How to Visit Georgia State Parks Without Spending Much Money

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2019)

Do you love visiting Georgia state parks but just don’t want to spend a lot of money? Don’t worry, we found some really great ways to help you save money at Georgia state parks!

Save on admission to Georgia state parks!

Want to save a lot of money on your visit? You can get into the state parks for free! Some libraries in Georgia have a loaner pass program for families who want to visit the parks for free. This is a great option for low-income families who want to visit Georgia state parks but just don’t have the money to pay the entrance fees. You will need to have a library card at one of these participating libraries to get the loaner pass.

Getting into the parks is free, but you’ll have to pay $5 to park at any of the Georgia state parks. Some of the state parks might charge additional fees for larger vehicles, more popular locations and areas like beaches. The vehicle charge is good for one vehicle up to eight passengers. If you leave the park and come back, you’ll have to pay the parking fee again. The cost is for both residents and non-residents.

If you’re visiting the parks more than 10 times per year, you could save money by purchasing a state park pass. The pass is $50 and good for one car only. The passes are offered on a rolling basis so it’ll be good until exactly one year from the date of purchase. The passes are good for parking only and will not cover any extra fees.

To help you save money on things like camping reservations at the state parks, you can get a discount card. The discount cards are free and each member of your family can have one. Each time you visit the parks and show your pass or pay the $5 fee, you can get points that add up to help you get into the parks. You can also save money on other things in the parks like additional activities.

Seniors and military members save money on Georgia state parks.

Great news! Seniors who are 62 or older get 50% off their state park passes each year. If you’re 62 or older, you’ll need to show your ID for proof of age. This discount is good for Georgia residents only so you’ll also have to provide proof of your address. The state parks pass is good for one year and you’ll have to renew each year by showing your ID again.

Military members and veterans can save 25% off their Georgia state parks pass. The state parks require you to show your military ID to prove you are a military member or a veteran. The pass will be good for one car just like any other pass that you could get from Georgia state parks. You can use it for your whole family. It is non-transferrable. Active duty military spouses and dependents may apply for the pass and qualify for the 25% discount on their own.

Camping in the parks.

The discount for senior camping in the state parks is the same as annual passes. Seniors save 50% off on their camping fees. They will have to either show their state park annual senior pass or show their ID as proof of age to receive the discount on the state parks. Seniors can get the discount on camping for any site from the primitive sites to the full hook up sites.

Similar to the senior discount, veterans and military members will receive 25% off camping at Georgia state parks. You can show your military ID or your military state park annual pass to receive the discount.

Want to go camping for free? Do you have a month to commit to volunteering? You can get free camping at Georgia state parks by becoming a state park campground host. The responsibilities include greeting guests, making sure the campsites are clean and helping guests navigate different areas of the parks. Campground hosts can host anywhere from one month to the entire camping season. Georgia state parks provide a full-hookup campsite for hosts, but you’ll have to provide your own tent or camper for the site. You’ll also receive free education and other benefits for being a volunteer.

Get free things in the state parks.

During the year, there are different specials at each of the state parks. These range from getting 50% discounts on admission to getting free admission. On average, each of the Georgia state parks offers this once per season. You can get free admission on first-hike days and holiday celebrations. There may also be free admission opportunities on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Watsons mill bridge Georgia state parks

The events that go on in the parks are usually included with your entrance to the park. Events range from park to park and could be great learning opportunities as well as bonding opportunities for families.

There are always educational opportunities at the parks. Whether you’re visiting one of the interpretive centers or listening to information from a state park ranger, you can learn more about wildlife, conservation and Georgia in general.

Activities for kids in Georgia state parks.

Georgia state parks offer fishing events for kids. These events are free and do not require fishing licenses for kids or the adults helping them. The parks may even have loaner equipment during these special events. Each park offers their events at different times so check the Kids Fishing Events page.

The Junior Ranger Badges are a great cheap way to get your kids involved in the state parks. You can join the program for free and do free activities with your park admission. Kids can qualify for prizes based on the badges they receive for doing different things in the parks.

Save money on other things in Georgia!

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