FREE School Supplies near Portland, Oregon

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

Looking for free school supplies near Portland, Oregon? These resources will be sure to help you find free school supplies for the coming months. We have resources in Gresham, Troutdale and elsewhere in Multnomah County, too!

Every day children and families in Portland, Oregon, and across the country struggle to make ends meet. Parents need clothes to be on their children’s backs, food in their bellies, and supplies to earn them the education that they deserve. At some point, we all need a little help to get us there. These resources have been created by people who see this problem and act on it to help.

It is important to realize that many schools in this area do not require the purchase of school supplies. Our research has turned up many schools in the area that assess a flat one-time fee of $20-$40 per child for school supplies. The fees are used to reimburse teachers who purchase the supplies for all students. This allows the teachers to buy in bulk, which saves money overall. Even if you acquire free supplies, you may not be exempt from this fee.

Looking for school supplies in a different state? This article has it all.

Free School Supplies near Portland, Oregon

Operation Homefront provides services for military families such as relief funds and resiliency tactics to ensure that families have proper homes. They also offer great support for children. Operation Homefront provides a program known as the Back to School Brigade. This program gives 25,000 backpacks filled with school supplies to military children across the country. This program appears to be an annual event but it’s always important to verify that with the event coordinators! Eligible families in Portland, Oregon, and nearby areas may qualify for assistance.

Schoolhouse Supplies is a cool organization in Portland, Oregon, that offers a “Free Store.” The “Free Store” is offered for teachers who are looking to gather some quick school supplies for their students. A teacher is allowed one visit per week. This event lasts from September to May. Since we are in June now, we will have to wait until September to cash in on some quick school supplies. You must register before visiting the “Free Store.”

SnowCap Community Charities works with local schools to provide school supplies. They also have a clothes closet for school clothing.

Portland Public Schools provides several services to families who are in need for their children. Information on this suggests contacting your child’s principal to request school supplies for your child in the event that you need them. In addition to this services, the Portland, Oregon, school district has a clothing center. The clothing center allows parents to take their children for free school clothes and information on shoes for class.

Free School Supplies in Multnomah County

Gresham hosts a Rock the Block summer party in late August. They give away backpacks and school supplies early in the morning. Afterward, they feature a parade, free lunch, entertainment and community resources fair.

Reynolds School District  hosts a school supplies giveaway at Reynolds Middle School in August. Only Reynolds School District families can participate. Reynolds School District covers Fairview, Troutdale, Portland and other areas in Multnomah County.

Free School Clothes in Multnomah County, OR

William Temple House is a nonprofit agency organization operating on the Northwest Side of Portland, Oregon. They offer a healthy variety of services for families seeking certain social services. For the sake of this article, ‘William Temple House’ offers something known as the “Children’s Clothing Closet.” You must set up an appointment before visiting. This services offers families to go and select three to five outfits for each of their children. This company serves children between the ages of 5-17.

Sunshine Division is one of the oldest charities in Portland, Oregon. The Division has added a new clothing program to assist low income families with clothes. ‘Sunshine Division’ has been around for 95 years, supplying mainly food to families who have fallen on tough times. Now, they’ve created a new program to assist children in clothes through their “Izzy’s Kids” programs. This program pairs a child with a police officer for a “unique one-on-one shopping experience.”

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