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8 Sacramento Public Library Secrets

8 Sacramento Public Library Secrets

Sure, you know you can check out books at the Sacramento Public Library… but did you know you can publish one there, too? We’ve dug through all the information we can find on the SPL and we’ve found all sorts of services you probably didn’t know you could get!

I know I’ve said this a lot throughout our nationwide series on library systems but I really mean it this time: the Sacramento Public Library is my absolute favorite. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Library of Things
  • Design Spot
  • I-Street Press
  • Museum Passes
  • Online Downloads
  • and so much more!

Check out items from the Library of Things.

Sure, you’ve heard of the Internet of Things… but Sacramento has the Library of Things. Stop by and check out some of their amazing offerings. No, literally – check it out and take it home!

Among other things, you can check out:

You can also use a serger, 3D scanner and Dero Fixit bike repair station on-site. 

Create in the Design Spot!

I love libraries that offer 3D printing labs. I think it’s a great idea to make this awesome new tech available to everyone in public community centers like libraries. Unfortunately, the Sacramento Public Library’s 3D Printing Lab is temporarily closed while the Arcade Library is being refreshed. It will reopen in Spring 2017. 

Once it reopens, you’ll be able to enjoy the Tom Sanderson Design Spot. In addition to three 3D printers, this spot features computers outfitted with AutoCAD and Photoshop. There is no fee to print!

Classes are available at least once a month to help you learn how to use this technology. 

Print your own book at the I-Street Press!

Got a book you want to publish? Sacramento Public Library has an Espresso Book Machine (EBM) robot that prints, binds and trims paperbacks in minutes! You can produce your own print-on-demand, self-published book!

Please note that this is not a free service. You can find current pricing on the Sacramento Public Library website. 

Get FREE museum passes from the Sacramento Public Library!

The Sacramento Public Library offers museum and culture passes through the Discover and Go program! This program spans several California library systems and can save you hundreds of dollars on admission to nearly 100 different museums. Click here to find out more!

Download free movies, audio books, e-books and more!

The Sacramento Public Library offers access to many different types of software. Some can be checked out for home use; others can be used directly from the Internet!

Learn new skills with online and offline library resources!

Learn new computer skills with Atomic Training’s on-demand tutorials for Microsoft, Adobe and Apple programs. You can also learn about web programming and more!

Learn a new language with Rosetta Stone’s interactive language software. You can learn more than 30 languages for free! 

Improve your literacy with free one-on-one tutoring at the library. English and ESL learners can be taught at any library branch. Materials are provided free of charge!

Discover your genealogy with exclusive online tools from your library!

Need to continue your education or get a job?

Get a scholarship and earn an accredited high school diploma through the Sacramento Public Library’s Career Online High School. You must be a Sacramento resident and you will be required to complete an online self-assessment, in-person interview and a prerequisite course. 

Prepare for your GED with a GED preparation class from the library. View requirements and more here. 

Get help with your job search. The library provides a Brainfuse subscription that connects you with one-on-one advisors who will assist with resume writing, interview skills, computer skills, job skills development and more. You can also get in-person assistance at the library during certain hours. 

Prepare for the ACT, SAT, ASVAB and more with the courses, eBooks and practice tests available from this subscription service. 

Get help with your small business or financial investments as well. 

Kids & Teens love the Sacramento Library!

Listen to a story any time by calling (866) 241-7490! Stories are read in Spanish and English… and there’s a new story every week! Call anytime – it’s FREE!

Join a Teen Advisory Board (TAB) for community service requirements, school credit, leadership experience and a great boost on your college application. The local libraries have TAB groups and there is also a statewide STAB group.

Get live online homework help from one-on-one tutors. This Brainfuse subscription service is available FREE when you log in with your Sacramento Public Library log in credentials. You can also get homework help in person at the library during certain hours.

Are you a public school teacher, homeschooler or other educator? Don’t forget to bring proof with you to the library. You’ll be able to borrow more books for a longer period of time and place holds on more items. You can also access special “Subject in a Box” kits that provide books, DVDs and CDs on specific subjects. You can also get “Check Out Science” kits, “Crocker Art Packs” and “Book Club in a Box” kits.

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Wednesday 26th of June 2019

The I street library is polluted with drug addicts, sick people, & countless bums. I experienced an unpleasant librarian and security guard while I was printing a ticket to a Golden 1 show that I bought at $100. + USD. (Disney on ice) only to discover that the electronic ticket was sufficient at the gate. Nobody with any standard could stomach the smell or appearance of that library. A poor reflection on their part.

Riley Thomson

Wednesday 26th of June 2019

Queen, That's terrible, I'm so sorry! -Riley