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11 Denver Public Library Secrets

11 Denver Public Library Secrets

The Denver Public Library offers many additional benefits to their cardholders besides simply checking out books and movies. These benefits include:

  • Library of Things
  • ideaLAB makerspace
  • Museum passes
  • Legal advice
  • And much more!

To learn more about the benefits that the Denver Public Library offers, read on.

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Check out GoPro cameras and more from the Library of Things!

Many libraries across the country, especially library systems located in major cities, have started a service called Library of Things. The service involves objects such as computers and museum passes available for checkout just like library books. The Denver Public Library offers:

  • Chromebooks
  • GoPro cameras
  • WiFi hotspots
  • Video projectors
  • Power check meters
  • Draft check meters

Go on an adventure with FREE museum passes!

As previously mentioned, several museum passes are available in to be checked out by Denver Public Library cardholders. These passes can be booked online up to one month in advance. The museums and cultural centers included in the program include:

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts, or the DPCA, as it’s commonly known, offers regular performances of theater, ballet, and classical music. Many world-renowned performers in various disciplines play here.

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science offers classes in nature and science, archeological and natural artifacts, and a planetarium.

The History of Colorado Center chronicles the history of the state from the time before it was settled to the present day. It features historical classes and artifacts on display.

The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver is the premier museum of modern art in the area. It features a work from world-renowned artists in a variety of mediums.

All these museums and cultural centers are good for families. The passes include free admission for the whole group of people that you’re with.

Create something new in the ideaLAB Makerspace!

The ideaLAB is a makerspace, which is a free space open to the community that provides devices and software for creating art and digital media. There are ideaLABs at the Central and Montbello locations, with more locations slated to get ideaLABs in the future. The software available includes:

  • The Adobe Creative Suite
  • Various music editing software
  • Software for creating digital comics
  • Various video editing software

The devices available include:

  • Computers
  • 3D Printers
  • Audio recording equipment
  • Video recording equipment
  • Metal and plastic fabricating equipment
  • Parts to create custom electronics
  • Paint, canvases, brushes

Get access to exclusive digital resources from Denver Public Library!

The Denver Public Library also offers digital services such as

DPL cardholders have access to the Overdrive database, which includes a wide selection of e-books, audiobooks, and movies that can be digitally borrowed for free.

Geneology, Denver History and African-American History
This website administered by the library offers the opportunity to research your geneology, Denver history, and area African-American history all in one.

The DPL offers a free collection of local music for all cardholders.

Digital Collections
Historical and contemporary photographs are collected on this website run by the DPL.


Get Help From On-Site Library Services!

One unique benefit that the Denver Public Library offers is small business help. Of course, there are many books and DVDs regarding the operations of a small business that can be checked out from the library. However, this additional benefit features a small business expert or group of experts that cardholders can speak to. These experts have all run small businesses of their own successfully, and they can give you advice to help your business be a success.

This advice can range from help following laws and regulations, to management help, to help filing the appropriate paperwork. Hundreds of individuals in the Denver area that are trying to run their own businesses have been helped by the small business experts at Denver Public Library.

Just as the library offers small business help, they also offer patent and trademark help. Similar to the small business health, experts that have patented or trademarked multiple things are available to meet with library patrons to give them advice.

They cannot actually do any of the paperwork or pay any fees for you, but they can help you do the paperwork on your own and they can give you tips to streamline the process. They should not be used as an alternative to a patent or trademark lawyer, but they can help you get started.

The Denver Public Library also offers help with difficult immigration situations. This service is run very discreetly, and library patrons do not have to worry about the details of their situations getting out. Many people who have a great deal of expertise with immigration law and the current immigration political climate can help you or your family members figure out how to get a green card, get a visa, and more.

As with the patent and trademark help, these services are not an alternative to an immigration lawyer. However, the immigration experts at the Denver Public Library can help you know when you do have to go to a lawyer to get your situation taken care of.

You’ll get free Access To Historical and Cultural Exhibits

The Denver Public Library offers free access to historical and cultural exhibits. The various libraries of the Denver system, especially the Denver Central Library, have galleries and convention spaces that often host historical lectures and exhibits of artifacts. The same spaces also sometimes show exhibitions of art like sculptures and photographs.

Entrance to all of these events is free for all cardholders. The Denver Library holds roughly one event like this every week, although the schedule does vary quite widely.

Call in for a free bedtime story!

One very unique service the Denver Public Library offers is called a Phone-a-Story. Parents can phone in to a number provided by the Denver Public Library and play a lullaby or story for their child. This content is available in either English or Spanish.

These stories and lullabies change every week, so you don’t have to worry about your kid becoming tired of the recording. Many parents who have trouble getting their kids to go to sleep find that this service helps significantly.

How to get a Denver Library card

If you live in the Denver area, you may be interested in getting a Denver Public Library card after reading about these fantastic services offered by the library. Thankfully, doing so is easy.

All you have to do is go to your nearest library branch and present the person at the front desk with your driver’s license. Tell them you want to get a library card and they should be able to give you one right there. There is no fee, and any Colorado resident or student of a Colorado college can get a card.

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