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14 Ways to Get Free Gas Cards for Cancer Patients

14 Ways to Get Free Gas Cards for Cancer Patients

When it comes to finding free gas cards for cancer patients, many people are too overwhelmed to even know where to begin. If you are already struggling with the seriousness of the diagnosis, scheduling appointments, informing people who need to know, and worrying about the future, you probably don’t have the energy to search for free gas cards to get you to and from your treatment appointments.


That’s why we did the research for you! This list contains several ways that you may be able to obtain free gas cards to help you get where you need to go.

A number of community organizations recognized this gap in support and have come together to provide assistance in the form of gas cards and other non-medical support services to assist with making this difficult situation as manageable as possible.

Free Gas Cards Nationwide

There are several organizations and programs that offer free gas cards for cancer patients nationwide. We’ll explore those widespread programs in this section, but don’t forget to check out the local resources below for even more ways that you can get support in your local community.

Mercy Medical Angels

Mercy Medical Angels is a charitable organization that provides support for over 45,000 trips each year for cancer patients, in partnership with other organizations. Their mission is to make sure cancer patients can receive the best care available, removing the barrier of transportation that often gets in the way. They offer gas cards, funding for bus, train, and plane tickets, and volunteer pilot services for more complex cases.


WHO IS ELIGIBLE: Their Free Non-Emergency Medical Transportation program provides three different types of assistance. The eligibility requirements vary depending on what type of help you need.

  • For ground transportation, patients need to provide income and appointment verification, as well as specific details about their appointment and transportation needs. Support cannot be requested for more that 45 days in advance.
  • For commercial airline tickets, requests must be received at least 21 days in advance. Once your application is received, Mercy Medical Angels will submit a medical clearance form to your doctor. Patients will need to provide income verification to determine qualification. For traveling, patients must be able to sit on their own, move from a wheelchair with little or no support, require little or no medical assistance during travel, and arrange for their own portable oxygen concentrator.
  • For the volunteer pilot transportation, patients must be located in one of the following states: Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Delaware, Michigan, Ohio, Washington, DC. In Tennessee and North Caroling, this program is called Airlift Hope. Patients must provide photos of themselves. This program is for travel under 950 miles; others will be referred to the commercial airline flights program.

HOW TO APPLY: Select the applicable program and fill out the corresponding application on this page on the Mercy Medical Angels website.

Pinky Swear Foundation

The Pinky Swear Foundation provides free gas cards for cancer patients through the All Star Fund. This fund also provides other forms of support, such as help with rent, utilities, groceries, and car payments. They can provide up to $500 per year in assistance for eligible families.

Another program, called the Orange Envelope Program, can provide a $200 gift card to eligible families who request one within six months of diagnosis.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: To receive support from the All Star Fund, the child must be under the age of 18, receiving treatment for cancer in the United States, and have received an Orange Envelope gift OR been diagnosed more than six months ago. PSF has another program, called the Orange Envelope, and patients cannot apply for both of these at the same time. For the Orange Envelope program, families must apply within six months of diagnosis.

HOW TO APPLY: If you would like to use the All Star Fund to pay for a bill, please provide a clear copy of the bill. For requests for bills or for gas cards, be prepared to provide income verification. You must also provide the contact information for your pediatric oncology social worker. Use this link on the PSF website to create a login for your application.

Please note that the program applications open and close based on funding availability, and the statuses are shown on the sign-in page.



Patients can connect with OvarCome to learn more about clinical research trials, receive gift cards, and join support groups and other events. OvarCome serves the United States, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and parts of Africa.

Their OvarCare program offers assistance to patients affected by ovarian cancer in active treatment. OverCare offers financial grants of up to $200, $100 in grocery gift cards, $100 in free gas cards, and optional participation in psychosocial counseling and/or genetic counseling.

In addition, OvarCome also offers Totally Teal bags, which are filled with items like a blanket, tissues, water bottle, toiletry bag, a scarf, ChapStick, and more to help with chemo treatment.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: To receive support from OvarCare, patients must be receiving treatment for ovarian cancer, whether newly diagnosed or experiencing a recurrent diagnosis. You must also live in the United States and be within 265% of the Federal Poverty Limit. Lastly, you can only receive the OvarCare grant one time.

HOW TO APPLY: First, gather all income-related documentation, including most recent tax return, pay stubs or benefit letters, or letter of support from your treatment provider stating you have no income. Meet with your hospital social worker to determine your eligibility and receive support while applying. You can fill out the online application using this link on the OvarCome website.

Cancer Care

Cancer Care has a Financial Assistance Program that provides financial assistance for transportation to and from treatment-related appointments for men and women with bladder cancer, brain cancer, or multiple myeloma.


They also offer other forms of support, including:

  • Co-pay assistance for several other cancers, with Cancer Care frequently updating funding availability on their website.
  • Touching Hearts Program provides financial support for child care, transportation, and medication related to diagnosis.
  • Ocular Cancer Financial Support Program provides financial support for people with ocular or other vision-related cancers, for transportation, child care, treatment, medication, genetic counseling and more. They must be a resident of New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut for this program.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: This grant can be given to patients with a confirmed diagnoses of bladder cancer, brain cancer, or multiple myeloma; who are in active treatment in the United States; and who are eligible based on Federal Poverty Guidelines. You must call 800-813-4673 and speak with a Cancer Care social worker to complete an interview and determine eligibility.

HOW TO APPLY: If you have been determined to be eligible by a Cancer Care social worker, they will send you an application with a bar code. Gather proof of income (income tax return, pay stub, or letter of support verifying no income) to fill out the application. Your oncology provider will need to fill out the Medical Information Section. Email or fax the completed application to the contact information listed on the application.

United Cancer Support Foundation

The United Cancer Support Foundation was founded to serve people going through treatment for cancer by providing financial assistance, education, and advocacy at local, state, and federal levels.

The United We Share program provides free gift cards for patients, to help them purchase items to reduce the stress of their cancer treatment. This program also provides gifts for children undergoing cancer treatment such as LEGO, Pokémon cards, Kindle Fire tablets, gift cards, and more.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: To receive this funding, patients must have a diagnosis of cancer as verified by an oncologist; be in active treatment; and be a resident of an eligible state in the United States. Unfortunately, this program is not available in Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Iowa, Utah, and Oregon.

HOW TO APPLY: Complete the application and Memorandum of Understanding at this link on the United Cancer Support Foundation website. Ensure that your medical provider fills out the Medical Verification section, and email the completed application to the contact information listed on the application.

Love INC

Love in the Name of Christ is a national organization composed of community chapters. Love INC brings churches and their communities together to connect people who can provide with people who are in need.

According to their website, Love INC uses a relational model to serve people who need support in a way that is collaborative and centered on the principles of the church. The support they offer varies by location, but many offer free gas cards for cancer patients who need help getting to appointments.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: There are no specific requirements on the website. Your local chapter may have specific requirements.

HOW TO APPLY: Visit this link on the Love INC website and search for your nearest Love INC chapter. Each branch will have their own process: look for wording such as, “I Need Assistance” or “Get Help Here.” Be prepared to provide name, location, DOB, and specific details of your need.

Cannonballs for Kayne

Cannonballs for Kayne offers financial support through the Family Assistance Grant program. There are a a limited number of annual grants to families in need of financial support at various levels, from free gas cards to help paying rent.

Cannonballs for Kayne also offers Cannonballs Cares, a grant in partnership with the Volusia County Women who Care. Cannonballs Cares provides funding for families of patients facing DIPG or DMG to help them have memorable experiences in the Daytona Beach area.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: Families must have a child under the age of 21 who has a diagnosis of DIPG or DMG and is in treatment. This is a one-time grant, so families cannot receive multiple grants from CFK. There are no specific income requirements. Families must work with their hospital social worker to determine eligibility and apply for the grant.

HOW TO APPLY: The application can be found at this link on the CFK website. Submit an inquiry using this form and CFK will contact your social worker to determine next steps.

Generic Gas Card Programs

There are many programs that offer gas cards to low income people who need help with transportation, whether or not they have a cancer diagnosis. If you need help buying gas for your vehicle, check out our list of charitable organizations that offer gas cards.

Other Nationwide Transportation Assistance Programs

Before we get into the list of local charities that may offer free gas cards for cancer patients near you, I just want to let you know about a few other nationwide transportation assistance programs that may be able to help.

American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society is a nonprofit organization that has been providing prevention education, support, and advocacy efforts with the mission to improve outcomes related to cancer diagnosis. The ACS provides individual assistance via support groups, a 24/7 helpline, and programs for free transportation and lodging for those in treatment.

Their Road to Recovery program can help you receive free transportation to and from your medical appointments. It is not immediately clear if they offer free gas cards for cancer patients, but we know that they offer to arrange transportation at no cost to patients who qualify.

In addition to this service, they also offer free lodging at their Hope Lodge Communities around the US and Puerto Rico, and special discounts at Extended Stay America locations through a special partnership.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: The program is for patients receiving treatment for cancer or cancer-related appointments. In some cases, a caregiver may need to be present to support patients who are unable to walk without help or are under the age of 18.

HOW TO APPLY: Call 1-800-227-2345 to check for availability. It can take several business days to coordinate patient rides, so patients have to call in advance of their appointment date. It’s best if you can contact them as soon as your appointment is scheduled with your healthcare facility in order to ensure you are able to stay on track for treatment!


Medicaid is required to provide transportation assistance to patients. If you need help getting to and from your medical appointments, you may be able to receive gas reimbursement, free gas cards, or even help arranging other forms of transportation.

In order to get this assistance, you will need to call the number on the back of your Medicaid card and ask about medical transportation benefits.

Veterans Benefits

The Department of Veterans Affairs also offers travel reimbursement for eligible veterans who are receiving covered medical care. This goes way beyond your typical free gas cards for cancer patients, because they can also reimburse you for approved meals, lodging, and other expenses for you and your caregiver as well.

Typically, your appointment must be at a VA facility or a VA-approved community provider in order to get this benefit. You must also meet specific requirements, such as having a VA disability rating of at least 30% or travelling for a service-connected condition.

To get your travel reimbursement, you’ll need to file a claim for VA travel pay reimbursement. You can do this online through the Beneficiary Travel Self Service System. Just follow the steps on the VA’s official travel pay guide to get started.

Other Health Insurance Programs

If you have health insurance, you may be able to receive benefits such as case management that can help you navigate the complex care you will need. These programs may be able to arrange your transportation, reimburse your travel expenses, or even give you free gas cards to help you get to your treatment.

You will need to reach out to your individual insurance company in order to get clarification on the benefits they offer.

Free Bus Passes

If you can’t find a local provider that can help you get free gas cards, you may be able to receive a free bus pass instead. Check out our list of free bus pass providers for more information.

Free Gas Cards for Cancer Patients Near You

To apply for free gas cards, be prepared to provide proof of diagnosis, details about appointments, and specifics about the needs which support is being requested. Applications may require diagnostic information to be presented on your hospital’s letterhead, or may require signatures directly from your doctor or hospital clinical team member.

Heavenly Mimi (Texas)

Heavenly Mimi provides financial assistance for gas cards, prescriptions, lodging, mammograms and more for residents of Texas who are receiving treatment for cancer, as verified by an oncologist. Their assistance is capped at no more than $100 per eligible patient.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: Patients must be residents of Texas and be in treatment for cancer, confirmed by an oncology provider.

HOW TO APPLY: The application requires you to disclose your budget and monthly bills, so be prepared to have that information available. You will also need to provide contact information for your treatment provider. You can fill out the application at this link on the Heavenly Mimi website and either submit it electronically; email it to [email protected]; or mail it to 511 East John Carpenter Freeway #500 Irving, TX 75062.

Lung Cancer Initiative (North Carolina)

Lung Cancer Initiative is a nonprofit organization in North Carolina that provides support to patients via emergency funds, support group events, wellness retreats, and higher-level advocacy for awareness and research on lung cancer.

One of the programs offered by the Lung Cancer Initiative is the Tomma Hargraves Gas Card Program. This program provides $50 gas cards (once every four months) to lung cancer patients who are seeking treatment including clinical trials. You can receive one every four months. If you prefer, you can receive an Uber gift card instead.

In addition to these free gas cards, this organization also offers additional services you may find helpful:

  • Patient Emergency Fund: Financial assistance to provide support for lung cancer patients to help with healthy food costs, transportation and other non-medical expenses to assist with emergencies associated with a lung cancer diagnosis.
  • Survivor Engagement Events: Each June, LCI hosts an annual Survivors Day Celebration for lung cancer survivors and their families. These events will be held on Zoom.
  • Wellness Retreats: Annual wellness retreats designed to support lung cancer survivors by providing them with coping mechanisms to enhance their quality of life while battling lung cancer.
  • Therapy Assistance Programs: The organization is providing a list of different patient assistance programs for approved lung cancer therapies.
  • Peer-to-Peer Program: This program provides reciprocal support between lung cancer survivors. Peers will share their experience and hopefully ease the stress, anxiety and fear that comes with a lung cancer diagnosis.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: The program is currently limited to lung cancer fighters receiving treatment or living in North Carolina.

HOW TO APPLY: Complete the application at this link on the Lung Cancer Initiative website. If you prefer, applications may be sent by regular mail to Alisha Patel, 5171 Glenwood Ave, Suite 401 Raleigh, NC 27612; or via email to [email protected]. Answer all of the questions and have your application signed by your healthcare provider. Allow two weeks for processing.

Tenaciously Teal (Oklahoma)

Tenaciously Teal is an Oklahoma-based organization that partners with cancer treatment centers within the state to provide support in the form of cancer care packs, grocery gift cards and of course free gas cards as well.

In the years since it was founded, Tenaciously Teal has expanded to provide several other compassionate services to support people going through cancer treatment. In addition to free gas cards for cancer patients, this organization also offers these services:

  • Brave Shave Parties: Women who are faced with cancer treatment-related hair loss can receive special time in the salon with a hairstylist and hors-d’oeuvres provided free of charge.
  • Care Pack Party: Cancer patients can request care packages that include cloth bags and personal notes. Cancer patients can request a care package online. If you are making a request from outside of the United States, they require a $25 donation.
  • Empowerment Photoshoots: Cancer patients are treated to professional make up, styling and photography at no cost. This can be requested at any stage of treatment – at the beginning to empower the fighter or at the end to celebrate the journey. Cancer patients can schedule a shoot online.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: The program is currently limited to cancer fighters receiving treatment or living in Oklahoma.

HOW TO APPLY: Complete the application on the Tenaciously Teal website. Provide patient verification in the form of a letterhead from your treatment facility to expedite requests (requests usually take 10-15 business days to be processed). Verification needs to include the beginning and end dates of your treatment, as well as details of the treatment that you are receiving.

Relief Recap

A cancer diagnosis brings about numerous stressors, and the last thing you should have to worry about is how you’ll afford to get to and from your appointments. Many organizations have been formed to provide support to address this need, and these resources also typically provide other types of support to help strengthen families in need.