Florida State Parks: Save Money on Your Visit

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2019)

Visiting Florida state parks can add up if you go often to spend time with your family. You can cut the cost of visiting the parks and have a great time enjoying discounted rates and free things in the parks!

Florida State Parks offer an EBT discount!

If you’re a Florida resident and you participate in the food stamps program, you’re eligible for the Economically Disadvantaged Admission rate. You’ll pay just one-half of the base admission fee according to the “Official Fee Schedule” PDF on the Florida State Parks website.

Save money getting into Florida state parks.

The fee varies for each of the Florida state parks, but most of the parks cost around $15 to get into. Check with the state park you plan on visiting to find out what the exact fee is for the state parks.

You can get a Florida state parks passport book for $18. The passport book doesn’t save you money right away with your visits to Florida state parks, but it can save you in the long wrong. If you get stamps on each of the pages, you can get a free passport book and an annual pass for the next year.

You can save money visiting Florida state parks by purchasing an annual pass. The annual passes cost $60 for individuals and $120 for families up to six people. You can use your annual pass at any of the Florida state parks regardless of the daily entrance fee price.

How to get a free annual pass.

If you are a foster parent or you’ve adopted a special needs child, you can get a free state parks pass. You can use the pass for the whole family at any of the state parks in Florida. You’ll need to apply through the state parks program.

Parents and spouses of deceased law enforcement officers and veterans who died in the line of duty can get free state park passes. The passes are good at all Florida state parks. These special passes do not require you to renew them each year.

Veterans who have a service-related disability and are 100% disabled can get a free annual pass. This pass allows them to visit any of the Florida state parks for free. You may have to renew your pass each year.

Volunteers can get free state park passes. Florida state parks offer free passes and other benefits to everyone who volunteers at the parks regardless of the volunteer position they’re in. If you volunteer 100 hours of time, you’ll get a free pass to the state park you volunteer at. If you volunteer 500 hours of time, you can get a free pass to any of the state parks in Florida.

Get discounts on annual passes.

Are you 62 or older? You can save 25% on your annual Florida state parks pass. You must be a Florida resident and you must show proof of age to get the pass. You’ll have to apply for the pass every year and you’ll get the discount every year. The pass is for individuals only. The discount does not apply to any family passes for Florida state parks.

Active duty military members and honorably discharged veterans can save 25% on Florida state parks passes. Spouses and military dependents may also apply for the free annual pass. You can save 25% on an individual pass or on a family pass.

Want to save on camping? We know how!

Florida state parks offer discounts on camping for seniors, veterans and those with disabilities. The discounts are generally 25% and apply to any type of campsite at the Florida state parks. Discounts may be limited during certain times of the year and during special events at the campgrounds. You must provide proof of age, disability or military service to get the discount.

If you want to camp for free, you can do it by being a volunteer! Florida state parks have volunteer opportunities for campground hosts. You’ll have to pass a background check and register with their volunteer registry for $15, but you can save a lot of money on camping. Hosts must have some knowledge of the state park, must be a Florida resident and must be willing to dedicate at least 20 hours per week to work as a host. They will also have to have their own camper or tent, but the spot will be provided. In addition to free camping, you can get a free annual pass.

Families can enjoy activities at Florida state parks.

All of the state parks in Florida offer educational opportunities for visitors to the parks. Most of the classes and courses are free for people to take. Many of them are held at the interpretive centers and some are even held outdoors. You can learn more about wildlife, boating and conservation. Educational opportunities are usually relevant to the current season.

Florida state parks offer different events throughout the year. Most events are included with your admission to the state parks.

Kids can get free things.

The junior ranger program allows kids to learn more about the state parks and everything they can do to help with conservation efforts. By participating in the program, kids can earn patches and badges. In some of the state parks, they can also get free swag for participating!

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