Small acrylic containers are good for nail polish, bobby pins, lip balm and more. You can store them on or in a nightstand or a dresser. Since they don’t take up much space, they’re perfect for smaller bedrooms.

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Fabric bins are perfect for small clothing items.

The dollar store fabric bins are great for sucks and undergarments. Even though they don’t work well for jeans and hard pans, you can store t-shirts and leggings in them. If you’re using them for a kids bedroom, you’ll get more out of them.

Get creative in the closet.

Closet organization is such a big part of bedroom organization. An organized closet can help you feel better about what you have and the way you’re keeping your room clean. Use dollar store bins, baskets and more to keep your closet as organized as possible.

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Use plastic tool organizers to help hold hair ties and accessories.

If your bedroom is cluttered with hair ties, rubber bands, clips and other hair accessories, you might need a better option for storing all of them. The dollar store hardware organizers are a great way to store all your hair accessories so they always have somewhere to go when you pull them out of your hair.

Make a breakfast in bed tray with a picture frame.

Use a dollar store picture frame and create a tray that you can always have breakfast in bed with. Remove the glass and cover the back part in a cute fabric, paper or contact paper. Then, you can put your breakfast items on the tray and enjoy!

Cutlery organizers can be used for organizing makeup.

The dollar store cutlery trays can be used for so much more than just storing your silverware. Use these trays to make it easy to find the makeup you’re looking for. The long sides are great for your makeup brushes (that you can also get at the dollar store). The shorter sides are good for compacts and small makeup items.

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Shower curtain hooks and hangers can help with scarf storage.

You can use shower curtain hooks to store scarves. Place the hooks on a hanger and then put your scarves on each of the hooks. This bedroom organization hack can clear up a lot of space in your closet while also giving you a chance to see all the scarves you might have forgotten about.


Fragrance sachets can help make your space smell cleaner.

Line your drawers with fragrance sachets. These don’t help much with bedroom organization, but they can make your bedroom smell so much better. Your clothes will stay fresher longer and you’ll get a whiff of a good smell each time you open your drawer to pick out your outfit.
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