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Free and Cheap Veterinary Care Near San Gabriel, CA

Free and Cheap Veterinary Care Near San Gabriel, CA

Are you a pet owner who has found themselves unable to provide medical care for your beloved companion due to financial hardship?


If so, take a few minutes to look through a few veterinary care places listed below, which are near the San Gabriel, CA area.

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Pet Help near San Gabriel, CA

Actors and Others for Animals is a community-based organization that is located in Southern California and is currently serving the Los Angeles area. Along with other services, the team of professionals offers financial assistance for emergency medical procedures for those pet owners who have a limited source of income. To make life easier for those who seek their services, they offer veterinary referrals to aid in the care of animals.

Mercy Crusade is a non-profit organization that dedicates their services to spay and neuter pets as well as other veterinary services. They firmly believe in keeping the animal population under control and strive to make a difference in an animal’s life. In fact, the donations that are received by this organization go straight towards the sizeable medical cost of care for pet owners that are on a limited low-income.


Four Legged Friends Foundation raises funds for pet owners who are unable to care for their pet’s medical needs due to low-income or loss of income. Their primary goal is to be of assistance to as many animals as possible and to increase their services. In time, they would like to provide customized veterinarian payment plans for those who may have found themselves in financial hardship. To support their community, even more, they prepared a “Give Me a Paw Veterinary Guide” with local veterinarians who have helped pets with the Sunny Day Fund.

Sam Simon Foundation provides pet owners with low-cost or free non-orthopedic surgeries for low-income residents. They do this for the greater good of the community. Therefore, they offer these services without any donations from the public and plan to keep it that way. The Sam Simon Mobile Veterinary Clinic travels throughout the community delivering medical animal care to families who meet the income criteria.

Pet Orphans is a non-profit organization that is currently serving Southern California. They provide a program for individual rescuers who assist with vaccinations, neuter, spay, and run adoption events. It’s a charitable organization dedicated to companion animal welfare. In fact, this organization also helps with pet medical emergencies through their Good Samaritan Fund, as funds are obtainable.

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Teri Barnett

Thursday 18th of February 2021

Hi my name is Teri Barnett, and I have a few questions about nonprofit organizations who help people with disabilities fund a dog.

In October I had make the worse decision of my life that I’ll never forget. My shih-tzu was 13yrs old who suffered with severe Arthritis. I keep thinking about that day wondering if he knew what was about to happen. In the waiting room he was scratching at my leg because he wanted me to pick him up. I broke down so bad that one of the receptionist came over to me, and said, “you can change your mind.” As much as I wanted to I just couldn’t. I tried everything possible to relieve his pain, but nothing was helping. Scooby was my emotional companion, and for my grandson.

I have a rare form of Cancer called Marginal Zone B-Cell Lymphoma. I’m no longer in remission, and at this point I’m going through non invasive Chemo. I also have Lupus, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Pulmonory Embolism, Fibromyalgia, Chronic HTN, PTSD, Anxiety & Panic Disorder and depression.

Back in 1993 my husband and 2 children lived in Seattle, and we were on vacation to attend his sister’s wedding. We drove through the 16hr drive, and we were so tired. We took a couple of hours of sleep because that night was my brother’s birthday party. We were the only ones sober because we still were very tired. We decided to wait for my husband’s brother & his sister because they were so intoxicated. There was no way they could drive to my mother-in-law’s, so I was going to drive our car, and my husband was going to drive their car. We were watching T.V, and I looked out the window, and I saw my brother-in-law in an argument with someone. My husband and I went outside, and by that time they were literally fighting, and my husband was trying to break the fight up. Within seconds my husband became the victim. He was stabbed several times, and he died in my arms at 1:30am. His other sister‘s wedding was at 11am that morning. Our children were 6 & 7yrs old who were in the wedding. My husband was suppose to give her away, but that never happened. To this very day I’m still a widow. I never tried dating anyone, and not a day goes by without thinking of the tragic death of my husband. I had tried committing suicide twice.

In 2004 my daughter had a baby at the age of 17yrs old. At the time I was an RN working in L&D, and that day changed my life forever. I happened to be working when my daughter came in, and it was so beautiful and so amazing because to be able to deliver my first grandson. I worked 12hr shifts, and when I got home my grandson had a dried onesie on which was pee. She did everything wrong with him, so I started caring for him when I would get off work. My best friend watched him while I was working. I’ve had him since 2004 to present, and he’s now 16yrs old. My grandson has Asperger’s which is on the high spectrum of Autism. He also has Tourett’s, Cranium Pectus, seizures, Anxiety and Panic disorder and depression. He doesn’t know how to make friends, and he never goes outside. If I take him to the store he’ll start having anxiety and sometimes he’ll go into a full blown panic attack. My grandson sees a therapist every other week and a psychiatrist every month. When his therapist asks him why he’s so depressed he would tell her how much he misses Scooby. I remember a couple of days later after putting Scooby to sleep I started throwing his beds and toys away. Scooby had a bed in every room. My grandson took the bed out of the bag, and a couple of days later I found it on the other side of the bed. I asked him why, and he said, he didn’t want to get rid of it yet. Scooby had a gift, and I always wondered how Scooby knew it was 10pm. Every single night he would leave my room, and would go to my grandson Isaiah’s rm to sleep. At any time when Isaiah would have seizures Scooby would run into my room, jump on my bed barking and turning in circles until I would wake up. Scooby also knew when we would have panic attacks. He was amazing. I kept thanking Scooby for giving and showing us so much love. I kept crying telling him how sorry I was. It’s been 5mos, and I’m looking for another Shih-Tzu, but due to my disability we are on a fixed income. A friend of mine told me her mother had found a nonprofit organization that bought her a dog. I belong to every Shih-Tzu group on Facebook. Scooby was blk and white, and Isaiah wants brown and white. I was looking into a teacup or imperial Shih-Tzu, but they are outrageous!! We’ll stick with regular shih-tzu. My question is do you know of any nonprofit organizations that will help us. I have medical records of proof of our illnesses. I’m not worried about about me, but I Isaiah needs more support.

Sincerely, Teri Barnett

Hannah Benge

Friday 26th of February 2021

We are so sorry to hear of your struggles! Here is all the resources we have for this sort of thing! I truly hope this helps! -Hannah


Tuesday 19th of January 2021

I have a small chi mix shes my companion my husband past away a little over a year ago i wouldn't of made it through the heart ache with out her. Shes gotten something. Stuck in her noise and tries to sneeze it out. And tries to get it out with her paw. Shes spoiled and wont let strangers touch her shes scared i need help she will probably need to be sedated because she will not let you look in her nose shes now lightly moaning. Im. As scared as her. He needs help

Hannah Benge

Thursday 21st of January 2021

We are so so sorry to hear this! Did any of the resources on here help you? -Hannah