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We Found Resources for CT Legal Aid!

We Found Resources for CT Legal Aid!

Do you need CT legal aid? We found resources that could help you get access to free legal aid if you’re a low-income resident of Connecticut!

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You could get CT legal aid!

There are CT legal aid options available for people who are low-income. Different organizations have different requirements, but nearly all of them have income guidelines. If you’re facing a civil case, an attorney might be available to provide service to you for free. Many organizations only work with people who are facing civil cases. The public defender’s office may be able to provide help for people who are facing criminal cases.

We found CT legal aid for low income individuals.

We found CT legal aid through Connecticut legal services! The organization works with people who are low-income and meet all the other qualifications the program has in place. You might be able to get help with an attorney who offers their services for free through this program.

The Statewide Legal Services program in Connecticut might be able to help you with your legal needs. If you’re looking for help for a civil legal case, it might be possible for you to find an attorney who can help you with it.

If you’re unable to find help through a legal services organization, the idea of having to represent yourself may seem terrifying. While it is always a good idea to find an attorney to help you, if you’re unable to find one, you might be able to find more resources for representation through the Connecticut Law Help website.

Use Connecticut law schools for legal help!

The University of Connecticut Pro Bono Service might be able to help you get CT legal aid through one of the law students. Students are supervised by bar-certified attorneys and can help you with a variety of different legal questions and issues. They may also be able to represent you in some instances.

The Connecticut Urban Legal Initiative aims provides help to low-income residents who qualify for their services. They might be able to help you if you have a need for legal representation.

Counties in Connecticut could offer legal aid.

We found counties that offer CT legal aid! If you’re in some counties of Connecticut, you might qualify for legal aid through the county. There are many options available that could help you find someone who will be able to represent you.

Hartford County

The Greater Hartford CT legal aid program might be able to help you with your legal aid needs. They work with volunteer attorneys who could represent you for free. The program has requirements you’ll need to meet including income requirements. You could get help from an attorney who can represent you or who can simply answer questions about your legal situation.

Fairfield County

Residents of Fairfield County might be able to get help through the legal services program. This program could help you connect with an attorney who provides their services for free. Through the program, you could find help to answer basic legal questions or you could find an attorney who provides full representation for your case.

New Haven County

If you’re looking for help in New Haven County, the bar association might be able to help you. While they don’t typically help people directly, you could use their site to find attorneys who provide their services for free. Additionally, you might be able to find legal clinics when they’re available in the area.

New London County

Connecticut Legal Services, in New London County, might be able to help you find representation for your civil case. There are program options available that could help you get the representation you need.

Check for CT legal aid with the bar association.

Are you in need of CT legal aid? The bar association doesn’t provide it, but they do have listings about attorneys who can help for free. Between their pro bono listings and their legal aid listings, you might be able to find the help you’re looking for to get an attorney in Connecticut!

Connecticut ACLU might have helpful resources!

Even though it might be difficult to get help through the ACLU of Connecticut for representation, you might be able to find the help you’re looking for through their civil rights division. This could help you learn more about your civil rights and about all the options you have if you feel those rights have been violated.

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