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13 Dollar Store Hacks for Kitchen Organization

13 Dollar Store Hacks for Kitchen Organization

If you need help with kitchen organization, you might think you have to spend a lot of money. Thanks to the dollar store, though, you can organize your kitchen without spending a fortune!

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1. Use locker bins for kitchen organization in your cabinets.

Locker bins are perfect for your entire home, but they’re especially amazing for kitchen organization. You can use locker bins to organize almost everything in your pantry. From cake mixes to canned goods, locker bins can help keep your pantry and your cabinets uncluttered.

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2. Invest in square plastic containers.

It’s really easy to organize your kitchen if you transfer things like sugar and flour to plastic containers. The one area people go wrong is buying circular containers. Square containers make it so much easier to organize and then put things away neatly with less wasted space.

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3. Make your utensils match.

Matching utensils can instantly make your kitchen more organized. The dollar store sells utensils and more tools than you might think for kitchen organization! Even if you only have three dollars, you can buy a spatula, a ladle and a whisk! Put this in a glass or plastic container on your counter and you’ll look like you have your life together.

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4. Use dollar store containers to organize your fridge.

The dollar store has so many plastic and acrylic containers in different sizes and shapes! The square and rectangular ones are perfect for fridge organization. You can use these containers for meats, cheeses, sauces and almost anything else you put in your refrigerator.

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5. Store tea with sachet containers.

Being a tea-drinker is great, but it’s so easy for tea bags to get disorganized and end up all over your kitchen. These sachet containers are the perfect width for tea bags and you can store tons of them in the length. Bonus: the containers fit great in most kitchen drawers!

6. Get magazine racks for your pans!

Dollar store magazine racks make perfect kitchen organization tools. Not only can you store cooking books, food magazines and more in them but you can also store your pans! Set up a couple of these in the bottom of your cabinets and you’ll have the perfect place to slide your pans and pot lids so they’re not stacked to the top of the cabinet.

7. Paper products out of control? Plastic magazine holders help!

You can use plastic magazine bins to keep your paper products in check. Slide paper plates, napkins and even plastic cutlery into the magazine bins to keep them in place. You might even be surprised to find out just how much they hold! The bins usually come in a lot of different colors to match your decor. You could also store them inside a cabinet.

Bonus: buy your paper plates, napkins and more from the dollar store. So cheap.

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8. Use wire bins for canned food.

Most dollar stores sell wire bins that are perfect for canned food. You can stack them or use them on their own and slide your canned goods in them. They make it much easier to slide a can out when you need it and give you a visual that’s much better than shoving all your cans to the back of your pantry.

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9. Invest in dollar store hooks for measuring cups.

You don’t have to invest in Command hooks for kitchen organization! The dollar store usually sells similar hooks (also, I found Command brand at my Dollar Tree) that come with a much better price tag. You can get a variety of these hooks and put them on the inside of your cabinet doors. They’ll help you find the measuring cup you’re looking for every time.

Bonus tip: If you have someone else who uses the kitchen like your kids or your spouse, you can write in using permanent marker where things go like a ½ cup, 1 tablespoon, etc.! This will make it easier for them to put dishes away and you to find your measuring cup later on.

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10. Use desk organizers to organize your junk drawer.

Most people have a junk drawer in their kitchen. Some people have several junk drawers in their kitchen (me). It can be really hard to focus on kitchen organization when you have things coming out of that drawer. Organizing it is easy, though. Spend a couple of dollars on dollar store desk organizers and put them in the drawers.

11. Dollar store mason jars make storage look chic.

The day the dollar store started selling mason jars was a great day. Dollar store mason jars can make your kitchen look so much chicer while also providing you practical organization space. These mason jars look adorable, but don’t have the same integrity as traditional ones so don’t try canning anything in them!

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12. Label your items with dollar store labels!

Labels are one of the best ways to make sure your kitchen is organized. The dollar store sells tons of cute labels. Many dollar stores also sell permanent markers you can use. Even if your dollar store doesn’t sell labels, you can use regular tape, yard sale labels or washi tape!

13. Dollar spice racks can organize your spices.

Not all dollar stores sell spice racks, but if yours does, invest in them. They can help you so much with kitchen organization and make your kitchen look so much better. Some stores even sell ones you can hang on a wall to free up space in your cabinets.

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