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Free Things To Do In Charlotte NC: Museums

Free Things To Do In Charlotte NC: Museums

Visiting Charlotte on a budget doesn’t have to be hard. We found plenty of things to do in Charlotte NC that are totally free including a bunch of great museums!


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Need things to do in Charlotte NC? These museums are always free!

The Wells Fargo History Museum is a free way to learn more about the bank and how Wachovia had such a huge influence on today’s culture. It’s one of the things to do in Charlotte NC that you can enjoy any time of the year unless it’s a bank holiday.

The Billy Graham Library and Museum gives visitors a chance to learn more about world-famous evangelist Billy Graham. The museum features exhibits and displays from the era as well as actual things used during that time. The library has tons of resources you can take advantage of!


The New Gallery of Modern Art is one of the top free things to do in Charlotte NC because there is so much to see at the gallery. You can learn about modern art and the way it makes a difference for everyone visiting the museum.

The President James K. Polk Historic Center is not a museum, but it does show you things from the past. You can learn about Polk and his contributions to the United States. Keep in mind that the center is mostly outside so you’ll need to plan for weather changes.


The Gaston County Museum is free every day that it’s open. While it’s a little outside of Charlotte, it’s just a short drive. The museum is worth taking the time to get there.

The Museum of the Alphabet features copies of the Rosetta Stone and other things that are related to the alphabet. While most of the exhibits just give you a chance to look, there are some hands-on options at the museum.

Get into Discovery Place museums for one buck!

Ok, we know this one is not free, but we seriously couldn’t pass up a children’s museum at such a cheap price! If you show your EBT or WIC card (from any state), you and your family (up to six people) can get into the hands-on museum Discovery Place museums and experience centers for one dollar per person. You can’t miss this!

It’s Tuesday…we found free museums!

The Schiele Museum of Natural History is free for visitors on Tuesdays. The museum also features various free days throughout the year.

These museums are free on Wednesdays.

Both of the Mint Museum locations are free on Wednesday evenings. The museums have donation boxes set up during this time where you can make a donation, but it is not required to visit the museum. Both of the museums also offer free activities on Wednesday nights that you can enjoy while you’re visiting them!

Weekends are a great time for things to do in Charlotte NC.

The Levine Museum of the New South is free for visitors on Sundays. The museum offers things like information on the South and things that have shaped the future of it.

The Matthews Heritage Museum is free on the first Sunday of each month. It’s always free for children 10 and under.


These museums offer free days throughout the year.

The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art offers various free days. The museum generally does a free day in the winter and again in the spring!

The Harvey B. Gantt Center for African American Arts + Culture has several free days throughout the year. They usually post information on their website a few weeks before the free days.

The Uptown Crawl for museums is a special event.

Keep an eye out for the Uptown Crawl! It’s one of the best free things to do in Charlotte NC. Most museums are free during this and there’s almost always a free trolley! You could even get free drinks if the crawl is being sponsored by any of the breweries in Charlotte. *The crawls normally require participants to be 21 or over.

Are you a Bank of America customer? Here are these things to do in Charlotte NC!

Bank of America Customers, you can get free admission to these museums on the first weekend of each month:

  • MINT museums
  • The Levine Museum
  • The Bechtler Museum
  • and more!

Get even more free things in North Carolina!