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We Found 20+ Things to Do in Vegas for Free

We Found 20+ Things to Do in Vegas for Free

If you find yourself in Las Vegas looking for things to do, there’s plenty you can do without ever dropping a dime in the slot machines. We found things to do in Vegas for free!


things to do in Vegas for free

A note about things to do in Vegas for free…

Most of our free city lists give you ideas for museums, conservation centers and free tours. We did our best to find similar things to do in Vegas for free, but found so much more than that.

Since most people don’t visit Las Vegas to check out museums, there are very few museum exhibits included in this list. Instead, we’ve found the coolest free things you can do around the city. We even found things you can do with the kiddos! 


Here are the coolest things to do in Vegas for free every day.

View an aerial show at Circus Circus Midway. This is free every day and it’s designed for both kids and adults to enjoy. The show has different times of the day that it starts and hours may change depending on the season. If you can keep the kids focused on the show and away from the arcade games, this is one of the best things to do in Vegas for free.

The Silverton Casino is deemed the best free attraction in Las Vegas. You can visit the aquarium for free to check out the jellyfish, tropical reef, stingrays, sharks and … mermaids. Throughout the day, the mermaids will make their appearances. You can also check out animal feedings at other times throughout the day. There may also be interactive feeding shows and other times when the mermaids make more contact.


Get a free photo next to one million dollars! At Binion’s, you can visit the location where they have one million dollars stacked up. Take a picture with it and get a free 6×8 in a souvenir frame! *This free activity is limited to people who are 21 years and older so switch off watching the kids while you get this picture!

The Ethel M. Chocolate Factory is a great place to go when you want to get away from some of the hustle and bustle. While you’re there, you can take a free self-guided tour of the factory. They also have tons of beautiful greenery you can check out!

We found more free stuff in Las Vegas!

Take your family to a volcanic show at the Mirage! This is a great free way to spend a couple of hours on the strip and is a truly spectacular show. Seating is available close enough to feel the heat from the volcano.

CityCenter’s free museum has tons of art you can walk around and check out while you’re in the city. If you want to get away from shops, casinos and the bright lights, this is a great place to head to for a relaxing stroll through artwork and botanical gardens.

Visit the Bellagio to check out the fountains. They’re set in time to music and there is seating. The fountains go all day and until midnight. All the fountain shows are free to enjoy. Or head over to the conservatory to view thousands of different flowers in beautiful designs. If you’re looking for the perfect Instagram photo op in Las Vegas, this is where it’s at!

Check out Whiskey Pete’s to see some very cool museum displays. One of the most popular at this destination? The actual car Bonnie and Clyde tried to get away in! You can even see the actual bullet holes.

Looking for things to do in Vegas for free that give you a chance to experience the music scene? You can check out free concerts at Fremont Street almost any time of the year… and these aren’t just no-name local bands. They’re hit listers like Nelly, Cheap Trick and the Eli Young Band (and that’s just part of 2019’s lineup). Click here to see the full schedule!


There are even more things to do in Vegas for free!

Go to the Cosmopolitan to play pool for free! There are free pool tables you can check out while you’re there. The balls, sticks and more are all free to use. They can get quite busy so try to limit yourself to just a game or two. This is also a great place for a photo! While you’re there, check out the international and local art displays.

Visit the Flamingo for a chance to check out birds that aren’t exactly native to the desert! This quiet spot along the strip gives you a chance to see Chilean flamingos, swans, koi fish, turtles, and pelicans. You can even check out the pelican feedings at certain times of the day. It’s totally free to get in and open to the public.

Go to Mystic Falls in Sam’s Town! It’s an indoor park located just off the Strip and it’s a great way to escape the heat! They have trails to walk on with real bird sounds and more!

Visit Spirts and Spice to learn more about liquor and how it’s made. The best part? You can extend your education into a tasting by sampling from their kegs!

This is awesome! You can find even more things to do in Vegas for free!

Get around for free in Las Vegas! There are trams that can take you to some of the most popular destinations on the Strip. They can get very busy because they’re totally free of charge, but this is a great option if you have little ones with sore feet from walking all day! While these trams run between casinos, they’re a great way to get from one point on the Strip to another. These are NOT the Las Vegas Monorail. That runs along some of the same routes, but it is not free! The trains run on separate sides of the street.

The Pinball Hall of Fame is a free attraction you can visit to check out pinball machines from day’s gone by. It’s totally free to get into the building and check out all the machines. You’ll still have to pay to play, but they only cost between 25 and 75 cents per game!


Visit the lobby at the Hard Rock for a museum experience that rivals other Rock n’ Roll museums! The lobby features memorabilia from some of the biggest names in music and it’s all free to just walk around. If you’ve been to a Hard Rock in the past, you’ll know they’re all about memorabilia, but this hotel takes it one step further. There are plans for the hotel to be rebranded in 2019, but it is rumored they’re going to keep the same awesome collections!

Watch TV for free at the CBS Research Studio. Check ahead of time to make sure there are spots. You’ll get a sneak peek at a new show. You may also even get a free bag of stuff or cash for attending in some instances!

Here are cool free photo ops you can do in the city!

Visit the sign. You should definitely make a stop at the world-famous Las Vegas sign (you know the one). This sign is free to visit, but showing up and getting the perfect photo isn’t that easy. Here are some tips you can use for visiting the sign.

Check out air balloons and carousels made out of flowers at the Wynn Resorts. You don’t have to stay at the resort to explore their impressive collection of flowers and other plants! While you’re at the Wynn, visit the corner of Las Vegas Blvd. and Sands Ave. to check out their own fountain and light show!

Head just a bit south of Vegas to the Seven Magic Mountains. You can hop out of your car and take pictures with this massive art installation in the desert. It’s one of the most Instagrammable spots just south of the city!

We found free things to do in Vegas on Thursdays!

Rock n’Roll Wine does free tastings every Thursday night. You will need to register in advance, but you can enjoy a night of red wine, white wine and delicious snacks that compliment them all!

Fridays are happening in Las Vegas!

Head downtown on the first Friday of each month. You can view art exhibits, meet up with local artists, sample tasty food and even hear live music. This is all totally free to attend, but you’ll probably have to pay for vendor items and food!

While you’re downtown for first Friday, you can head over to the container park. There, you can see a piece of one of the iconic burning man structures!

You can find things to do in Vegas for free on these special days.

Head out of town to visit Red Rock Canyon. They have free opening days throughout the year where you can enter the park for free and get parking for free!

Get a free soak in a natural hot spring just outside of Vegas. Visit Gold Strike Hot Springs from October 1 – May 14 for free! You can actually visit the hot springs all year round, but you can’t take a dip in them during the hot summer months because they get, well, even hotter!

Check out more free stuff in Nevada!



Thursday 28th of May 2020

quite a list and found some thing here i haven't visited/done yet. been to LV about 5 times already, should have searched online for this free stuff. normally keep going back to casinos, which has free stuff as well lol