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FREE School Supplies in Bronx County, New York

FREE School Supplies in Bronx County, New York

Living in The Bronx, New York, Manhattan, or Queens? The resources gathered here should prove to be of great use to anyone looking for school supplies!

Free School Supplies in Bronx County, New York

Catholic Charities, New York is an archdioceses group operating in New York. They appear to host an event annually to support children in the different neighborhoods around the city. They offer free haircuts, food, and school supplies. In addition to assisting your child, they will provide the parents with information on referral services in case more help is needed. This agency has posted in the past two years about this event, both times in August. It is safe to assume that they will do it again this year, but please contact a staff member for further information.

National Council of Jewish Women, NY is a council that has been put together for places all over the country. They have a store called the “Back-2-School Store”. This store is something that they open annually for children to come and get free supplies, backpacks, and shoes. The kids go in with a representative of the council to help them with their shopping. The parents are then taken to another section to be given information on some family-friendly tips and tricks. This is an annual event but there has been no word yet on if there will be one for this year. Please contact a member of the group.

Islamic Circle of North America is an agency created entirely to assist those families in need. They not only reach families in the state of New York but across the whole country. They hold a back to school program every year to help kids get what they need to succeed in the upcoming school year. Though this program appears to be annual, there haven’t been any updates as to if they will be hosting this giveaway for the current year. Their webpage has contact information for the person that would be best to contact for questions.

Bronx Museum of Arts has hosted a back to school drive in the past. The drive provides children with free backpacks and school supplies. Accompanying the supply drive is an event in which you can make food and an arts & crafts activity. Information on the specifics of this event is limited, there is no word on if this is a recurring event. At the bottom of their webpage is a bit of contact information for more questions.

The Foundling is a welfare group assisting 100 hundred children considered to be at risk. This group hosts a “Back to School Shopping Day” in which parents can bring their children to pick up a new backpack, supplies, and even clothes. This program is offered to children in need and even those in foster care. This program has gone eight years helping kids. Children from ages 4-17 can go pick up a backpack and fill it with the things they need. It’s not apparent if this will be occurring before the current school year. On their website is a phone number to call for more information.

St. Helena School is an elementary school that has offered free school supplies to children living in The Bronx. In the previous year, they have offered free supplies to children in kindergarten to those in the 8th grade. The supplies are offered to the first 150 children who arrive. Information on this drive is very limited, so we aren’t sure if this is an annual event. Please contact members of the school via their website for more information on when this event will take place.

Kars 4 Kids is a group that not only offers rides for parents to take their children to and from school, they also offer gear to get your child ready for the new school year. This agency has hosted a back to school giveaway in which they provide a free backpack to a kid who needs it. In addition to a new backpack, “Kars 4 Kids” are offering quality school shirts, vests, and sweaters. They have contact information which you can find here.

Free clothing in Bronx County, New York

Part of the Solution, Inc is a community-based group designed to help the people of Bronx County. The group offers clothing, food, and assistance with any other basic needs that families in the neighborhood might need. You can visit this community group directly through their contact information on their website should you need their services.

Soul Saving Station is a church in Harlem. This church offers services to anyone that comes to their door. They will offer food, clothes for children, and even adults. Information on their specifics are a bit scattered but the link provided is to their Facebook page. From here you can find information such as their address and phone number for more information.

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