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Free and cheap veterinary care near Inwood, WV

Free and cheap veterinary care near Inwood, WV

If you live in or near the Inwood, West Virginia area and you’re looking for free and cheap veterinary care, you have several options. Inwood is a very small town, and it does not have any free and cheap veterinary care options actually in the town. However, there are several medium-sized cities within easy driving distance of Inwood that have good options for you and your pet.


The veterinary care services listed below are located in Winchester, Virginia, Hagerstown, Maryland, and Frederick, Maryland. All of these vets are within 40 miles. To learn more about free and cheap veterinary care near Inwood, read on.

Pet Help Near Winchester Virginia

Colony Animal Hospital in Winchester, Virgina, (about 30 miles south of Inwood) offers a couple of different discounts for their patients. If you have multiple pets, this may be the right option for you. They offer a discount if you bring three or more pets in at one time for an office visit. Colony Animal Hospital also offers a discount on spay and neuter surgeries if your animal was adopted from the SPCA or any county shelter. Many animals adopted from the SPCA or a county shelter will already have been spayed or neutered, but this is not always the case.

Apple Valley Animal Hospital, also in Winchester, offers a discount for your pet’s first visit. The discount is only $5, but the office fees for their visits are very reasonable so $5 is a significant discount. Apple Valley Animal Hospital serves dogs and cats. They request that you make an appointment for a routine visit, but they will accept walk-ins if it is an emergency.

Buckeystown Veterinary Hospital, located in Frederick, Maryland (about 40 miles northwest of Inwood) offers payment plans for those in need who have been pre-approved by a vet and the office manager. These payment plans are not extended to everybody and are judged on a person by person basis. Buckeystown Veterinary Hospital primarily serves dogs and cats, but they will serve other animals such as horses. For horses, they will make house calls. However, an additional fee will be applied.


Kingsbrook Animal Hospital, also in Frederick, is known for its community involvement. The vets and veterinary technicians at Kingsbrook often assist local animal shelters and rescue organizations by donating their services and volunteering their time. Every year, Kingsbrook donates more than $35,000 in free or discounted services and items. Organizations they often volunteer for include the Frederick County Animal Control, the Frederick County Humane Society, the Capital Area Bichon Rescue, and the Montgomery County Animal Welfare League.

Choosing the Right Vet For Your Pet

Just as it is very important for you to choose the right doctor, it is absolutely vital that you choose the right vet for your pet. There are many factors that go into making this decision. First of all, you need to figure out whether your pet simply needs a routine visit or whether it is an emergency. If it is an emergency, you should go to the nearest veterinary facility that accepts emergencies. Most vets will treat emergency cases without an appointment.

If it’s a routine health care need, you should look at several different factors. Of course, you want to find the closest vet that meets your needs. If you are living in Inwood, this may be a big part of your decision because Inwood is a small town that does not have much in the way of veterinary services. You also want to find a vet that has a lot of experience treating animals like your pet. For example, some vets specialize in canine medicine, and others specialize in feline medicine.

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