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Double Your Food Benefits with Fresh Access Bucks

Double Your Food Benefits with Fresh Access Bucks

Florida residents can double their food benefits with the Fresh Access bucks program! This is designed to help low income Florida residents get more healthy fruit and vegetables for a lower price. It’s a great way to make your SNAP benefits go farther!

What is Fresh Access Bucks?

Fresh Access Bucks is a statewide program that encourages low income people to make healthy purchases with their food benefits. It is sponsored by Feeding Florida, a network of food banks throughout the state.

You can get up to $40 per day in free produce from participating vendors. It’s a dollar-matching program, so you’ll get a free $1 Fresh Access Buck for every $1 in SNAP or P-EBT benefits you spend. If you spend $5, you’ll get an additional $5 in Fresh Access Bucks up to the daily limit.

Who is eligible for Fresh Access Bucks?

Anyone who receives Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits from the state of Florida can participate in Fresh Access Bucks. The hardest part is knowing how and where to shop to use these benefits!

Only purchases from a participating FAB provider will be doubled. In order to participate, a seller must be located in Florida, serve low income communities, be SNAP authorized, sell Florida-grown produce and be willing to meet program guidelines.

What can you buy with Fresh Access Bucks?

Fresh Access Bucks can only be used to purchase fresh, locally-grown products including:

  • Fresh Fruits
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Seeds
  • Food-producing plants

That means that you can buy tomato plants or other seedlings so that you can grow your own fresh produce at home!

Become a mystery shopper.

The Fresh Access Bucks program has a mystery shopper program! This allows SNAP customers to provide honest feedback about the program and their experiences at participating locations.

The feedback is gathered through surveys. Your information will be kept confidential, although you will be required to provide your name and contact information when filling out the survey so that you can get the reward.

Those who participate can receive a a $35 virtual Visa or Mastercard gift card for every survey completed. There is a limit of one survey per outlet. The gift card will not be sent until after they have verified that you have met all the requirements for the program.

Participating Locations

There are many participating locations throughout Florida. Some of these are small farm stands and others are CSA programs, farmers markets, convenience stores or even grocery stores. Please note that many CSA outlets will require you to order in advance.


  • Alachua County Farmers Market
  • GNV Market at Heartwood
  • Grove Street Farmers Market
  • Nicoya Farm
  • Frog Song Organics


  • Red Hills Online Farmers Market


  • Brevard Farmers Market
  • Brevard Farmers Market North



  • Punta Gorda Downtown Farmers Market
  • Southwest Florida Produce

Southwest Florida Produce has a generous EBT offer that goes beyond the limits of the usual Fresh Access Bucks program. They offer half-off their weekly veggie boxes, organic boxes, combo boxes, Fruit boxes, fugly box and weekly box sales for EBT shoppers. They also offer half-off honey and eggs if you purchase equal amounts of produce!

There is a $40 discount limit at Southwest Florida Produce, so the maximum amount your bill will be reduced is $40 per purchase.


Orange Park Farmers Market participates in the Fresh Access Bucks program. They can redeem green Fresh Access Bucks tokens that were given to you by other vendors but they cannot redeem orange tokens from other vendors.


  • DIG Local Beaches Green Market
  • Riverside Arts Market
  • White Harvest Farm’s Farmers Market


  • The FARM of Pensacola


  • Brooksville Farmers Market
  • Little Rock Cannery
  • Hernando Local
  • Spring Hill Farmers Market
  • Market at Marker 48

Hernando Local has pop-up markets in various locations.


Groceries on the Go brings healthy discounted food to different places in the Tampa area. The dollar-matching program from Groceries on the Go is capped at $10 in free produce per day.

Indian River

Market Fresh on the Move is a mobile market truck. It visits different locations in the area.


  • Cape Coral Farmer’s Market
  • Mid-Cape Farmer’s Market
  • Mid-Cape Sunshine Market
  • Sunflower Discount Market


  • Community Coop Market
  • Frenchtown Farmers Market
  • Full Earth Farm
  • Southside Farmers Market

The Southside Farmers Market also participates in a Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Rx program. This program provides healthy classes on a variety of subjects. If you attend a class, you get a $15 voucher for free fruits and vegetables at the next market. There are six different classes available, covering topics from meal planning to diabetes management.


  • Bradenton Farmer’s Market


  • Bee Heaven Farm & CSA
  • Legion Park Farmers Market
  • Ludlam Trail Farmers Market
  • Vizcaya Village Farmers Market
  • Urban Oasis Project Mobile Market


  • Ferrell’s Market
  • Ferrell’s Market South



  • Tasty Tuesdays Community Market
  • Wright’s Natural Market

Palm Beach

The Green Market at Delray Beach has some great information on their website, including a list of vendors that are set up to accept SNAP benefits.


St. Petersburg Saturday Morning Market can ordinarily double up to $40 in benefits, so you can spend $40 and get $80 worth of food. However, the spending limit may be increased or unlimited during certain periods (such as after hurricanes).


  • Lakeland Downtown Farmers Curb Market


  • Venice Farmers Market
  • Newton Farmers Market
  • Sunflower Discount Market at Englewood
  • Sunflower Discount Market at Sarasota

St. Johns

  • St. Augustine Amphitheatre Farmers Market


  • Sumter County Farmers Market


  • Artisan Alley Farmers Market

Florida EBT Discounts

If you have EBT in Florida, you can also get free admission to some incredible places! Check our list of Florida EBT discounts now!

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