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25+ Dollar Tree Organization Hacks

25+ Dollar Tree Organization Hacks

Are you on a tight budget but still need to organize your house? We found dollar tree organization hacks that can help you organize your house without blowing your budget.

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dollar store organization

1. Use plastic laundry baskets for blankets.

If you’ve got way too many blankets, Dollar Tree organization can help you. Blankets are great to keep around the house because you can bundle up during the winter months and save money on your electric, but they can be difficult to find space for. The Dollar Tree sells large buckets that work perfect for blankets and are so cute!

dollar tree organization

2. Shower organizers are for more than just showers.

You can use a shower organizer in your bathroom cabinet, in your kitchen or anywhere else that you can put a hook. These are perfect for versatile dollar store organization and can make your home so much more organized.

3. Here’s some gift wrap dollar tree organization.

Actually use wrapping paper more than once. By using two Dollar Tree extension rods or paper towel holders, you can make a perfect spot for wrapping paper in your closet or on the back of your door. Also, buy your wrapping paper from the Dollar Tree. It’s prettier than butcher paper or newspaper, but still only costs a dollar!

4. Have missing socks? Here’s what to do.

This is a two-park sock Dollar Tree organization hack. First, put all your socks in a lingerie bag from the dollar store before you wash them. It will keep them together and might actually help them last longer! Part two: use a dollar tree sign, hot glue some clips onto it and clip the loner socks onto it somewhere close to your dryer. When you find the missing sock, you won’t be searching for the first one you found and be caught in the never-ending cycle of missing socks!

dollar tree organization

5. Organize your hair ties.

This one is so simple but anyone who uses hair ties probably understands it. Hair ties can end up on the floor, missing, all over the car and even in your cat’s stomach. To keep that from happening, invest in a few dollar tree carabiners. Keep one in your bathroom, your car, your purse and put your hair ties on it. When you take your hair tie out, you’ll have something right there you can put it on (instead of your wrist). Also, buy your hair ties at the Dollar Tree. Many stores have a huge selection.  

dollar tree organization

6. Makeover your closet.

If your closet needs an upgrade, move away from the home improvement store. You can spend hundreds of dollars in “organization systems” and still not have what you want. Use Dollar Tree organization tools to help make your closet as organized as possible. Hooks, hangers, baskets and buckets can all give you extra space to store things in the closet.

7. Use stacking bins for cleaning supplies.

The Dollar Tree sells great stacking bins. You can stack up to three and they come in many different colors to match any type of decor. Use these bins to keep cleaning supplies in your bathroom, your kitchen and anywhere else you might need them. It’s also a great idea to buy your cleaning supplies from the Dollar Tree because they offer the same ingredients as name-brand cleaners but at a much lower price.

Bonus: splurge a little and get cleaning supplies for each bathroom and your kitchen. Having them closeby makes cleaning the space less of a chore!

dollar store organization

8. Store your nail polish with Dollar Store organization.

If you have a lot of nail polish or even just some nail polish, you can get instant decor while also organizing. Use this dollar store organization hack to help make your space look better. Get an apothecary-style container from the dollar tree. Put your nail polish in it and put it on display. Not only will you be able to find your nail polish easier, but it will look so nice!

dollar tree organization

9. Store necklaces as decor.

Even cheap costume jewelry can be a statement piece on a wall. Use dollar store hooks and stagger them on your wall. Hang your necklaces on them. This organization hack is functional and can spice up a bare wall.

dollar store organization

10. Take advantage of locker bins.

People might shy away from locker bins if they don’t have an actual locker, but it’s one of the best Dollar Tree organization ideas. Locker bins work great in closets, on dressers, in the pantry or even as just a catch-all in your kitchen or main space. If you have a couple extra dollars, spring for some metallic spray paint and give the bins a coat for an industrial look.

dollar store organization

11. Set up a diaper changing station.

This is such a game changer. If you have a child who is still in diapers, you need a diaper changing station. Get a small bin or caddy from the dollar tree. Fill it with diapers, wipes and ointment. You can also put other things in there like a pacifier or dirty diaper bags (from the Dollar Tree). Keep one in each room of your house that you might change a diaper in.

This also makes the perfect baby shower gift! For the price of the caddy, a small pack of Dollar Tree wipes (they sometimes sell the name brand in small packs), ointment and diapers, you can give a super functional gift.

dollar tree organization

12. Make a cute key holder.

If you are always losing your keys, a dedicated space for them can help. Choose a central location in your home for this Dollar Tree organization idea. Purchase a cute picture frame from the dollar store. Get rid of the back and glass. Put the frame on the wall using small nails or command strips. Use a dollar store picture hanging kit for your keys. Put the hooks out of the picture hanging kit in between the frame so you have somewhere to hang your keys!

Dollar tree organization

13. And identify your keys.

All it takes is a little Dollar Tree nail polish to easily identify your keys. Paint the tops of the keys with different colors depending on what they’re for (back door, front door, work key). You might need a couple coats, but it should last for years even with regular use.

14. Accordion racks from the Dollar Tree win.

Use accordion racks to get dollar store organization throughout your entire home. These racks can be used for scarves, purses, or shopping bags. You can also use them for less traditional things like necklace storage.

dollar store organization

15. Use boxes and plastic bins to organize desk supplies.

If you have a desk in your home that’s in desperate need of organization, you can find the supplies at the Dollar Tree. Their office section usually has a large assortment of bins and other things you can store office supplies in. Speaking of, office supplies from the dollar store are usually really cheap!

16. Or use an ice cube tray.

When you have a smaller office space, you might want to keep all your supplies in one area. The Dollar Tree ice cube trays are perfect for that! You can put paper clips, push pins and small binder clips in the individual ice cube spots.

dollar tree organization

17. Organize your cords.

Cord organizers can cost up to $10 even from discount stores! You don’t need a fancy silicone cord organizer, though. Instead, use dollar store binder clips to organize all your cords. Hook them to a desk, to your nightstand or even somewhere in your kitchen to hold your phone cord so it doesn’t slip away!

18. Use a shower caddy for your fast food.

This is a perfect Dollar Tree organization idea for the car! You can find cheap caddies with individual compartments in them at the dollar store. Use these in your car. They’re perfect for quick trips through the drive through!

19. Take your jewelry with you.

If you’re going somewhere, you can take your jewelry with you by using dollar store organization hacks. They have small containers and even small slide out drawers that are perfect for bracelets, necklaces and earrings. You can even use these to decorate your bathroom when you’re at home.

dollar tree organization

20. Car. Trash. Can.

Your life will change when you invest in a car trash can. Not really, but your car will change. You can use this dollar store organization hack to go from having an always-messy car to having a neat car. Dollar Tree cereal storage containers lined with dollar store trash bags make the perfect car trash can.

dollar tree organization

21. Organize laundry with bins.

If you keep your laundry in a linen closet or in your laundry room, fabric bins can help keep it more contained and organized. These bins from the dollar store are great because they’re meant for things like that and they can hold up to two sets of sheets!

22. Make a cool spice rack.

You don’t need to do anything fancy to make a spice rack from the Dollar Tree. If you have more than a few extra dollars, you can purchase Dollar Tree spice containers to pour your spices in and store. If you don’t want to make a $10 or more investment, you can buy plastic caddies that are made for office supplies. Put your generic spices in these caddies to keep in your cabinet for easy access.

23. Try a tiered tray for bathroom accessories.

Use two dollar tree pans, a candlestick holder and industrial glue to make a tiered tray for your bathroom. You can put things like nail polish, makeup and more on these trays. Make sure you buy the industrial glue instead of traditional super glue and sand each of the candlesticks before putting the pans on the stick.

dollar tree organization

24. Use Dollar Store organization products like baskets for TP.

You can store your toilet paper and other items in Dollar Tree organization baskets. These baskets are spacious, give you extra places to put things and can easily fit underneath a cabinet. It’s a great way to start organizing your bathroom for $1!

25. Dollar Tree suction cups can be used in many areas.

You can use Dollar Tree suction cups in your shower, on mirrors or almost anywhere else in your house! They can help you organize small items like jewelry or keys.

dollar store organization

26. Use small acrylic storage for your cotton swabs, balls and more!

Many Dollar Tree locations offer small acrylic storage options. These acrylic bins are great in the bathroom, in the kitchen and even in your office! The clear acrylic makes it easy to see things like cotton swabs and cotton balls. 

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