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Can’t Pay Your JEA Power Bill? We Found Help!

Can’t Pay Your JEA Power Bill? We Found Help!

If your JEA power bill is too high or you just can’t seem to scrape the funds together to pay it, you need to know that help is available. You don’t have to struggle and worry about the power getting shut off anymore!

We found help to pay your JEA bill.

JEA provides neighbor to neighbor help for people who are unable to pay their power bill. Other customers provide the funding for it so it may not be available all the time. You must apply for the program through JEA.

LIHEAP is the energy assistance program that might help you pay your bills. If you apply and are approved for LIHEAP, you might be able to get a portion of your bill paid. The program works by automatically paying for part of your bill. It generally will not cover the entire cost of the bill, but if your bill is low enough, it might.

With Jacksonville emergency social services, you might be able to get the help you need to pay your bill. The organization has limited funding for those who are in dire situations. The program might be able to pay for a portion of your bill depending on the funding they have available at that time.

You could avoid shut-off using these resources.

The Ecumenical services might be able to help you pay your bill if you’re facing shut off. You must apply for the program in person and you’ll have to show proof of your electric being shut off. Once you apply for the program and are approved, the program might pay the minimum to keep your power on.

Those who are elderly can get help if they have a shut-off notice. The emergency help for the elderly may be able to help you get caught up on your bill so your power doesn’t get turned off. The program may also help elderly individuals find programs that can help them avoid being late on their bill in the future.

Veterans may be able to get special help if they have a shut-off notice. The veterans and disabled veterans services in Jacksonville may be able to help you pay for a portion of your bill. Additionally, the organization can help you apply for energy assistance and other programs that may help you be better able to pay your bill.

JEA provides helpful payment options.

Payment extensions can help you get more time to pay your bill. This can be helpful if you’ve got a little too much month left at the end of your money and you just have to make it until payday. You can get approved for an extension right through your online JEA account if you qualify.

The budget billing program allows you to keep your bills level. With JEA’s MyBudget, you can make sure your electric bill is always the same amount all year, no matter the weather. At the end of the term, you will have to pay any amount you used that was over the calculated monthly average. 

If you have very poor credit, no money for a down payment on your account or you simply like being in control of how much you give the electric company, you can use the Pay as You Go program. The program allows you to prepay for your electric and use it as you go. JEA will alert you when the amount you have in your account is getting low.

Making payment arrangements may depend on your past history with the company. If your account was previously in good standing, you have been on time with your payments and you show a good effort when paying your bill, you might be more likely to make payment arrangements. The company looks at each case individually and will let you know if you’re eligible for arrangements.

Upgrade your home for free while lowering your bill.

Weatherization assistance can help you lower your cooling bills during the hot Florida months. The weatherization program makes your home more weather-resistant and easier to cool. It may also help you upgrade your appliances with ones that are energy efficient. You must apply for the program through the community action agency.

Using JEA’s utility tracker can make it easier for you to pay for your bills. If you know where you’re using a lot of energy, you can use the tracker to make sure you’re not wasting it. You can also make sure you know how to fix any excessive energy usage so you can prepare for any issues.

There are many rebates that JEA offers. Most of these rebates help you pay for lighting and appliances. They may also be able to help you pay for some energy-saving features in your home. You can apply for the rebates through the company and get money back while also lowering your bill.

Understand your energy usage.

You can get a free energy assessment from JEA. The company will send a certified contractor to your house to help you realize where you can use less energy and where you’re using the most energy. The certified contractor will then give you ways you can improve your energy usage so you can save money in the future.

In addition to the energy assessment, you can get a free energy evaluation kit. The evaluation kit allows you to learn more about where you are using energy and where you plan to save energy. You can get the free energy evaluation kit from one of the JEA offices or from any of the Jacksonville libraries.

Save more money on your JEA bill.

You can save even more by just making some simple switches! Lower your energy usage and save money by taking advantage of our favorite tips!

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