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Connexus Energy Customers Can Save Money!

Connexus Energy Customers Can Save Money!

Wondering how to save money on your Connexus Energy bill? As the largest electric cooperative in Minnesota, they have some excellent money-saving programs. We’ve found them all, so you can’t afford to miss this!


Connexus offers tools to help you stay on top of your bills.

Energy use can be confusing and overwhelming. Luckily, the company can help you understand how your bill is calculated and how much power you’re using.

Make sure there are no mistakes on your Connexus bill.

First of all, make sure there are no mistakes on your bill. Although Connexus does their best to make sure your bill is accurate, everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Use this guide to help you understand all of the charges on your utility bill.

Make sure you get the sales tax exemption if you qualify for it.

Although electricity is usually taxable in Minnesota, there are some exceptions! You may qualify if electricity is your primary heating source during the winter months. If you qualify for a sales tax exemption, make sure you apply for it!

Enroll in eBill to access helpful account features.

The eBill system offered by Connexus is much more than a payment portal. You can also use this feature to track your energy usage, monitor your meter data and participate in energy challenges.


Budget billing makes your Connexus bill the same each month.

Unpredictable power bills can make budgeting nearly impossible. The budget billing program makes it easier! This program averages your energy use over 12 months so that your monthly bills are consistent across all seasons.

Be careful, though! Connexus only recalculates your payment once per year, so you’ll have a settlement month at the end of your budget billing year. You could end up just fine… or you could end up with a major debt. When we enrolled in budget billing, we ended up with a $3,364 bill in our settlement month! 

Need help with your Connexus bill?

If you’re struggling to pay your utility bill, you may feel like there is no way out. Fortunately, that’s just not true. There are three places you can go if you need help with your Connexus bill.

Community Action Agencies

Your local Community Action Agency can distribute LIHEAP, Weatherization Assistance and other funds that can assist you with your power bill.

Anoka County residents will need to visit the Anoka County Community Action Program.

Chisago and Isanti County residents will need to visit the Lakes and Pines Community Action Council.

Hennepin County residents will need to visit the Community Action Partnership of Hennepin County.


Ramsey and Washington County residents are served by the Community Action Partnership of Ramsey and Washington Counties. 

Sherburne County is served by the Tri-County Action Program. 

Salvation Army HeatShare

The Salvation Army HeatShare program may also be able to assist you with your energy bills. This program appears to be available throughout the Connexus service area.

Community Human Services Department

If you contact your county’s human services department, you may be able to find additional help and resources.

The Cold Weather Rule can prevent shutoff in the winter.

Minnesota has a Cold Weather Rule that prevents disconnections during the cold weather months. These rules only apply to certain residents who use electricity as their primary heat source.

In order to qualify for the Cold Weather Rule, you must meet one of three criteria.

  1. Your household income is at or below 50% of the state median household income.
  2. You enter into and make reasonably timely payments under a payment agreement. The payment agreement must take into account your financial resources, so it counts even if it isn’t equal to your actual energy usage.
  3. You receive a referral to energy assistance, weatherization, conservation or other energy programs that will probably reduce your bills.

If you are eligible for the Cold Weather Rule, then Connexus cannot disconnect your service between October 15 and April 15 as long as you fill out this form. After April 15, your full balance will be due.

Military households may be protected from shutoff, too.

If a member of your household has been ordered into active military duty, deployed, or given a permanent change in duty station, you may be protected from disconnection. You will need to make a payment arrangement as part of this process. 

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