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Your Columbus Metropolitan Library can do this?!

Your Columbus Metropolitan Library can do this?!

On the hunt for free stuff? The Columbus Metropolitan Library is a goldmine. A CML library card will get you access to several online media services that host free movies, music, and e-books. The Columbus Metropolitan Library also has a deep selection of live events every week that are open to all library members. Keep reading to discover everything the library has to offer.


Get access to incredible digital resources with a Columbus Metropolitan Library card!

The Columbus Metropolitan Library has far more than just books to offer. In fact, a CML membership gets you access to some of the best streaming digital media services around. Movies, music, and e-books are at the tips of your fingers thanks to your Columbus Metropolitan Library card.

Overdrive is arguably the largest source for e-books and audio books online. With your library membership you get access to thousands of titles ranging from childrens audio books to cookbooks designed for the Kindle eReader.

Hoopla is another popular digital media service that you can access with your library card. Hoopla offers digital movies, music and audiobooks available to be streamed as long as you have a membership to the library.

Looking for digital media that is outside of the mainstream? Kanopy Digital offers video streaming of classic, foreign and independent films. Additionally, Kanopy offers quite a few documentaries within their service as well.


Ebscohost is an enormous digital archive of magazines and journals available online. At the time of writing, Ebscohost offers over 1600 full text magazines and journals in their database. The database offers everything from entertainment magazines to research journals.

Borrow Video Games from the Columbus Metropolitan Library

You can dive into a new or classic video game any time when you have a CML membership. The library has a selection of games available to borrow at no cost to you. You can borrow up to 2 games at a time, but for no more than 7 days. While the library does ask that you respect its rules and return video games on time, there are no fines for keeping a game beyond the 7 day window. However, you are responsible for any lost or damaged games.

Check out fun, FREE events at the Columbus Metropolitan Library!

The Columbus Metropolitan Library has nearly two-dozen branches, and each of them are constantly bustling with interest groups and special events. You can filter the CML online event calendar by event type as well as library branch. The library has many events for members of all ages. Parents of small children can attend Ready for Kindergarten, a “play school” event that allows your kids to get acclimated to a classroom setting. Family tree fanatics can take advantage of weekly genealogy groups. And for avid book readers, most branches have monthly or weekly book discussion groups. You have a lot of options at the Columbus Metropolitan Library.

Have fun in Columbus!

We weren’t able to find any museum passes from Columbus Metropolitan Library. However, if you’ve got an EBT card, you can get discounts at museums in and around Columbus!

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