We Found Free School Supplies in Harris County, TX

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2019)

School supplies can be so expensive, but we found ways to make back to school a little easier. You can get free school supplies in Harris County, TX. We’ll show you how!

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We found free school supplies in Harris County, TX.

The Alice McKean Neighborhood Library back to school event offers free school supplies in Harris County, TX for residents who are low-income. While you may not be required to show proof of your income, you might have to fill out some paperwork with financial information.

Metro PCS is offering free phones, backpacks and school supplies. Metro PCS offers this program as a way to outreach to the community, but you might need to go through sales pitches to get the offers.

The Felix H. Morales Funeral Home Annual Back to School Event offers free school supplies in Harris County, TX to families who come to the event. They also have activities, games and giveaways for families.

The Back to School Bowling Family Event at Bowlmor Houston not only gives you free school supplies, but you can also have a fun time with the family. The family event is free and you can bowl a game with your kids before enjoying free food and free school supplies!

The Drippin’ in Finesse Back to School Bash with Killumanti gives Houston residents a chance to get free school supplies in Harris County, TX. It’s located at a teens-only club and caters to teens with the supplies they offer. Parents are also welcome to come to the event with their teens. The event does not require you to be low-income.

Here are more free school supplies.

The Bike Barn at Buffalo Bayou Park Wellness Day offers free health screenings to help your child get ready for school. At the event, you can also get help with free school supplies.

The Back 2 School NAHSE Networking gives families free school supplies. You must register for the event, but it’s free to attend.

The Worship Center Annual Back to School Weekend offers two days of free school supplies in Harris County, TX. At the event, you can also learn about free programs during the school year, get free food and enjoy various activities with the family. The program also offers resources, health screenings, haircuts and a live DJ.

ROCK Back 2 School Bash is a family event that also offers free school supplies for everyone who comes to it. The event does not require families to be low-income, but they might require you to fill out some paperwork.

The Teen Houston Back to School Fun Festival is a school supply event geared at teenagers. You can get free food, school supplies and backpacks. You’ll also be able to enjoy free entertainment and even vendors offering free swag! The event is different than most because the school supplies are more for teens instead of smaller child supplies.

The Back to School Broomball at Ice at the Galleria is an event families can attend for free school supplies in Harris County, TX. The event has ice-related activities and other options for people to enjoy. It also gives free school supplies away.

Visit these locations to get free school supplies in Harris County, TX.

Back to School Open House Party at DanceSport Club is a great event for entertainment and activities but also offer school supplies for families who come to the event. The program is available for all income levels. It’s a program that works for kids who are going into every grade and has options for teens!

The Mayor’s Back to School Fest in Houston is a completely free event for all students going into all grades in Houston. The program is unique because it works with schools to provide the exact school supplies students will need based on their grade and their teacher in that grade. Your family can visit the event for free, but you must register. Registration is completely free and it doesn’t require you to put any deposit down to hold your spot!

The SWAG to College 2018 Back to School Bash is held at the East Early College High School. It’s for high school students, but they might have some school supplies available for younger students going into school this year. The program is free and it doesn’t require you to be a member of the organization.

The Back2School with the Houston Children’s Charity helps students with school supplies. You can register for the free event through the Children’s Charity. Along with free school supplies in Harris County, TX, you can also get free haircuts and health screenings. The event offers free clothing and shoes to families who are in need. Once you register for and attend the event, you will get access to even more free resources that you can use throughout the school year.

The Unity Bank Back to School Event works with local families to get the school supplies they need for their children. At the event, you can get free swag from radio stations and other sponsors. You can also get a free backpack and other free things you can use throughout the school year!

Need more? Here are other things to help you get ready for school.

The Pasadena Back to School Health Fair does not have free school supplies in Harris County, TX, but they have health and wellness checks available for free. You can visit the health fair if you have any level of income.

Free Haircuts are available from at the MY SALON Suite in Houston for back to school. These haircuts are provided on a need basis and priority might be given to families that are low-income.

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