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Wanna Visit a Denver Museum? Check These Out!

Wanna Visit a Denver Museum? Check These Out!

Visiting a Denver museum is one of the easiest ways for you to get a taste of what the city has to offer. No matter what you’re interested in, there are free museum options available to you!


Some Denver museum options are always free.

The Museum of Outdoor Arts is always free and it’s a great option if you’re looking for a Denver museum, but it’s only open some weekdays. Since the museum is outside, it may be hard to visit during the cooler months. Always check first to make sure the museum is open before visiting.

As one of the most unique choices for a Denver museum, the Dikeou Collection gives you something you won’t see anywhere else. If you’re not impressed by 16-foot tall rubber bunnies, you might not find this display interesting. It is, however, one of the most unique things you can see in Denver. And that’s saying a lot!

The Denver Art Museum might charge admission for adults, but it’s always free for kids who are 18 and under. The museum’s admission price is very affordable. Check their website often as they usually offer pay what you wish days!

The Arvada Center Galleries is just a little outside of Denver, but it gives you a chance to learn more about the art that has a huge influence on the city and the state as a whole. It’s also a great place to go if you like exploring modern art in different settings.


If you’re willing to take a short drive, the Loveland Museum has a lot to teach about Loveland, CO. You can learn more about the city and it’s influence on the state. It’s a great free option and something fun you can do with your family if you want to get away without going too far.

The Aurora History Museum is only open some days of the week, but it’s free when it is open. The museum has a lot to offer visitors and it can help you learn more about the history of Aurora and how it had a huge impact on the rest of the state and the country!

These aren’t museums, but you can get free tours!

The Colorado State Capitol Tour is right inside Denver and you can learn more about the state capitol. While you’re there, you can visit the extensive library and even check out information about the state dating all the way back to when it was first founded. The free tour is worth checking out.

Since it’s one of only a few in the country, The United States Mint Tour in Denver is a great way to learn about your money and where it comes from. Even though it’s not a Denver museum, you still feel like you’re in a museum when you walk around checking out all the currency-related things. The tour is almost an hour long so be prepared!

The Hammonds Candy Factory is a staple in Denver. If you’re not going to take the tour, you have to at least try the candy. Why skip out on the tour, though? It’s totally free! At the end, you’ll even be treated with a free sample. Yum!

The Coors Brewery Tour is about a half-hour drive away from Denver, but most people think it’s worth the drive! The tour is open for people of all ages, but the free samples at the end are only for visitors 21 and up!

Visit this Denver museum for free on Tuesdays.

The Children’s Museum of Denver opens up for free on the first Tuesday of each month. Make a giant bubble, enjoy STEM-related activities and let the kids enjoy themselves at this hands-on Denver museum.


Visiting a Denver museum on a Friday? Check this out!  

The Museo de las Americas is a culturally-related museum that’s open on the First Friday of each month for the public to visit for free. It’s important to note that they do accept donations during this time, but you’re not obligated to donate while you’re checking it out on the First Friday.

Want to visit a different Denver museum? These ones offer random free days.

These museums and the zoo offer free days throughout the year. The days may vary from year to year, but they usually offer them during different seasons. Check these websites often:

If you plan on visiting during the free times, you should make sure that you get to any of these places early. They can get crowded really quick so get there ASAP if you want a chance at a free experience!

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Other Ways to Get Free Admission

There are other ways to get free admission to popular Denver museums as well!

  • EBT Discounts: Many museums around Denver offer EBT discounts to guests with SNAP cards. Here’s the full list.
  • My Denver Card: Kids between ages 5-18 can get a My Denver Card. This card gets you free admission to centers across the city. You can get into museums throughout the city, swimming pools and even special events. While you do have to be a resident to get these benefits, it’s a great way for kids to enjoy learning more about their city!