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13 Dollar Tree Crafts You Can Do Right Now

13 Dollar Tree Crafts You Can Do Right Now

Are you in a creative mood, but can’t spend a lot of money? These Dollar Tree crafts are perfect and can be made without having to spend tons of money!

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1. Make Dollar Tree crafts out of crayon-dipped pillar candles.

Pillar candles make excellent Dollar Tree Crafts. This one is easy.

  • Melt some crayons in the microwave or a pot that you won’t use anymore.
  • Dip pillar candles in the melted crayons.
  • Wait for them to get hard.

2. Cover coasters in felt balls for whimsy.

Get felt balls and coasters from the dollar store. Use hot glue to cover the coasters in the felt balls. Just make sure you use all of the same size to ensure the coasters stay stable.

dollar tree crafts

3. Make a perfect floral wreath.

You can make Dollar Tree crafts that you can decorate your home with! Using dollar store flowers and dollar store foam wreath forms, you can create a beautiful floral wreath. The dollar store usually has flowers that coordinate with the season which gives you something fun to do for each holiday! If your dollar store does not carry foam wreaths, you can use wire ones and just wrap the flowers around them.

dollar tree crafts

4. Get a dollar store canvas and thumbtacks for a modern craft.

These signs look great and give off restoration hardware vibes so they’re perfect if you’re into modern farmhouse chic looks! To do this craft, you’ll need a canvas and thumbtacks. (And maybe a pencil).

  • Draw out the shape you want to create with the thumbtacks using a pencil on the canvas.
  • Push your thumbtacks into the shape you drew out.
  • Fill in the shape with thumbtacks if you want!
dollar tree crafts

5. Use a cookie sheet as an organizer.

A home organizer is always a good idea. You can use a cookie sheet to organize the papers that would normally end up scattered everywhere or on your refrigerator. This is one of the Dollar Tree crafts that you can run with and do it the way you like. Cover the cookie sheet in contact paper to match your decor! Pick up some magnet clips from the Dollar Tree checkout. Use DIY magnets (scroll down to learn how to do that).

dollar tree crafts

6. Buy Dollar Tree crafts already packaged.

You can find many different packaged crafts at the Dollar Tree. These kits are great for kids or if you’re missing out on some creativity and just want something easy to do. You can get things like bead crafts, birdhouses and more from these kits.

dollar tree crafts

7. Paint cheap terracotta planters.

The dollar store sells terra cotta and look alike plastic containers for your flowers and other potted plants. While these containers are great on their own, you can give them a modern twist by using some spray paint and painters tape to create lines and shapes on them.

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8. Use floral marbles for Dollar Tree crafts.

You can use the floral rocks or marbles to create these Dollar Tree crafts. Get magnets from the craft section at the dollar store and hot glue them to the back of the magnets. While most dollar stores sell hot glue, you might want to spring for the high-heat kind because it tends to hold better.

dollar tree crafts

9. Fancy up a pair of flip-flops.

Get regular or slipper flip-flops from the dollar store. Glue flowers on them or decorate them with sticker gems. Some dollar stores might also sell decorate thread you can wrap around the sandal part of the flip-flops!

10. Paint salt and pepper shakers for a restoration hardware look.

Get some acrylic paint from the Dollar Tree. You can also get your salt and pepper shakers there. Paint them or dip them in the paint to give them a different color. Use a nail file or a piece of sandpaper to distress them.

11. Get creative with mason jar Dollar Tree crafts.  

The Dollar Tree has mason jars and you can use them for many different crafts. Paint them, fill them with rocks or use them as decorative storage. You can also papier mache the outside of them for a unique look. You can even go easy and use them as a vase for some beautiful wildflowers!

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12. Use dollar store cardboard and gift paper to make a monogram.

You can get cardboard from the dollar tree in their office supply section.

  • Trace and cut out your monogram with the cardboard.
  • Cover the letters in gift paper.
  • Hang it up on a wall.
dollar tree crafts

13. Make a farmhouse candle holder.

This is one of the Dollar Tree crafts you can let your imagination run away with. Get a candle holder from the dollar store and paint it a cool color. Fill the top with faux grass and a candle. Or, use rocks and other materials to give it a more modern look. While this makes a great decor look, be careful about actually using the candle in the holder.

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