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Try This Debit Card that Builds Credit!

Try This Debit Card that Builds Credit!

We’ve found a debit card that builds credit! Sesame Cash is a versatile credit building tool that offers people with bad credit (or no credit) to easily improve their scores without the hassle, hurdles or additional expenses of traditional credit cards. 


Why use a debit card that builds credit? 

Building credit is complicated! Although there are many ways to build credit, many of them require you to already have a good credit score. If you have bad credit or no credit, it can be extremely difficult to get approved for traditional loans or cards that require good scores. 

The inability to get credit without good credit is a cycle that has made life difficult for many low income Americans. Poor credit goes beyond credit cards, auto loans and mortgages. A bad or

nonexistent credit score can make it difficult to get jobs, rent apartments or even find good insurance rates. 

That’s why so many people are looking for a debit card that builds credit. You don’t need a good credit score to get one and they don’t have the same risks as unsecured debts. These debit cards also offer many of the same benefits of building credit with a credit card but without the extra risks or hurdles. 


Sesame Cash is a debit card that builds credit. 

If you’re looking for a debit card that builds credit, you won’t find a better one than Sesame Cash. This program, created by credit monitoring service Credit Sesame, offers some truly unbeatable perks. There are no fees and no credit checks required. 

With Sesame Cash, your purchases improve your credit every time you swipe your debit card. It’s simply a way to build better credit with debit. 

What is Sesame Cash? 

Sesame Cash is the only all-in-one digital bank account that rewards you for improving your credit. It is stacked with unique features that make it easy for you to make smart financial moves that can make a big improvement on your score. 

Some of the benefits that you’ll receive with Sesame Cash include: 

  • Get paid 2 days early! 
  • Get paid for improving your credit score! 
  • Exclusive Credit Builder tools 
  • Check your credit score daily 
  • Exclusive cash back offers 
  • Mobile device protection 
  • NO Fees! 
  • NO Credit Check! 

Of course, you’ll also have access to a lot of standard, popular banking features as well. These include: 

  • Free ATM withdrawals at 55,000 ATMs worldwide 
  • Award-winning mobile app 
  • Freeze your debit card 
  • Use Apple, Samsung and Google Pay
  • Mastercard Fraud Protection 
  • P2P Payments 

How do you use Sesame Cash? 

Sesame Cash has made it easy to use their debit card that builds credit. They use a simple, automated four-step process. We’re going to go over everything you need to do, right here, right now. You got this! 

First, you will need to open an account. 

Opening a Sesame Cash account is easy and only takes a few moments. You can download the Credit Sesame App to get started. 


Second, you’ll need to deposit some money. 

You will need to move money into your Sesame Cash account before you can start using it. You can do this by switching over your direct deposit information or by transferring funds from a different bank. It can take 3-5 days for the transfer to be completed. 

The money you transfer into the account is used like collateral to support a new line of credit. Sesame Cash does all the managing for you and you get to start building your credit! 

Third, you’ll need to shop with your Sesame Cash account.

You’ll need to use the Sesame Cash account like a normal debit card. Easy, right? 

Throughout the month, Credit Sesame will automatically choose a handful of your transactions to create a balance on your secured card. The balance is automatically paid off using the cash you already deposited into the account and this process doesn’t cost you anything extra. 

This creates a utilization balance on your account. Your credit utilization rate is an important aspect of your credit score because it shows the amount of revolving credit you are currently using compared to the amount of credit you have available. Although a 0% utilization rate is 

better than a high rate, many experts say that the ideal credit utilization rate is around 10% or below. You can set the utilization limits in your account settings. This shows that the card is being used and consistently paid off, which reflects positively on your credit report. 


Credit Sesame will report to the three major credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.

Does Sesame Cash help build credit?

Many users have had great success building their credit with Sesame Cash! This program will give you the tools needed to improve your score, but of course actual results will vary based on your personal financial situation. 

After signing up for a free Credit Sesame account, 27% of members improve their credit score by at least 10 points in the first month and 20% improve by at least 50 points within the first six months! 

Credit Sesame offers a few other credit-building tools as well. For example, they also offer a rent reporting tool that can help you report up to 24 months of positive rental history to the three major bureaus! 

You can get paid for improving your credit! 

Credit Sesame will even pay you when you build your credit with Sesame Cash! For every 10 point increase in the first 30 days, you’ll receive $10 (up to $100)! 

Of course, you’ll need to see the full terms and conditions for details. 

Got questions about Sesame Cash? We’ve got answers. 

We’ve received a lot of questions about the Sesame Cash Credit Builder. We’ve answered many of the most common questions in this FAQ but you are always welcome to ask additional questions in the comments! 

Is Credit Sesame a legitimate company? 

Yes! Credit Sesame has helped millions of Americans check and improve their credit. Since 2011, Credit Sesame has worked with credit bureaus and lenders to become an expert in credit and credit improvement. 

Credit Sesame users have access to many incredible perks, including: 

  • Free credit scores, delivered right away.
  • Monthly TransUnion reports
  • Real-time credit monitoring alerts
  • Personalized credit and debt analysis
  • Prequalification for loan and credit cards
  • ID theft protection

Nearly 1/3 of Credit Sesame users improve their credit score by at least 10 points in the first month after opening their account. In the first six months, 1 in 5 users improve their score by at least 50 points!

How do you add money to Credit Sesame? 

Adding money to Credit Sesame’s Sesame Cash account is easy! You can add funds through direct deposit, bank transfer, cash deposit and more. It only takes a few clicks to link accounts and transfer funds. 

In order to get access to benefits like cash rewards for improving your credit or daily credit score refreshes, you’ll need to make a monthly deposit of at least $100. 

What bank does Credit Sesame use? 

Sesame Cash is a prepaid debit card issued by Community Federal Savings Bank (CFSB). The credit builder requires you to open a secured line of credit that will be reported to the credit bureaus. 

Does Credit Sesame pull your credit? 

Credit Sesame uses what is called a “soft inquiry,” because it is intended for your own use and not to be shared with lenders. This does not impact your credit unless you apply for a loan. 

How do I get started with Sesame Cash? 

Getting started with Sesame Cash is easy! Sign up for Credit Sesame today.