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Florida Home Improvement Grants Can Help You!

Florida Home Improvement Grants Can Help You!

Need home repairs? You can get Florida home improvement grants to help you repair your home even if you can’t afford the costly fixes right now! We found ways to help you get your home updated for little to no cost!

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Get free Florida home improvement grants.

The USDA Florida home improvement grants could help you make your home better. You can use the grants for repairs to upgrade the home and also to make it safer.

Florida’s weatherization program might not be able to help you fix everything that’s wrong with your home, but it can help you make valuable upgrades to the energy efficiency of your home. The program helps homeowners who qualify by upgrading insulation and flooring to make the home more energy efficient.

The Florida low-income emergency home repair program could help you if you need home repairs done right away. It’s a program that can help you make your home safer and it can also provide you with valuable home upgrades.

These Florida home improvement grants might help.

The Florida housing finance agency might be able to help you with Florida home improvement grants. The program administers assistance to homeowners and also helps you with rehabilitation efforts for your home.

HUD offers a repair program for Florida homeowners. You must apply through HUD to qualify.

The Habitat for Humanity not only helps build homes but they also help repair homes. You can apply for the Habitat for Humanity home repair assistance program here. If you’re comfortable doing home repairs yourself and just need materials, be sure to check out a ReStore for cheap materials!

If you live in a mobile home, you can learn more about your rights to home repair in Florida. You may be eligible for assistance because you’re in a mobile home.

Have you been in a natural disaster? You might qualify for special Florida home improvement grants. These grants are for any time after a natural disaster to help repair things that were broken as a result of the disaster.

Can’t get traditional financing? Use these loans to repair your home!

The USDA loan can help you with home repairs. The interest rates are comparable to traditional loans, but there are less stringent guidelines for credit. You do not need to have a USDA-backed mortgage to qualify, but you must live in a USDA-eligible rural area.

Loans backed by the VA for housing rehabilitation can help you save money due to the lower interest rates. Even if you can’t qualify for other loans, these might be able to help you.

Special adapted housing grants for disabled veterans can help you update your home if you need to. If you’re disabled due to a service-related injury, you might be able to get help making your home better suited to your disability.

You could be eligible for property tax relief in Florida!

You might qualify for the homestead tax exemption. The exemption reduces your home tax assessment by as much as $50,000 to lower your tax requirement.

The Save Our Homes assessment could help you lower the amount you owe in property taxes. Some areas of Florida qualify for the assessment to lessen the burden of taxes for homeowners in the state.

Are you 65 or older? You can get property tax benefits. Lower the amount your property is valued at for tax purposes by as much as 50%. You may be required to meet other requirements including income guidelines.

Active duty military members and veterans can lower the amount they owe on property taxes by taking advantage of the military tax benefit. Not all members will be eligible, but it is worth looking into if you’re a servicemember.

Surviving spouses of first responders that were killed in the line of duty qualify for a full exemption on property taxes. If you remain unmarried and you have a homestead property, you will not be required to pay property taxes.

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You might qualify for Florida foreclosure relief.

Florida Housing might be able to help you with foreclosure relief. You must meet certain income guidelines and must be willing to attend financial counseling, but you might qualify for help.

The Florida UMAP offers those who are headed for foreclosure the chance to get caught up on their mortgage payments. UMAP might be able to help those who are low-income and struggling to pay their mortgage due to a financial hardship.

The MLRP is intended for people who have had a recent life change that makes them unable to pay their bill. You must attend credit counseling and must be willing to meet certain other requirements the MLRP puts into place.

Region and county specific home repair grants are here.

Depending on the area you’re in, you might be able to get Florida home improvement grants from your community. Cities and counties might be able to help with emergency repairs.

You can get help through the SHIP benefit. Every county in Florida is able to use SHIP to help residents. Click here to find out where you can get SHIP to help make repairs to your home. Before applying, make sure you have all the necessary information for the agency.

Alachua County

Alachua County Growth Development can help with Florida home improvement grants for housing rehabilitation. You must apply through the Alachua County human services agency to get assistance. The program may also help with special needs housing rehabilitation.

Bay County

The City of Melbourne Housing and Community Development might be able to help residents with housing rehabilitation loans. The loans are subject to credit approval, but they often have lower interest rates than a loan from your bank.

The Panama City Community Development Department has both loans and grants for housing rehabilitation. The development department administers the grants and loans, but you must apply for them through the assistance office in Panama City.  

Brevard County

The City of Palm Bay Housing and Neighborhood Development has some Florida home improvement grants for residents who need to make updates to their homes. The city might be able to offer grants in amounts up to $1,200.

Broward County

If you’re in Hollywood, you could qualify for housing rehabilitation loans that can help you pay for upgrades that will make your home safer and better. You must apply for the loans through the housing agency in the city.

Calhoun County

The Calhoun County Building Department might be able to help you with Florida home improvement grants. The department may also be able to connect you with low-cost contractors to help you better afford the repairs on your home.

Columbia County

The Suwannee River Economic Council offers assistance for emergency repairs for those who qualify. You must apply through the council. In addition to helping residents of Columbia County, the council may be willing to work with anyone living on or near the Suwannee River.

DeSoto County

Desoto County Community Service Department can help people with emergency repairs. The department requires you to apply for assistance to make sure you qualify for help through their agency.

Escambia County

The Neighborhood Enterprise Foundation offers help with housing rehabilitation for low-income individuals in Escambia County. The organization may also be able to help those who are a part of the county with other housing-related assistance programs.

Leon County

Leon County Housing and Human Services Department offers both housing rehabilitation and emergency repair options. The department works with low-income families who might need to make upgrades to their home for safety or health reasons. They also offer other assistance options for low-income families.


Miami’s Neighborhood Housing Services might be able to help you with Florida home improvement grants. The organization also helps low-income individuals and families by providing them with access to affordable options for housing repairs to make things safer.

Palm Beach County

Life Improvement for Tomorrow, Inc. offers limited funding for emergency housing repairs. The organization also offers financial literacy courses for free. Homeowners can take the courses to learn more about their finances and what they can do to make their financial situation better.

Putnam County

The Northeast Florida Regional Planning Council might be able to help Florida homeowners with home improvements. You could qualify for up to $3,000 for repairs to help make your home better and safer.

Sarasota County

The Sarasota City and County Housing and Community Development might be able to provide grants to increase the beautification efforts in the city. The repair must be able to make the home look nicer while also bringing more value to the neighborhood it’s in.

Wakulla County

Wakulla County Housing Services offers both housing rehabilitation and emergency repair services. You must apply for emergency repairs at the agency, but you can sometimes get approved in as little as a couple of days!

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