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19+ Ways to Score a Free Gym Pass

19+ Ways to Score a Free Gym Pass

Getting a free gym pass can be a lifesaver for a low income household. After all, it’s hard enough to eat healthy on a small budget. Paying to exercise can be a real budget-buster for many of our readers.


Fortunately, we’ve found more than a dozen ways to get a free gym pass or even a free gym membership!

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Some gyms have low income programs.

Some gyms, especially YMCA locations and community recreation centers, have special programs to help low income families afford to participate.


Community Recreation Centers often have low income programs.

Your local community recreation center may offer free or reduced-rate memberships for low income families. You simply need to call and ask!

Since there are so many individual centers, we haven’t been able to research them all. However, we do know that Tucson, Arizona, offers a number of recreation and other discounts to their low income residents.


YMCA offers financial assistance.

Most (probably all) YMCA locations offer financial assistance for low income families. This program is sometimes known as Affordable for All Memberships or Sliding-Scale Rates. Depending on your income, you may qualify for a free or reduced-rate membership to the YMCA.

You can sometimes apply for financial assistance online. You can always do it on-site as well.

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Anyone can claim a free gym pass to try a new gym.

Many gyms lure new users by offering free gym passes. Some even offer free days or free classes, so be sure to keep an eye out for those special offers!

24 Hour Fitness offers a 3-Day Free Pass.

Every six months, you can get a three day trial pass to 24 Hour Fitness! The pass is valid for three consecutive days, starting on your first day of usage. It can even be used at multiple locations!for

Anytime Fitness offers a free 7-day pass.

You can visit Anytime Fitness for an entire week without paying a penny. The pass is completely free to new customers but is only valid at participating locations. It does not appear that you can claim this free gym pass more than once, ever.

Click here to claim your free 7-Day pass to Anytime Fitness!

Crunch Fitness offers a free 7-day pass.

With an emphasis on cardio and strength equipment, you’ll get a great workout at Crunch Fitness. They have an inclusive, friendly No Judgments Philosophy that encourages people of all body types to use their services.


They have over 145 locations. Try one today!

Genesis Health Clubs offer a free 7 -day pass.

If you live near a Genesis Health Club, you can score a one-time 7-Day free pass! This pass gives you unlimited access for that one week. They do not offer this benefit to out-of-town visitors.

Genesis Health Clubs can be found in Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma. Sign up here!

XSport Fitness offers free 7-day guest passes.

If you’re looking for a free gym pass, this is a great one! At  XSport Fitness, you’ll have access to 7 days of gym workouts, fitness classes, free tanning, hydromassage, and even a personal training session.

The seven day pass begins when you meet with an XSport Fitness Consultant. You have to do this within 7 days of requesting the pass. Request it here!

LA Fitness offers free 5-day passes.

Every six months, you can claim a free 5-day pass to an LA Fitness location! The pass is exclusive to the location you select, so amenities may vary.


Although anyone over the age of 16 can redeem the pass, minors must have a parent or guardian sign the liability waiver.

Get started here!

Blink Fitness offers a free 1-day pass.

Enjoy a one day free pass at Blink Fitness! You can sign up by clicking the “free trial” link in their website menu.

Gold’s Gym offers a free 1-day pass.

Once every six months, you can claim a free one-day pass to Gold’s Gym. This pass empowers you to take classes, use cardio equipment and get a tour of the facilities. Claim yours here!

Life Time offers free 1 day passes every 60 days.

You can claim a free gym pass to Life Time Athletic every 60 days! You must be at least 18 years old and live in the area where the Club is located in order to use the pass.

There are some exclusions to this program. A few locations don’t participate in the program. Clubs that do participate may restrict your access from the basketball courts or pool. If you have specific questions, call your nearest location for details.

Planet Fitness offers 1 day passes.

Using this form, you can claim a free day in the Judgment Free Zone of Planet Fitness! You must choose a location when you request your free pass. You can request one every 90 days!

YouFit Health Club offers a 1-day pass.

Get access to all Club amenities, equipment, classes and even personal trainers for a day! This free gym pass is limited to one per person per year. Claim yours on the YouFit website!

woman doing yoga with free gym pass

These specialty fitness providers have free passes, too!

Although it’s not a full gym experience, there are many specialty or boutique fitness providers that offer free passes also.

CorePower Yoga offers a free 7-day pass.

CorePower Yoga provides a free week of studio access to new visitors. They’ll even provide new students with a free yoga mat and towel rental!

Your first week begins when you attend your first class. Just select a class from their online schedule and then apply for your 7-day free pass!

All 200+ CorePower Yoga studios participate in the free pass program.

YogaWorks provide a free 7-day pass!

Enjoy unlimited yoga for an entire week at any of YogaWorks’ 60+ locations. You can participate in all their classes, including Vinyasa, Hatha, Iyengar, Pilates, TRX and more.

This pass can only be used by new students, so it’s a one-time deal. Claim your pass here!

UFC Gym offers free classes.

If you’re interested in boxing, mixed martial arts and jiu-jitsu, check out UFC Gym! They have a free pass that allows you to take a class (or maybe even two) for free! You can find the deal on their website by clicking here.

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There are special free gym passes for certain demographics.

These free gym pass programs are limited to those who meet the eligibility requirements. Each program sets their own, so be sure to check them out!

College students and alumni may get free access to the school’s gym.

In addition to equipment, you may be able to participate in fitness classes and more! It depends on what your school offers and what their requirements for eligibility are.

Seniors may get a free gym pass from SilverSneakers.

Many health plans for seniors include SilverSneakers, a program that provides a free gym pass to more than 15,000 gyms across the United States! With this program, you can visit multiple locations and visit as often as you like.

In addition to access to the gym equipment, Silver Sneakers also provides access to several exclusive classes, including cardio, yoga, shallow-water movement, dance classes, and more!

Many Medicare Advantage plans cover this service! You can check to see if your health care plan covers SilverSneakers by clicking here.

Silver&Fit is another free gym pass program for seniors.

Some Medicare Advantage plans provide access to Silver&Fit, a program that provides free fitness facility access and home fitness downloads. You may even be rewarded for participating!

SeniorPHIT (Personal Health Improvement Training) is available for seniors.

This program provides several benefits. You can get two customized wellness plans for exercise, two customized meal plans, access to a 24/7 online coach and thousands of recipes in the online database.

Your insurance may offer a free gym pass or membership reimbursement.

Many insurance programs offer free gym passes or discounts/reimbursements for those who regularly work out at a gym.

For example, United Healthcare provides up to $240 per year for subscribers and enrolled spouses who work out at a fitness center at least 12 times per month. Under this program, you can choose whether to receive the $20 per month directly or have it sent to the fitness center to cover the dues. Some gyms offer memberships for just $9.95 per month, so you could literally make money just by working out regularly!

Save money and get more free stuff!


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