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Need Free Things to Do in OKC? We Found Awesome Stuff!

Need Free Things to Do in OKC? We Found Awesome Stuff!

Are you trying to find free things to do in OKC? We found options for museums and other fun activities for your family to enjoy!

free things to do in okc

Looking for free things to do in OKC today? These museums are free every day!

The Edmund Historical Society Museum is one one of our favorite free things to do in OKC because of the rich history and educational opportunities you can learn there. This museum also has other opportunities like historical summer camps and more (although, these are not free).

The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art is a great place where you can learn about art for free in Oklahoma City! The museum has both temporary and permanent exhibits you can explore and learn more about. On weekends, the museum can sometimes get very crowded so arriving early is your best bet.

The 45th Infantry Museum provides a place where you can learn about the 45th infantry and its impact on OKC. There is a lot of information you can take in while you’re at the museum and it all comes with free admission!

The Oklahoma Contemporary museum offers free admission and gives you something fun to do no matter what time of the year it is! While you’re at the museum, check out their permanent and temporary exhibits to get a feel for contemporary art culture in OKC.

The Oklahoma Railway Museum offers free admission, but they are only open certain days and times depending on the season. There is also a train at the museum that you can ride on, but there is a charge for tickets.

Here are more free museums in OKC.

The OKC Rattlesnake Museum is possibly one of the coolest free things to do in OKC. There, you can learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about rattlesnakes and their environment. The museum also features a highly rated area that focuses only on venom. With free admission, this museum is one of coolest can’t-miss stops in Oklahoma City!

The Oklahoma State Capitol is so much more than just a government building. While you’re there, you can learn about the Oklahoma government, information about laws in OKC and how the state has an impact on the rest of the country. You can even get a free tour of the building at certain times throughout the year!

The National Softball Hall of Fame features a lot of information on softball, the championships and so much more. You can learn more about the sport as well as a lot of different things you might not have known were related to the sport. In addition to the hall of fame, you can also take a free tour of the museum. This is a must-see destination for families and kids!

The Red Earth Art Center is a great choice if you want to take in the artwork and learn more about its impact on Oklahoma. At the Red Earth Art Center, you can see both permanent and temporary displays. You can also learn about how the artwork affects everything people do and how it can have a great impact on different areas of Oklahoma.

These activities are not museums, but they’re still free!

The Braum’s Processing Plant on the Braum’s family farm gives you a glimpse at how the famous ice cream brand makes their delicious treat. From the dairy to processing to your ice cream cone, you can see the entire process. The tour is free, but it can get very busy certain times of the year so make sure to plan your trip accordingly. Did we also mention the free sample of ice cream you get at the end of the tour?

The Martin Park Nature Center features walking paths, beautiful greenery and everything you could want at an outdoor park. There are activities and learning opportunities for both children and adults. While it is open throughout the year, there may be times of in climate weather where the park shuts down for a short period of time. The admission and parking in the park are totally free!

The Myriad Botanical Gardens is one of the most beautiful free things to do in OKC. You can learn more about the gardens, how they are affected by the climate in Oklahoma and more when you take a walk through and stop to read all the helpful information boards.

The Oklahoma City National Memorial is a somber experience for anyone visiting OKC. While this location is very interesting and can take some time to get through, it might be one you should leave off your list if you are traveling to Oklahoma City with very small kids.

Here are unconventional free things to do in OKC!

Bricktown in downtown is perfect if you’re looking for free things to do in OKC at night. While there are shops, restaurants and other fun things you can check out, there are also some free things you can do. There’s almost always live music playing and you can stop to check out one of the free impromptu (or planned) concerts! The area in the city is relatively safe and is good even for families to check out. You can visit any time of the year, but the crowd (and entertainment) is livelier during the summer months.

Drive Route 66 through Oklahoma and you’ll never be the same. Oklahoma is the state that has the longest stretch of Route 66 and features some of the coolest attractions along the way. Many of these stops are completely free. Even if you choose not to stop, taking an afternoon drive down this iconic highway should definitely be on your bucket list!

It’s Monday, need something to do in OKC?

The Sam Noble Museum features permanent and temporary exhibits where you can learn a lot about the culture of Oklahoma City and beyond. The museum typically charges an admission fee for all guests, but on the first Monday of the month, visitors who are 17 and under can get free admission!

We found things to do in OKC on Wednesdays!

Tour the Governor’s Mansion in the winter months for free on Wednesday afternoons. You will need to make a reservation and the tour is typically available until May each year depending on weather and other factors. Tour spots can fill up rather quickly due to the popularity so make sure you book your reservation as early as possible.

Need something to do this Thursday in OKC? Try these spots!

The Gaylord Pickens Museum has an event on the third Thursday of each month during the summertime. At the event, you can get free admission for you and your kids. You can learn more about the museum, get special opportunities and even make a free craft while you are there. You won’t be required to make reservations, but the museum can fill up quickly so it’s best to get there as early as possible!

Check out these free things to do in OKC on Fridays!

The First Friday Gallery Walk is one of the free things to do in OKC on Fridays. You can walk around downtown to see different gallery exhibits from local artists. The first Friday event is free and it happens during the warmer months. There might also be additional activities and events available for free on some first Fridays.

Looking for things to do in OKC this weekend? Check these out!

The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum offers free admission on the first Saturday of each month. At the museum, you can learn about cowboys, the great west and so much more. There might be some first Saturdays where they have special events or offerings geared toward kids.

The Oklahoma Hall of Fame features some of the most famous people and things that come from Oklahoma. The hall of fame features permanent exhibits. They also have other opportunities where you can learn more about these people and places. They have free admission on the second Saturday of each month.

Make and Take at the Oklahoma Contemporary is free on the second Saturday of each month! While there are other times where admission is free to the contemporary museum, this is a time where kids can come and do a free craft related to contemporary art.

These museums have free admission on special days throughout the year!  

The Oklahoma City Museum of Art has free special days for kids to come and enjoy while learning about different types of art. These are free things to do in OKC on select Sundays in the spring and fall months.

The Oklahoma City Zoo offers free admission on the second Tuesday of July. This is a tax appreciation day where families can come to enjoy everything the zoo has to offer for free. There may be special events and activities for kids to do while they’re there. The zoo typically fills to capacity during these days so be prepared for a big crowd!

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