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EWEB Customers: The 4 Best Ways to Pay Your Bill!

EWEB Customers: The 4 Best Ways to Pay Your Bill!

You can get help paying your EWEB bill! We know how hard it is to make your utility payments because we’ve been there. The good news is we found resources to help you pay your bills!


Get help with your EWEB bill.

You might qualify for help through Oregon’s LIHEAP benefit to pay your EWEB bill. The benefit could pay for a portion of your bill during the year to help offset the costs of heating your home and keeping your energy on. You will need to apply for it and meet certain requirements. Some people may qualify for emergency LIHEAP benefits.

The Eugene Water and Electric Board customer care program might be able to help you pay your bill. They have a convenient chart that shows whether your income will qualify according to your family size. You’ll need to meet certain requirements and apply for the program through EWEB.

If you’re a military member, you might qualify for help through EWEB. The company provides help to military members who might be struggling. They offer different options and have different requirements you’ll need to meet to qualify for help through their military assistance program.

We found more help.

The Catholic Community Services in Eugene provides help to people who are in need of assistance for their utility bills. You’ll need to visit the office and apply for the program to get help with the payments. They may also be able to refer you to other organizations if they’re unable to help you directly. You may be required to bring proof of income, proof of family size and your bill. If you have a shut-off notice from Eugene Water and Electric Board, bring it along with you!


The Salvation Army provides help to low-income individuals who are struggling. They also help the working poor who are struggling to pay utility bills. If you need help with your bill, you can apply for help through the Salvation Army. You’ll need to bring your bill in and fill out an application to find out if you meet their requirements.

EWEB offers payment options.

The budget billing program from EWEB provides customers with a chance to make sure their bills are the same or close to the same throughout the year. Spikes in the temperature or drops in the temperature won’t affect your bill because it’s calculated using an average of the past year’s bills. You may go over the average amount with energy usage and you’ll be required to pay that at the end of the 12-month period. Your bill will be recalculated each year.

Upgrade your home for free.

You could get help with totally free home upgrades through Oregon! The weatherization assistance program could help you save money on heating and cooling costs throughout the year. The weatherization program could help you lower your bills by adding insulation and other options to your home to make it more energy efficient.

If you have a water leak or you’re struggling with water conservation, you might be able to get help repairing it with EWEB. The program works to provide free water leak repair to help with conservation efforts. You will need to apply for help through the electric company.

Customers of Eugene Water and Electric Board could also qualify for a variety of rebates and loans. These include rebates for lighting and other things. They also offer loans that could help you pay for upgrades to your home with very low interest rates.

Save even more money on your bill.

We’ve come across a lot of great tips to help you save money on your bills. These tips are our favorites. Bonus: most of them are also totally free or very low cost to make saving money even easier!

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