Free Veterinary Care & Pet Food Resources in Hawaii

(Last Updated On: December 13, 2019)

If you need help with pet care in Hawaii, you’re not alone. We’ve had many requests for information in this area. Fortunately, we’ve been able to find a few agencies that can help.

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Need help with spay or neuter costs?

There are many agencies that offer low-cost spay and neuter services for low income families.

Big Fix (Oahu)

The Big Fix provides low-cost sterilization services to cats and dogs on Oahu. They also accept Neuter Now certificates.

Community Spay/Neuter Center (Honolulu)

The Hawaiian Humane Society runs the Community Spay/Neuter Center in Honolulu. This center provides sterilization services for up to 8,000 dogs and cats per year. The low-cost services include an exam, anesthesia, surgery, microchip and medication. You can also include low-cost vaccinations at the time of service.

Hawaii Island Humane Society (Kailua Kona)

Your pets spay/neuter service is completely free if it is performed at the Hawaii Island Humane Society! They encourage donations whenever possible.

The Hawaii Island Humane Society also offers free spay/neuter vouchers. You can pick them up at Keaau Shelter, Kona Shelter and Waimea Shelter. These vouchers can be taken to veterinarians participating veterinarians.

Kauai Humane Society (Kauai)

This agency provides low-cost and subsidized spay and neuter services. They also operate low-cost vaccine clinics.

Neuter Scooter Mobile Clinic (Locations Vary)

The Neuter Scooter Mobile Cat Spay & Neuter Clinic claims to serve Hawaii. However, there are no upcoming clinics listed at the time of this writing. This may change in the future, so check this website for updates.

Neuter Now (Honolulu)

The city of Honolulu offers reduced-rate sterilization surgeries for pets who belong to low-income households. This program is called Neuter Now.

In order to qualify, you must receive EBT, Medicaid or low-income housing assistance. If you qualify, you will be able to purchase up to 10 reduced-cost sterilization certificates per year. They will cost $20 each.

You can purchase these low-cost certificates at the Hawaiian Humane Society or at any Satellite City Hall locations. You can also order online or through the mail.

Mobile Spay & Neuter Waggin (Big Island)

This travelling spay and neuter clinic is run by the Hawaii Island Humane Society. It travels around the Big Island to help low income pet owners fix their pets. The surgery dates and locations are announced on this websites.

There are many low-cost vet clinics in Hawaii.

You don’t need to break the bank on veterinary costs when you use one of these low cost vet clinics in Hawaii!

Big Fix (Oahu)

The Big Fix offers free wellness appointments on certain days. Although the website says “there is no fee for the appointment,” they do list prices for some specific services like vaccines.

Oahu SPCA (Wahlawa)

The Oahu SPCA offers low-cost spay and neuter services, as well as other low-cost veterinary services. They offer vaccination, microchipping, wellness exams, heartworm tests, deworming, nail trims, ear cleanings, fecal exams, heartworm prevention and some surgeries. For a full list of services and prices, please click here.

Need help with with pet food and other items?

Pet food can be expensive. Fortunately, you can get help with free pet food in Hawaii!

Hawaiian Humane Society (Honolulu)

The Hawaiian Humane Society distributes unopened, unexpired pet food to those in need. Those who are homeless or receiving government assistance get first priority at the pet food bank.

Gomez Galley Emergency Pet Food Bank (Kauai)

This pet food bank provides food in emergency situations. They have a list of requirements, which can be found here.

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