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Free and cheap veterinary care near Crowley, LA

Free and cheap veterinary care near Crowley, LA

If you are in the Crowley, Louisiana, and need free and cheap veterinary care for your pet you are well-catered for. There is only one free or cheap vet in Crowley, as it is quite a small town. However, there are several more affordable vets in the nearby cities of Lake Charles and Lafayette. To learn more about these vets and the services they offer, read on.


Pet Help near Crowley LA

Acadia Animal Clinic in Crowley offers a free Pet ID card with an annual checkup including vaccinations. This Pet ID card can be attached to your dog or cat’s collar for identification purposes. This service is only offered for dogs and cats, as Acadia Animal Clinic only serves these animals. The clinic recommends that dogs and cats be brought in for an exam at least once a year, even if they seem healthy.

Lake Area Animal Hospital in Lake Charles (roughly 50 miles west of Crowley) offers a no-interest payment plan. If you have a low income and your pet incurs some unexpected medical expenses, there is a good chance that this will place you in great financial difficulty. Lake Area Animal Hospital’s payment plan does not have interest charges (unlike most veterinary payment plans) so it will be more affordable for people who don’t have extra money.

Companion Care Veterinary Clinic, also in Lake Charles, offers a free first office visit for puppies and kittens. These visits include a full-service examination at no charge and vaccinations for a reasonable fee. It is very important to get in the habit of taking your pet to the vet when they are young, so you will continue to take them to the vet on a regular basis through the rest of their lives. Companion Care Veterinary Clinic understands this, which is why they want you to start taking in your pet at a young age. It is also important to begin a health care relationship with a vet, so they will know your pet and their medical history.

University Animal Clinic, also in Lake Charles, offers a credit for 50% for new patients that have referred a friend. If you have a friend in the Crowley or Lake Charles areas, you can tell them about University Animal Clinic and get a big discount on your first visit. University Animal Clinic is located in the neighborhood of Lake Charles near McNeese State University, so it may be a convenient option if you are a student there. University Animal Clinic specializes in dogs and cats, but they do treat other animals on a case by case basis. The clinic is quite large, with several different veterinarians available to treat your animal. The clinic offers weekend hours as well as normal weekday hours.


Lafayette Veterinary Care Center in Lafayette (about 30 miles east of Crowley) offers several discounts and deals. They offer specials on first visits for puppies and cats. Several clinics and veterinary hospitals offer similar discounts on first visits for young pets. Not only do clinics want to establish a relationship so they can get your business in the future, they want to encourage you to provide proper health care for your pets. They also have a customer loyalty program. Anytime you take your pet in, you get points towards getting a discount. Not only does regular health care count towards the loyalty program, boarding your pet will give you loyalty points, as well. Finally, they offer package discounts for pet boarding. A pet boarding package includes extra services such as walking, bathing, special food, and other options.

Picking the Right Vet for Your Animal

Picking the right vet for your animal is an important process similar to finding the right doctor for yourself. You may have to try several different vets before you find the right one. There are several different factors that go into the decision process for finding the right vet. First, you should try to find a place that is convenient for you to get to. There is one vet offering cheap care in Crowley, but you do not necessarily need to go here. You should also look into the experience that each vet has. If you have a very large dog like a Saint Bernard, you want to go to a vet that has relevant experience.

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