Need Free School Supplies in Queens? We Found Help!

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2019)

You don’t have to disappoint your kids this coming school year. Instead of letting them know you can’t afford school supplies, scoop up some of these free school supplies in Queens. They’ll be ready for their first day and you’ll still be able to keep the lights on!

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We found free school supplies in Queens.

Catholic Charities can help those in need get the free supplies in Queens to start school the right way. The Catholic Charities can help you with free school supplies, clothing and other options that you can use to start the school year off right!

Senator Parker’s Annual Back to School Celebration helps kids and families gear up for the school year. The celebration includes free giveaways, prizes and games for kids. While you’re there, you can get a free meal and drinks. Everyone can leave with free school supplies and backpacks!

Assemblywoman Richardson’s family event allows families to enjoy a free day at the park. Families can get free school supplies for their children and even enjoy things like games and food while at the park.

Operation Backpack can help kids get free school supplies. You must register in advance for this event, but you can get supplies that will help your children succeed in school

The Back to School Extravaganza at Gemelli Event Space can help those who are in need of school supply help get what they need. Your children can get free backpacks and school supplies to help them through the next year. The event is normally held in August or September.

Here are free school supplies in Queens County, NY.

The Jewish Community Center of Marine Park can help you with school supplies. The community center works to provide low-income families and those in need of help the school supplies their children can use for the next school year. You can get help by attending the event the organization offers.

Each September, the senator does a Back to School giveaway in Corona for free school supplies in Queens. You can get free school supplies and other necessities to help your children start the school year. The free event also offers food and a picnic-like atmosphere for families to enjoy.

ICNA provides relief for back to school supplies. You can get help with pencils, paper, notebooks and folders. You can also get free backpacks to help your kids tote it all to school!

The River Fund might be able to help you with free school supplies in Queens. You could qualify for things like supplies and even free clothing vouchers for your kids to get some new clothes for the school year!

Getting ready for school is more than just school supplies.

Your child likely won’t be ready for school if he or she just shows up with a backpack and some pencils on the first day. You can attend free events in queens for things like clothing, shoes, haircuts and even free medical screenings. We found these events!

The GrowNYC swap program works for families in all five boroughs. If you have old or outgrown clothes or toys, you could swap them with another family. The event is free to attend. While the event suggests bringing something to swap, it’s not required.

The HOPE program might be able to help you get free clothing for your children. The program offers a free place to “shop” for clothes for you and your little ones. They also offer free food and transportation for those in need!

New York’s Bottomless Closet not only helps you find free clothes for your kids but it may also be able to help you find free school supplies in Queens if you need them. The organization provides free resources for people who are in need.

To help boost your school or if you know a teacher, the MTFA can help teachers stock up their classroom with free school supplies in Queens. It’s a free place to shop for school supplies. Mention it to your teacher- your child will benefit from it!

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