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Double Your Food Benefits in New Hampshire!

Double Your Food Benefits in New Hampshire!

You can double your food benefits in New Hampshire through an exciting partnership between Double Up Food Bucks and Granite State Market Match! These programs give low income shoppers the chance to get free healthy food when they shop at participating retailers with their EBT benefits.


If you get food benefits in New Hampshire, don’t forget to check out our list of NH EBT discounts as well!

It’s a partnership.

Although Double Up Food Bucks and Granite State Market Match used to be two separate programs, it appears that they have merged into one. This makes sense, because both programs were designed to help people get more food with their EBT money.

Combining these programs makes the system easier to use and expands the number of markets where you can use your benefits.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who receives SNAP EBT benefits is eligible to participate in these programs. You just have to shop at a participating retailer, as listed below.


You don’t even have to be a New Hampshire state resident to claim these benefits! If you travel to a participating location, you should be able to double your out-of-state EBT benefits as well.

How does the program work?

If you shop at a grocery store, you’ll get a 50% discount on fruits and vegetables. You can save up to $20 per day on your purchases through this program.

However, if you choose to shop at a farmers market, CSA, or farm stand, the process is a bit different. Instead of a 50% discount, you’ll receive tokens that you can use to purchase healthy food at the market. You’ll have to swipe your EBT card for a certain amount, and then you’ll receive twice as many tokens. If you swipe your card for $20, you’ll get an additional $20 for free, for a total of $40 you can spend at the market. It’s still essentially a 50% discount, but the process allows you to spend your tokens with different vendors around the market.

Where can you double your food benefits in New Hampshire?

There are many retailers that accept Granite State Market Match and Double Up Food Bucks in New Hampshire. We’ll sort our list by grocery stores and markets for your convenience.

Double Up Food Bucks Locations

At these stores, you can get a 50% discount on your fruit and vegetable purchases through the Double Up Food Bucks New Hampshire program. You just need to swipe your EBT card to save up to $20 per day!

  • Applecrest Farm (Hampton Falls)
  • Berlin Marketplace (Berlin)
  • Bob’s Shur-Fine Market (Ashland)
  • Concord Food Co-Op (Concord)
  • Co-Op Food Store (Hanover)
  • Co-Op Food Store (Lebanon)
  • Co-Op Food Store (White River Junction)
  • EM Health (Center Harbor)
  • Fiddlehead Farms Marketplace (Somersworth)
  • Fresh Start Market (Manchester)
  • Jake’s Market & Deli (Canaan)
  • Jake’s Market & Deli (Enfield)
  • Janeto’s Market (Dover)
  • Kearsarge Cooperative Grocery (New London)
  • La Perle’s IGA (Colebrook)
  • Littleton Food Co-Op (Littleton)
  • Lovell Lake Village Market (Wakefield)
  • Monandnock Food Coop (Keene)
  • Newberry Farms (Newmarket)
  • Root Seller (Lancaster)
  • Sully’s Superette (Suncook)
  • Vista Foods (Laconia)

Granite State Market Match Locations

These locations are listed as Granite State Market Match locations.

  • Barnstead Farmers Market (Belknap County)
  • Gilmanton’s Own Market (Belknap County)
  • Green Acres Berries (Belknap County)
  • The Local Grocery (Carroll County)
  • Tamworth Farmers Market (Carroll County)
  • MWV Farmers Market (Carroll County)
  • Wolfeboro Farmers Market (Carroll County)
  • Farmers Market of Keene (Cheshire County)
  • Hinsdale Farmers Market (Cheshire County)
  • Team Jaffrey Farmers Market (Cheshire County)
  • Pete’s Stand (Cheshire County)
  • Winchester Farmers Market on Main (Cheshire County)
  • Green Wagon Farm (Cheshire County)
  • Gorham Farmers Market (Cheshire County)
  • Lancaster Farmers Market (Cheshire County)
  • Bob’s Shur Fine Market (Grafton County)
  • Canaan Farmers Market (Grafton County)
  • Co-Op Food Store White River Junction (Grafton County)
  • Lebanon Farmers Market (Grafton County)
  • Littleton Food Co-Op (Grafton County)
  • Local Foods Plymouth (Grafton County)
  • Longview Farm (Grafton County)
  • Peterborough Farmers Market (Hillsborough County)
  • Morning Star Condos Farm Pop-Up (Hillsborough County)
  • Fresh Start Cart (Hillsborough County)
  • Concord Farmers Market (Merrimack County)
  • Contoocook Farmers Market (Merrimack County)
  • Franklin Farmers Market (Merrimack County)
  • Henniker Community Market (Merrimack County)
  • Sweet Beet Market (Merrimack County)
  • Warner Public Market (Merrimack County)
  • Wilmot Farmers Market (Merrimack County)
  • Exeter Farmers Market (Rockingham County)
  • Heron Pond Farm (Rockingham County)
  • Portsmouth Farmers Market (Rockingham County)
  • Salem Farmers Market (Rockingham County)
  • Stratham Winter Farmers Market (Rockingham County)
  • Vernon Family Farm (Rockingham County)
  • Clyde Farm (Strafford County)
  • Dover Farmers Market (Strafford County)
  • Durham Farmers Market (Strafford County)
  • Janetos Superette (Strafford County)
  • Rochester Farmers Markets (Strafford County)
  • Rollinsford Winter Farmers Market (Strafford County)
  • Waking Web Farm (Strafford County)
  • McKenzie’s Farm Stand (Strafford County)
  • Bartletts Blueberry Farm (Sullivan County)
  • Bascom Farm (Sullivan County)
  • Beaver Pond Farm (Sullivan County)
  • Newport Farmers Market (Sullivan County)

There are also an assortment of Mobile Markets that visit local apartment complexes throughout Hillsborough County as well.



Low income shoppers with SNAP benefits can get more food with their benefits when they shop with Double Up Food Bucks or Granite State Market Match! These programs help you get extra money to purchase healthy food when you shop at a participating location from this list.

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Tuesday 5th of December 2023

She is doing great work to help keep us informed while the government worker’s are busy treating clients like criminals because they are poor literally in New Hampshire they are not in the best interest of the humans they serve since the previous landlord got the Covid relief money and as soon as they were lifted restrictions we were put on the streets anyway and then take away the little resources of food once they take the shelter we have little left to fall back on and on top they wouldn’t help a disabled senior citizen with disabled family members rather have us starving and freezing so they can write us off completely from where my family is being tortured