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We Found More Than 5 Free Things to Do in Fresno!

We Found More Than 5 Free Things to Do in Fresno!

You can find things to do in Fresno that don’t cost a lot of money or any money, at all! We found free things you can do while exploring Fresno!


These things to do in Fresno are always free.

The Legion of Valor Museum is a military museum and one of the top things to do in Fresno. You can visit the museum with free admission throughout the year. While donations are always accepted, they’re never expected!

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Simonian Farms is a shop that’s so much more than a shop! While you’re there, you can look for cheap finds and enjoy different quirky gifts. You can learn more about the history of Fresno and how Simonian Farms played a role in it. Visitors can window shop all they want!


St. Johns Cathedral of Fresno is a unique experience if you’re interested in religious cultural activities. While you’re at the cathedral, you can enjoy the wide variety of religious artwork and learn more about the influence it has had on the city.

Fashion Fair Mall is a free mall you can spend hours in and use to get out of the heat! The mall has small boutique shops, large retailers and a big food court with many delicious options!


If you’re into hiking, Blossom Trail is a great place to start when looking for things to do in Fresno! You don’t even have to be an expert hiker to enjoy all the different sights on Blossom Trail!

River Park provides a great place to take the kids, relax and enjoy the beauty of Fresno. In addition to the shopping mall and outdoor shopping experience, you can also try different outdoor activities. Situated right by the river, the park gives you a glimpse of the city’s magnificent outdoor beauty. The park has playground equipment, picnic areas and special events throughout the year.

Old Town Clovis is a great way to take a step back in time. You can visit the wild west side of California while at Old Town Clovis. Learn more about the history, pick up a free map and take a tour of Old Town.

Need something to do on First Fridays? Try this!

The Discovery Center offers deeply discounted admission on the first Friday of each month. You can get in for $1 per person during the first Friday events!

Try these free museum days!

Fresno offers city-wide free museum days throughout the year including the African American museum, the Fresno Discovery Center and the Fossil Discovery Center. If you need things to do in Fresno, these might be an option if you’re there at the right time!

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