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10 Ways to Get Help with Your Kansas City BPU Bill

10 Ways to Get Help with Your Kansas City BPU Bill

Are you ready to save money on your monthly Kansas City BPU bills?! Of course you are! Nobody likes to pay more than they have to for their utilities, and we’ve found ways you can save even more money!

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Use Energy Engage to master your energy use.

Kansas City BPU offers a specialized utility usage portal called Energy Engage. This system will help you identify how much power your are consuming, and when, so that you can manage your usage more effectively. The system will even let you break down your usage hour-by-hour!

Get free wood chips from Kansas City BPU!

When the company clears tree branches away from electric lines, they grind the branches into a fine wood mulch. This mulch is offered to customers free of charge. If you would like a free delivery of mulch, you will need to contact the company during business hours. The wood chip season runs from April through August, while supplies last.

Helpful billing options can save you money.

If you’re having a hard time understanding your bill, then you should visit the Kansas City BPU website! They offer an interactive tool that can help you decipher the different sections and charges on your bill. Click here. 

Need help on your Kansas City BPU bill? Try this!

There are many agencies and programs that can assist customers with their utility bills.

Hardship Assistance Program

The company also partners with the United Way of Wyandotte County (UWWC) to help low income residents with their utility bills. In order to qualify, you must be experiencing a financial hardship. A financial hardship could include a medical emergency, change in income or employment status, change in household size or composition, change in marital status, or other unforeseen expenses. In addition, eligible households must provide proof of address, proof of hardship and proof that they have been BPU customers for the last six months.

The Hardship Assistance Program, provided by the Kansas City BPU and United Way of Wyandotte County, can provide up to $500 toward your power or water expenses.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

LIHEAP is a state administered program that can provide assistance with utility bills and weatherization services. Through these programs, you can get help with your current utilities and drastically reduce your future bills! Get the details on the Kansas Department for Children and Families  website.

Other Community Agencies

Other community agencies that may assist with Kansas City BPU bills include:

  • Catholic Charities
  • Crosslines Cooperative
  • El Centro
  • Economic Opportunity Foundation
  • EOF Northeast C&D Center
  • Metropolitan Lutheran Ministries (MLM)
  • Salvation Army
  • United Way

You can find the contact information for these agencies here.

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