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Need Oklahoma Legal Aid? We Found Options!

Need Oklahoma Legal Aid? We Found Options!

Facing a civil legal case can be hard, but you might not have to do it alone! We found Oklahoma legal aid that might be able to help you get the attorney you need for free!


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We found Oklahoma legal aid!

If you’re facing a civil legal case, but don’t have the money to pay for it, you might be concerned about what’s going to happen. We get it. It can be hard to face the possibility of dealing with a legal issue on your own, but we found Oklahoma legal aid resources that might be able to help you find an attorney! These resources might not work for everyone, but they can be beneficial if you’re facing a civil case. People who are facing criminal cases might have better results using the Oklahoma office of public defenders.


Low income individuals could get Oklahoma legal aid.

You could get Oklahoma Legal Aid Services. The legal aid division might be able to help if you’re low income and meet other qualifications. They might be able to help people with housing laws, family cases and other civil matters. Since the organization is based on volunteers, attorneys can represent qualified individuals for free.

If you’re unable to find help through an organization and have to handle your legal case on your own, you might be able to find help through the Free Self Help Legal Information website. Oklahoma provides this website so people can learn more about the different legal options they have and what they can do to improve their legal situation. This is also where you can find legal forms for free.

*Not Free! While Oklahoma Alternative Resources does not provide attorney services pro bono, you might still be able to get help. They use a sliding scale that’s based on your income, ability to pay and other factors. This may be an option for people who are low to moderate income and facing a legal case.

You could get special help through legal aid organizations!

Are you a Native American facing a civil case? The OIL organization might be able to help you with Oklahoma legal aid! You could qualify for assistance through the organization to get an attorney who can answer questions and even one who can provide their services for free.

Veterans could qualify for help through the Oklahoma Lawyers for America’s Heroes program. This program could help you find an attorney who can represent you for a variety of civil legal matters.

The Oklahoma Disability Law Center helps people who are qualified for their assistance programs with legal representation. Residents with disabilities might be able to use this program to find attorneys who can represent them at no charge.

Get legal help through Oklahoma law schools!

The University of Oklahoma College of Law might be able to help you through their legal clinics. They have clinics that can teach you more about your legal rights and how you can handle different legal situations. While some people may not be interested because they’re law students, bar-certified attorneys are there to verify all the information the students give out.


The University of Tulsa’s Law School offers legal clinics. These clinics are intended for low-income individuals who are unable to pay for attorney representation but still need advice. While the clinics do not cost anything to attend, you may need to register ahead of time because they can fill up quickly.

Your county could provide legal aid!

There are some counties in Oklahoma that provide legal aid to low-income residents. If you meet the county’s guidelines for legal aid and you are able to qualify for it, you might be able to get an attorney who can represent you for free!

Oklahoma County

The Oklahoma City Catholic Charities might be able to provide legal services for immigration needs. If you’re an immigrant or you’re facing an issue related to immigration, they could help you find legal assistance.

If you’re in Oklahoma County, you might be able to get Oklahoma legal aid. The pro bono eviction assistance program might make it easier for you to get answers to legal questions or legal help for a situation where you might be evicted.

**Not free. OKC Trinity Legal Services program may help if you have no other options. While the program is not free, you could get help based on a sliding scale through it.

Tulsa County

Residents of Tulsa County might be able to get legal aid through the Neighbor for Neighbor program. This program is religious-based, but you do not need to have a religious affiliation to get help through the program. You might need to meet other requirements, including income ones, to get help.


Use the bar association for Oklahoma legal aid resources.

The bar association could help with Oklahoma legal aid through the free legal advice resources they offer. You could find help learning about the different resources as well as options that might make it easier for you to find an attorney who is bar-certified.

Can you get help through the ACLU?

When you feel your civil rights have been violated, your first thought might be to turn to the ACLU. This isn’t always the best idea, though. The ACLU has limited resources and it’s unlikely they would be able to help unless your case is an extreme one. Instead, you can visit their site and learn more about what legal rights you have and how you can protect those rights.

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